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2012  PG-13  129

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Average Member Rating: 5 Stars Rating

5 Stars- Mark P
A great movie.........WARNING: pretty emotional in some parts. Saw it at our christian radio station pre-release. Very powerful and another great message from Sherwood Productions.......following in the tradition of Fireproof and Facing the Giants. My hope and prayer is for all men, especially fathers, to answer the call and stop being passive about their family and their family's salvation. Take the stand men.......I know it has already made me think differently about things within my own family. Keep us the great ministry Sherwood Productions.........this ministry is bringing so many to Christ, saving marriages, and strengthening families.

5 Stars- Richard L
We went to see Courageous on opening night. This is from Sherwood Pictures so you expect it to be good, its better than that it is amazing. An incredible drama from beginning to end, good action, lots of humour, a terrific witness. I am so in awe of the passion of the Sherwood crew, annointed by God for what they do.

Please, please do all you can to bring this movie to the multitude. Just imagine our world in 30 years if the fathers of today's children (tomorrow's leaders) see Courageous, learn from its teaching and practice it in their lives and homes.

5 Stars- Richard M
Courageous the perfect name for this film. It was a blessing for my wife and I on our date night to view this film on it's opening day. Courageous had within it's content all the area's of life that we are all somewhat familiar with. There was drama, laughter, joy, heartache, tears and much needed handkerchiefs. The theatre was filled to capacity and the majority of viewers were teenagers and young adults. Although there was no lack of adult fathers there. As we have viewed and purchased for ourselves Flywheel, Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and Courageous. Courageous from our points of view is the best so far.

As having the privilege to be a volunteer chaplain the Washington County Sheriffs Department in Stillwater, Mn. I have the opportunity to show different story line dvd's. So when it is available for purchasing this will be a must to show to the men in jail. Because so many of them are Fatherless and yet have left there own children in the same situation of life. These movies are shown during our bible study time and then we talk about what the Lord can do to restore these men to be the loving dad's, husbands and son's that they should be. We pray that the Lord will continue to bless your ministry in the way that you are serving Him.

God Bless you all.

5 Stars- Kisha E



5 Stars- Edward W
Although I felt FireProof was a wonderful movie -- "Courageous" surpasses anything that I have seen with the possible exception of the "Passion of the Christ". I lead a Bible study in the county jail and have spent quite a bit of time in a state Prison here and am constantly aware of the large number of young men who are there that have had either absent fathers or those who were less than the "real men" that this movie protrayed. This is an absolute must for any father to take not just his son but the whole family to see. Being in my sixties and (of course) thinking myself 'Pretty fair Christman' for sure -- it is amazing that this film spoke loudly and clearly to me about my short comings.

Anyone who sees this will be blessed beyond the norm and I and my wife are certainly greatful for the film makers as they strive to continue bringing real messages of hope to all of us. Oh yes -- and the "Resolution" and the DVD will certainly be in our homes as soon as they come out. "Praise the Lord!"

5 Stars- Donna V
it was an awesome movie. Take all your family and friends--you won't be sorry. Humor, action and it strengthens family values as well as addresses the losses we face in life. Take Kleenex too.

5 Stars- Kerry W
I was very impressed with this movie! I knew the theme would be good because of the name, but I wasn't expecting the great acting, directing and production quality! It was top notch! I laughed, cried, and was motivated, as well as entertained! I would recommend this movie to anyone! Once again Hollywood Critics have it so wrong! No wonder so many movies that are produced by Hollywood are so much garbage! If you want to see a really good movie and watch excellent acting go see Courageous.... you will be impressed......I was!

5 Stars- Gerardo M
the movie courageous has to be the most inspiring movie that i have seen. i went to go and see it with my dad as a dad and daughter date, and i loved it so much!there was never a part where i started to get bored. this movie has really impacted my life in a way that no other movie has impacted me before,by showing me that even though some times we may be going through tough times or challenges,and that we always have to remember that god is always there to lift us back on our feet and and will help us and supply us with all of our needs. the movie is very very good for parents and kids 13+. there is alot of sad and emotional parts and violence in some of the movie- because it has to do with being a police man and serving others and your community. but DO NOT have that stop you from going. this movie is a MUST SEE!!!!!!

