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Owlegories Vol. 3: The Fire, The Duck, The Seasons
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The third volume of Owlegories, a gospel-centered, animated DVD series with accompanying interactive digital app, teaches kids three more lessons about God through nature and the Bible. The number one selling new children’s DVD brand in Christian retail, Owlegories delivers entertaining adventures with real-life applications of faith, and this time, they’re bringing Duck Dynasty’s Uncle Si with them!

In the first episode, “The Fire,” Professor Owlester sends our little adventurers through space and time to learn about three ways that God is like fire. Of course, not everyone who hears the Professor’s instructions travel there with pure motives, but you can be sure this lesson about gold will reflect purity. Using the key verse from Hebrews 12:28-29, the episode is recapped by by Ben Stuart, the Executive Director of Breakaway Ministries.

In the second episode, “The Duck,” Professor Owlester’s old college roomie, Uncle Fly (Si Robertson, voice), helps in their lesson about working together in the swamp. They’ll learn about the three gifts that God gives everyone, and Robertson recaps it himself, using I Peter 4:10 as the key verse.

Finally, in the third episode, “The Seasons,” Owlester’s explorers go through a simulator that shows the ways we can all learn something from the four seasons. The recap is provided by photographer Jeremy Cowart, with the key verse from Ecclesiastes 3:1.

With cleverly worked animation, humor, and faith-based insights, these stories will entertain your little ones and amuse even older audiences. With adventure included, the episodes deliver their intentional principles in a way that audiences will receive the education while they're being entertained! Fans of Volume 3: The Fire, The Duck, The Seasons can visit the Owlegories page to check out the first two volumes, unlocking the beauty of God’s creation and the Bible through more adventures with this whoot of a crew!

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