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Patterns Of Evidence: Did The Exodus Really Happen?
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Did the events of the Old Testament really take place? It’s a question that many people have asked, whether they are churchgoers or not. Were there people named Adam and Eve? Were there people who followed a man named Abraham and settled down in a land God told them to? Were there people of Israel who settled in Egypt and finally escaped behind a leader named Moses? In Patterns of Evidence: Exodus, Timothy Mahoney sets out to document a detailed look at the archaeological investigation to consider the truth. 

The film itself requires some understanding of history, maps, and dates, but it’s straightforward enough that it could be used in a small study group for teens or family screenings. After a dozen film festivals and a sold-out Fathom event in January in over six hundred theaters nationwide with eighty-five thousand in attendance, the film’s production team hopes that this DVD and Blu-ray release will find a second wind. 

Mahoney said, “What started out as a crisis of my own faith led me on an incredible journey of discovery. Through the success of the Fathom event and the demand for the U.S. home entertainment release, we are confident that [the film] will spark conversations from people around the globe who have an interest in history, culture or religion.”

The film tackles the transition of the Israelites from the Promised Land to slavery and then back again in a way that is compelling filmmaking, but what you get out of it probably depends on what you believe going in. The truth is that the experts, the historians and the theologians, are divided on what constitutes a “fact.” Mahoney’s evidence seems to show that there’s one way of understanding exactly how the whole scenario played out, allowing for a new understanding of old dates and times, as well as a full-blown faithful understanding. 

Read the book (the Bible), check out the film, and prayerfully consider what it means to believe. Pattern of Evidence: Exodus is Mahoney’s honest struggle, and the appropriate response for the audience is to consider it as well. 

For more information on the film, check out our interview with Mahoney here.

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