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Movie Review: The Redemption of Henry Myers
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With a plot true to its title, The Redemption of Henry Myers tells the story of thief Henry Myers (Drew Waters) whose friends leave him for dead after a bank robbery goes bad.  But you won’t see cop cars swarming a bank to arrest a man wearing a plastic Nixon mask. This film is set in the old west, a nice deviation from today’s slew of post-apocalyptic, superhero, and crude comedy options.  In the story, Henry is found by a widow (Erin Bethea) and her two children (Ezra Proch, Jaden Roberts). They offer him a safe haven until he is fully healed, but trouble is never far away.

Though The Redemption of Henry Myers isn’t a slow-paced film, it does slow down enough to develop its characters.  One of the great things about this movie is its authenticity. From action to reaction to dialogue, the characters do and say realistic things and are given the time needed to become honest characters. For every likely choice, there is a realistic reaction.  For every moment of strife and contention, there are words that hit home in a meaningful way.  Even moments of silence carry powerful meaning.  The dialogue is a particularly good in this film, causing us to think more deeply about life, family, and forgiveness.

The acting is also a bonus.  Actor Drew Waters (“Friday Night Lights,” The Ultimate Life) brings ten years of Hollywood filmmaking experience to the table, while Erin Bethea (Facing the Giants, Fireproof, Amazing Love) draws on her wealth of experience inside the Christian film industry.  The child actors, Jaden Roberts and Ezra Proch, should also be mentioned.  It is an unfortunate reality that many children are terrible actors, but solid child actors like these help maintain a story’s believability.

The Redemption of Henry Myers was written and directed by Clayton Miller (Sterling: The Secret of the Lost Medallion), and produced by Chad Gunderson (Like Dandelion Dust, The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry).  It aired on the Hallmark Channel in March, and became available on DVD this month.  If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the trailer below and stop by our Redemption of Henry Myers page for more information. 

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