The National Post called Cloud Ten Pictures "one of the most successful indie-studios in the English speaking world." A feature in Forbes pointed out that "Sex and Violence aren't the only way to sell a movie. The Hollywood Reporter labeled Cloud Ten as "Genre Kings." Cloud Ten Pictures is indeed the leading player within the Christian-themed movie world.

Cloud Ten Pictures is passionate about producing inspirational Christian films. Through over a decade of both critical and popular success, Cloud Ten Pictures has become a known and trusted filmmaking brand name. Visit their news section for the latest news from Cloud Ten Pictures.

New Films from Cloud Ten Pictures for 2008 include The Genius Club and Saving God.


Armstrong Cane (Rhames) served 15 years in prison for manslaughter. Towards the end of his sentence, Armstrong reforms and finds God in his life. Now, out of prison, he serves God as the Pastor of his community church. 

As he works to rebuild the community he left behind, the ex con meets Norris (Murphy) and recognizes a young man headed down the wrong path. Lured into the depths of drugs and violence by local dealer Blaze (McDermott), the troubled teen is pulled in opposite directions.

While battling to keep on the right path, Cane fights to save Norris from a life of drugs and violence, but the ultimate question remains:

Can people really change, or will the demons of their past overcome them?


Dove Foundation Review: Family Approved 12 and over

"I enjoyed watching this very much. It is a good story and well made. Dove happily awards our Seal to this film and we award it five Doves, our highest rating."

- Edwin Carpenter, Christian Entertainment Review/Dove Foundation

"Ving Rhames gives a phenomenal, award winning performance...  you will find yourself paying close attention to his character and listening to every message he shares."

- Tom Saab, Christian Film Festivals of America, Inc.

"I found myself completely seduced by its charm, its characters, and its riveting story line. 'SAVING GOD' has officially become one of my favorite Christian films. For production, talent, and over-all message content, I give it a perfect score.."


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Churches are given the materials (posters, leaflets, radio spots, movie trailer, etc.) to easily and cheaply promote and advertise the event. Churches can charge admission to see the film and can sell popcorn, snacks and pop to offset a cheap licensing fee and to raise money for whatever cause or need you may have.

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