5 Stars- Mary C
I want to thank you for producing the movie "Courageous". This an awesome movie and it has many walks of life. The main theme of the father is so important. So many have grown up not having their real father. The father taking his daughter to dinner for a date is something that every Christian father,step-father,grandfather or a father that cares for the purity of his daughter should do. Fathers need to take time not only for their daughters ,but their sons.... The young teenage boy who got caught up in a gang,this so true today and recently at our church we had "Judgement House" and I was able to talk with a young Afro-American boy to encourage him to stay away from gangs.Had I not seen the movie ,I would have never thought of this...The Spanish family I related to because I have three Spanish speaking daughter in-laws. I told them ,you have got to see "Courageous"... More movies like this need to be made. America needs the Lord Jesus Christ. I can't wait to purchase the DVD. May God continue to bless your ministry in producing films like "Courageous".

I was so moved by this movie because of many things that happened in my own life. I am so blessed God gave me Christian grandparents.

Your friend and sister in Christ,

Mary Coward

5 Stars- Paul C
I saw this movie on the opening weekend. The theater was packed, I had my popcorn and coke at the ready..... Sadly, I had seen the previews at my church and was not all that interested. I don't know why, but since Fireproof was one of my favorite movies as a husband, decided to go with a completely open mind.

What was delivered in the theater was nothing short of a classic film. I have written several reviews and in each case I refer to the great movies of the 1970's that I went to as a child. Jaws, Star Wars, Rocky just to name a few. While this movie is nothing like any of those. It did not have the huge budget like Jaws or Star Wars and does not Stallone boxing. What the movie does have is a real story about real people. This is so sadly missing in todays godless Hollywood. Most of what we get these days are sad stories about teen sexual hijinxs or blatant viloence and gratuitous sex throw in our face with poor story lines.

Don't get me a wrong, I think that Goodfellas is a great film, but so much of what we are subjected to today is junk.

Courageous is a heart stopper, a tear jerker and a flat our cheer in your seats type of film.

I strongly encourage that you take a friend with you and keep your heart and mind open to what the film has to offer.

Don't want to give anything away, just go and see it.

P Crandall

Jacksonville, Florida

5 Stars- Danielle G
The BEST movie I have EVER seen - no the budget isn't high but the MESSAGE and the messages inside the message were AWESOME! A MUST SEE for every man and woman. I will be buying this for every man I know for Christmas! I can't say enough about how powerful the movie was and everyone can relate to someone in the movie. Only warning - take a box of Kleenex, not just a single tissue BUT an entire box.

5 Stars- Donnalynn S
I felt this was a vital message movie. It challenges me as a child of God to walk the walk and live like Christ is a motivation to my very being - no matter what the roll may be - and how important it is to value every minute we have to affect any other life. As a Sister, Mother, Grandmother, etc. This is for all relationships. Not just fathers.

Give our relationships the foundational security and stability they crave and maybe fewer will not so easily settle for less.

Saw it for the second time last night by myself. Couldn't see the Duggar's in it the first time and saw some of them this time. Need to see it a third time to see the girls.. I saw them in the credits this time so I know where to look....

Awesome message movie for EVERY relationship.

I haven't been to the theater in over 22 years, everything else was worth waiting for - I want to see this in the theater at least a third time before it comes out on DVD!

5 Stars- Casey S
This was the BEST movie I have seen! Very inspiring... Made me cry!!!! I wana see it again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again &again!!!!!!!!

5 Stars- Lauretta S
The Best Movie Ever Courageous deserves to be seen by every person!

4 Stars- Colin B
Wow, every Dad must see this. I'm in Oz and this is only in our local Cinema for a short time. How can I buy a DVD copy. This must be seen !!

5 Stars- Neva K
This is the best movie I have seen in a very long time. The storyline is fantastic, the characters are very believable and the message is very appropriate for our times. We seen it in the theaters and I can hardly wait to buy the DVD to share it with all my friends. If you haven't seen it, definately rent it because you will want to buy it for your collection!

