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Hidden Secrets: Grace Among Flaws
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Hidden SecretsGathering together after the tragic death their mutual friend, Chris, a group of friends find themselves reconnected to each other. Memories and realities of past hardships surface, though, and the possibility of receiving forgiveness is thrown into doubt. 

Cinematic Review
This is easily one of the most overlooked movies of 2008. While there are slight issues with some heavy-handed scenes, Hidden Secrets is an effective story about a group of friends who don’t all share the same beliefs and have all walked a hard and difficult path. 

Mostly taking place in the home of Sherry, the deceased’s sister, the story throws individuals from all walks of life together. A former youth pastor struggles with affections for his old flame, Sherry, and his “almost-fiancé.” A successful writer of Christian books is continually challenged by his judgmental “fire and brimstone” wife. One of Chris’s former bosses is an atheist, and seemingly antagonistic to the Christian faith. And a former homosexual does not see how God could forgive him for his past.  

Hidden Secrets accurately portrays the guilt, pain, but ultimate redemption of a Christian life. This sometimes humorous, sometimes heartbreaking film truly shows Christianity in its true form – flawed and imperfect, but ultimately beautiful.

The film is not rated, and while it is Dove approved, families of younger children might want to preview the film first because it deals with adult themes including sex, fornication, abortion, homosexuality, doubt, and death. 

For most viewers, though, Hidden Secrets is a film that will help challenge and affirm the faith we hold strongly to.


Hidden Secrets is one of the best Christian films released last year. For anyone even remotely interested in faith-based films, I cannot recommend this film enough. There are no flashy special effects, no big name stars, but it is a real story about real people finding grace amidst their own bitter flaws. 


A native New Yorker, Nathan now resides in Southern California where he serves as a youth pastor, attends seminary at Biola University, regularly blogs and continues writing sci-fi/fantasy novels.Nathan and his talented wife Kristin both serve at Valencia Hills Community Church where Nathan also maintains a youth blog. His first book Untold (2006) is currently available over at Amazon or over at his personal website.

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Hope this movie will help us to stop judging people especially the homeless. Furthermore, we can learn so much from true humble... [read more]
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