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Unlimited: Finding Your Spiritual Potential
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When Simon (Daniel Ross Owens) is lured to Mexico, he finds himself involved in a murder, challenged by one-time NASA scientist Harold Finch (Fred Dalton Thompson), and working in an orphanage for abandoned children. In this entertaining film inspired by Finch’s life, Simon will go on a journey to unlock the potential for power - generated by electricity and provided by the Holy Spirit.

Simon thinks he is going to Mexico to reunite with a favorite college professor, but the professor has been murdered and the Mexican cartel is coming after Simon for the technology he can access. But keeping the film from falling into too dark a territory, his road to technological power is paralleled by his assimilation into the life of the orphanage.

There, he meets Pedro and Sofia (Robert Amaya and Crystal Martinez), a brother and sister who work with Finch at the orphanage. Pedro becomes Simon’s ‘wingman’ on his various adventures, and the comic inclusion in the film.

While there’s a great murder/mystery story that is excellently executed, the underpinning of Finch’s story, and the film’s, is that of a troubled young man who struggles to find his way. Thanks to Finch’s love for life and his faith in God (and the human spirit), Simon is put on a road toward redemption, toward finding his powerful potential.

The film itself came out in 2013 on a limited release, and is now getting wider home distribution. While the wait might dilute the power of some stories, or raise questions about its production values, Unlimited is a film that both entertains and inspires, without surrendering quality production. Thompson’s delivery as Finch is his usual topnotch performance, but the supporting cast provides meaningful character arcs that highlight the tension and redemption in the story.

Unlimited has all of the elements that audiences have long found important in faith-based films, but its broader themes - corruption, hope, community - will speak to unexpected audiences. Who doesn’t long to understand their God-given potential?


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