5 Stars- Chad K
Courageous showed me what it takes to be a man of courage. Even when we think that we have it all together, certain things arise. The biggest thing within this awesome movie is seeing men of God stand up at the end to say, "I WILL..." Seeing men of faith declaring that they will be held accountable by signing the "Resolution". I stood up to say, "I WILL..". Also, seeing the young man take the responsibility of his daughter (out of wedlock) and hand her mom a that moment, my daughter was not yet born, however when I saw that, I knew that my daughter was mine without a doubt, without reserve. She is now three months old, and this movie helped me realize the importance of spending quality time with my child (and future children) and her beloved mother. God has restored relationships. His Restoration is way better than the previous relationships. Through tragic events in this movie, it showed me that I need to practice my dancing. I hold my daughter, and spend quality time with her, because one day I will be giving her away to her man of God that has been prepared for her. I plan on taking my daughter on dates until her mom and I decide that the man she will marry one day is the right one. I declare that she will receive the purity ring. Also, I plan on taking my future step-daughter on dates too. The movie Courageous is one of the finest, and it is a family friendly film. I would show this movie to a young child. So, where are you men of Courage...that was one of the best lines in the entire film...I stood up at that moment. After seeing that movie, I signed the Resolution. I am also getting the book, "Resolution for Men." I give Courageous the Movie FIVE STARS, and Two Thumbs up!

5 Stars- John-clay B
This is a film well worth seeing!!

5 Stars- Gregory W
All reviews before mine own have said all. This is a must see movie for all ages and and family members and friends.

5 Stars- Eva R
Courageous is a wonderful movie. I really wish my ex husband would see it. Many of the feelings expressed really hit home and made my daughter, especially my son cry. After seeing the movie my son and I were discussing the movie. He said that his REAL father is my husband who I married four years ago. My children and I prayed for the right man to come into our lives and waited five years for him. My son said my husband is every virtue that the Resolution said. Not only because he is a military man who keeps the core values to his heart especially integrity but because he is a man who loves God passionately. In time if we get my ex husbands consent, my children's dream and my husband's of a legal adoption will come true. I thank God for wonderful men such as my husband who posses such enormous hearts with genuine love and passion to raise wonderful children in the image of Christ and themselves. I also pray that time will heal the minds and hearts of my children with their father to a full forgiveness and though they have a broken relationship if they still can't see their father as their father at least that he steps up enough in their lives so that my children can see him as a friend that ultimately they can count on and trust with their hearts again.

5 Stars- Paul C
Great motivational movie, a must see. Helps a person believe, understand and examine their conscience, and do the right things for what really matters in life.

5 Stars- Gail B
Outstanding! Every father should see this movie and take it to heart.

5 Stars- Jacqueline D
Really motivating movie & very inspriring. I was very impressed by the qualitiy of acting in this movie. The accents used in the potrayal of the Latino characters could use a little work, but other than that, I'd count it as top notch. I wouldn't rate it appropiate for my kids ages 6 and 8, but rather as parent targeted movie in my opinion.

5 Stars- Bedie P
Courageous is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It has a combination of suspense, action, laughter, crying, and brings everything to a spiritual climax. I wanted to stand and cheer at the end. The best movie by far that Sherwood has done. All I have to say is the bar is now set high for other is a must see!

5 Stars- Celestine M

5 Stars- Keri O
Excellent! Great message for both men & women! Just as good as Fireproof, maybe even better!

5 Stars- Jonathan S
If you really want to know who you are, this movie will let you know. Uplifting yet mind opening heart felt movie that will touch every emotion. You should buy a copy for you and each child. Must see!

5 Stars- Deborah M
This was a very moving movie. It was so true to today's live. We need our men to step up and except their responsibility. It is difficult for us all but their is something that touches my heart when I see our husbands, sons, fathers, grandfather step up to the place of character, integrity, love for their families, so much so that they show it in themselves first.

Is this not what Jesus did when He walk the earth?

