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To Be One Gives Fresh Views on Dating and Marriage
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To Be One DVD4 starsSynopsis
To Be One explores three couples’ journeys as they discern God’s will and become joined in marriage. Though each family’s approach is different, their heart to follow Jesus is abundantly clear. It is also clear that the parents and children are joining together to give and receive counsel during this pivotal time in their lives.

Your thoughts will be stirred as the families, along with Norm Wakefield of Elijah Ministries, share insights from their experience. You will also share in the joy at their weddings as they truly become one. Find encouragement for your own journey as you see God’s sovereign plan revealed in these testimonies of His faithfulness.

Is There a "Right Way" to Find a Spouse?
Who does God want you to marry? Does He even want you to marry? What does God have to say about your dating life? Does He care about it? This documentary from filmmaker Peter Telian explores all of these questions and more as he seeks for a "renewed vision for holiness and honor" for Christians in their journey to marriage.

What's engaging about this film is the lack of judgment about "right" and "wrong" methods for selecting a marriage partner. Rather, Telian lays out the choices each couple and their parents made, and follows the progress of their stories. He's not pushing an agenda, but rather offering alternatives to what men and women have traditionally done.

Interesting Documentary Well Told
The film is well-crafted with a combination of interview footage with the three couples profiled, their parents, and the narrative provided by Norm Wakefield. It's beautifully filmed and Telian achieves a flowing story that leaves you feeling connected to the couples. He even includes footage from each couple's wedding ceremony, which are distinctive and extraordinary because of their personalities and journeys.

On a technical note, Telian has managed the production aspects of the film well. There are some moments of beautiful cinematography, especially during the weddings. He has a good sense of pace and timing that results in a well-edited piece that will hold your attention the whole time. And, as a musician, I appreciate his choice of music and the way he uses it to enhance the production.

Agree or disagree with their methodology or scriptural interpretation, you can't deny that each of the stories is unique, compelling and interesting, and that Telian did a fine job of capturing them.

To Be One does not have an MPAA rating, but has no objectionable content. Younger children may not be interested, but this film is worth watching for parents who are thinking about their children's future mates, and for youth who are interested in alternatives to the typical dating process.

Courtesy of the producer, Angela screened a preview copy of To Be One.

Abraham's Vision
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Abraham's Vision
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