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Review: Like a Country Song
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Like A Country SongLike a Country Song follows the story of Jake Reeson, a country singer with a lot of potential, who is wasting his life on partying and irresponsible living.  When his ex-girlfriend shows back up in town a Christian, his pride encounters an entirely different system of values. Add to that the surprising news that his supposedly dead father is really alive, and Jake’s ego-centric world gets turned upside down.

One thing I will say for this film is that it looks and sounds great.  To begin with, veteran actor-turned-director, Johnny Remo (Hardflip, Cutback, A Letter to Dad), spearheaded the project by serving as Writer, Director, and Producer. He had the good sense to employ professional singers in a film about singers, and it paid off.  Joel Smallbone of the band “For King and Country” plays the lead character, Jake, and Madelyn Duetch plays a supporting role.  Billy Ray Cyrus, country music star and actor, plays Jake’s estranged father and delivers a compelling performance in every scene he graces.  The Music Supervisor, hit songwriter Tammy Hyler, penned several #1 songs and Top 40 hits. With all of that musical adrenaline on set, the movie has a genuine “Nashville music scene” feel that is just plain enjoyable to watch.  Remo also brought in a great cast of actors (even the supporting ones!), who maintained on-screen chemistry and delivered solid performances throughout the film.

In a recent interview, Johnny Remo said “In order to show the redemption, you have to show how bad it was before the redemption.” He and co-writer, Daniel Backman, manage to bring this level of honesty into the film without adding too much unsavory content. While the story does deal with some mature topics, the film isn’t flaunting any “red flag” scenes for the sake of being realistic.  Instead, the writers have engaged the audience in a genuine story of loss, bad choices, and tragedy without highlighting those scenes as the heart of the story.  Make no mistake, this is a story about healing, forgiveness and redemption.

Like a Country Song opened in select theaters earlier this summer and will be released to DVD on September 9.   However, you can watch this film instantly online only through We will be exclusively hosting it on VOD (Video on Demand), so be sure to watch it online September 9. Or you can order the DVD right here.  For more information about the movie, visit the film’s website at

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