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Wildflower: Faith in the Unseen
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In Wildflower, the painter Chloe (Nathalia Ramos) has a re-occurring nightmare, which may actually be a memory she’s forced out of her mind. When she searches for answers, she discovers that she may be able to bring a killer to justice if she can uncover the truth. In the process, she may also find help in the form of another struggling member of the community, Josh (Cody Longo), who also has great talent but little direction.

Chloe’s experience of her dreams bleeds over into her waking moments, and she struggles to make sense of them - or explain them to others, like her mother. Josh’s determination to help her is driven by his own experience of sadness and loss, a loss that his pastor brother can’t help him get over on his own. But in both of their individual lives, and the bleeding over of their lives into each other’s, they begin to see the way that God is moving in their lives.

The search for answers takes them to a metaphysical place, in one of the film’s creative hooks, that impacts the mystery Chloe and Josh seek to uncover. But the film is just as much an exploration of faith, specifically citing Hebrews 11:1: “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” It’s faith that God will overcome our sorrows and hurts, and faith that we can share who we really are with other people who will love us anyway.

The mystery involves some serious past hurts - and the murder of a young girl. For fans seeking a serious, and gritty, thriller that also involves organic Christian faith, this film will satisfy. For Christians seeking an opportunity to entertain friends or family and introduce a discussion about the power of faith, this bridges the gap.

Wildflower is rated PG-13 for thematic material and violent images.


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