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Love's Enduring Promise Is a Solid G
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Love's Enduring Promise4.5 starsMissie (January Jones) is a young lady now and has become the local school marm. Her brothers, 9 year old Aaron (Kesun Loder) and 7 year old Arnie (Logan Arens) are healthy young sprites competing for the highest position on the family totem pole and arguing the pecking order. Everything seems to be going well for everyone ... until tragedy strikes her father Clark (Dale Midkiff). On a firewood gathering trip, Aaron is startled, which startles dad in the middle of a swing of the axe. Deflection of the mis-targeted axe causes it to dig a deep laceration in his left shin. Now dad is not able to work and the crops are ready for planting. If the planting does not get done, they could loose everything. Mother Marty (Katherine Heigl) and daughter Missie have to do dad's work as well as their own.

Noticing Missie clearly in over her head plowing the field, a local runaway boy, Nate, aka Willie Nathan LaHaye (Logan Bartholomew) comes to the rescue and takes over plowing. In a volley of little rude snippets at Missie by Willie and Missie's retorts right back at him, it is clear Nate .. er .. Willie is smitten by Missie ... and Missie by him.

A complication arises in Missie's life. A rich heir of the railroad surveying the land, Grant Thomas (Mackenzie Astin) spies Missie as she rides off for some berries for lunch. Smitten by her, Grant does his best to woo Missie who, at first, seems smitten by him as well. Uh-oh! Missie now has two men in her life. Indeed, it is by Grant's efforts to woo Missie and Willie's arrogance toward her that Missie learns of God's enduring promise.

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The Pilgrim's Progress
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