What if you had one night to solve the world's problems? For seven geniuses, they have no choice. A terrorist culls together a scientist, a seminary student, a pro baseball player, a professor, a casino owner, a painter, and a pizza delivery guy to attempt to solve the world's problems in one night.


Seven geniuses, with IQs over 200, are plucked from their lives on Christmas Eve to try to solve the world's problems in one night. If they fail, the world will come to an end. The group attempt to solve world hunger, war, cancer, terrorism, rush hour traffic, jerks, and finally the meaning of life. By morning, the group finds redemption in themselves and quite possibly the world.



Want Proof That God Exists?


Dove Foundation Review: Family Approved 12 and over

"One of the most thought-provoking films I have ever seen .... ultimately this film makes one think about his or her own view on God"

- Edwin Carpenter, Christian Entertainment Review/Dove Foundation

"Screenwriter and director Tim Chey should get more credit for stepping out and making a statement that we dare say many Americans will agree with"

- Southern Vanity

"The Genius Club is surprisingly poignent in its discussion of the trappings of modern American society ... and unlike most of the garbage flooding the Cineplex of late, Genius actually has something significant to say. It has a point. "

- Daily Trojan


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New Films from Cloud Ten Pictures for 2008 include The Genius Club and Saving God

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