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Rust Is a "Hard PG"
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Rust DVD3.5 starsJames Moore (Corbin Bernsen) left town as a teen because of a string of painful events that happened in his life, including the loss of his mother Audrey. Nevertheless, James answered his life's calling and became a minister. But of late, he has been suffering a crisis of faith. He was looking for answers and blamed Jesus for not giving him the answers. So, after about 30 years after leaving his home town of Kipling, Saskatchewan James returned. Maybe he will find the answers there. Or was it that God sent him back home to give him the answers?

Everything was the same while nothing was the same. Everything that looked the same was not. One change was the Pierce family had come from England to work the land. The father, Sam was exceedingly grateful to have and work the land but was apparently not quite as kind to one of the residents as he was with the rest. Travis Wexler (Lloyd Warner), an emotionally challenged young man had found disfavor in Sam's eyes and the whole town knew it. Indeed, Travis had found disfavor of some kind from everyone, enough disfavor that he was the primary suspect for the fire that killed Sam and his family. Travis even admitted to it. It was Travis' proximity to the fire and his "confession" that led to his conviction and sentencing to a psychiatric prison. But did he really start the fire or was he trying to protect someone?

In all this, James' father, Glenn (Frank Gall) was angry and bitter, boldly and openly disapproving of James for not finishing anything he had started. James' sister Mary (Audrey Lynn Tennent) has devoted her life to taking care of their father after James left home.

A miracle happened in Kipling. But it was not supernatural. Or was it? All things that happened are well within the natural order of things ... all very logical. Or was the "logic" the hand of God?

This film indeed earned a final score of 69 which places it in the bottom of the range of scores earned by PG-rated films (68 to 86 out of 100) in the comparative baseline database of movies. Rust is a "hard" PG.

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