Debbie M.

5 Stars- Theresa J
In one word, AWESOME! ALL Christians should see this movie then pass it on to their non-Christian friends. A must see for every church and ministry out there.

5 Stars- Evelyn R
It's a MUST SEE movie for every father!!!

5 Stars- Louise B
What a blessing it was to watch a movie where men stood up for God and took responsibility for the role that God commanded them to be as fathers and husbands and heads of their home. What a better world this would be if more fathers understood the role and responsibility that God has given to them. My prayer is that every Christian father will take a friend, family member or coworker that does not understand this role and mentor him in it.

Thank you for making such a ministering movie to be enjoyed by the whole family.

4 Stars- Richard and Linda D
Courageous, the fourth film from Sherwood Pictures and the Kendrick Brothers, brings you another solid performance of Christian film excellence, and will show you how their increased budget greatly improved their production values (but not their scripting, which was superb, in their first film, Flywheel). When God is the central theme of a film, the viewer benefits, which is the message that the Kendrick Brothers are trying to portray: Put God first and everything falls into place! If you want films that will entertain you, your teenagers, your tweens, and your younger ones, then plan on viewing Flywheel (so you can see Jay Austin Motors in all its small car lot glory – you’ll understand this joke when you see Jay Austin Motors in the next two recommended films), Facing the Giants, and Fireproof. These three films should also be watched with their commentary tracks, since you will gain valuable insight into the tremendous spiritual emphasis that the entire production team, along with the actors (who are also production team members), place in the making of each film. We cannot speak highly enough of Sherwood Pictures, as they have brought Christian films into the mainstream. All family members will enjoy the three films: Flywheel (a young child in the film plays the part of a spiritual giant), Facing the Giants (boys, especially, will enjoy this film; as will athletic girls), and Fireproof (while nothing is ever visually inappropriate, this is probably better suited for teenagers and adults, since it will probably not hold the interest of younger ones). Then, be sure to view the commentary tracks (probably best for adults). Unfortunately, Courageous does not have a commentary track and suffers greatly for its lack. In order of filmmaking excellence, the four films from Sherwood Pictures and the Kendrick Brothers would be: Facing the Giants, Flywheel, Courageous, and Fireproof. Enjoy!

5 Stars- Theodore S
Great movie, good gospel presentation!

5 Stars- Jo Dee R
This was one of the best movies I have ever seen since I have been a Christian, which has been 31 yrs. I watched it four times. First I saw it at our local theater. Then once with my singles group, once with our chilren's church group, and once with my young adult daughter. It is full of Godly themes such as forgiveness, integrity, perseverance, longsuffering, and the love of Godly friends and family. I loved the theme, the characters, the message, the action, the awesome relationships of the policemen involved...and I especially loved Javier and his family. It was so great that the producers showed the results of having integrity and obeying God's Word (even when you wonder if the bottom is going to fall out) and in the end, the JOY that integrity and obedience brings. It really touched everyone with whom I watched it!

5 Stars- Lori K
One of the best movies I've seen this year.

5 Stars- Katherine H
This was a great movie I really enjoyed it I have the movie flywheel and facing the giants and look forward to purchasing this one.

5 Stars- Ophelia T
GREAT movie a must see... Bring your tissue and get ready for a roller coaster ride! God Bless

5 Stars- Chaneta L
awesome awesome awesome movie every man an his family should see it.

5 Stars- Evelyn R
Excellent movie!!! Need to say no more.

Well, I will say this. It is so excellent that I have been buying this movie one by one to every father that I know that needs to watch it. The movie is based on what we are seeing out there in this world....a fatherless generation.

5 Stars- Patrick B

5 Stars- Sandra M
Praise God! I wish I had a Dad like that. Now, I am a single Mom, but I pledge to be the Dad my son needs. Amen!

5 Stars- Timmy H
Another winner from Sherwood. This movie will have you laughing out loud one minute and crying the next. It shows the true importance of a father in a child's life. True fatherhood is not given much credit in our world today, but this movie brings the truth out. Thank you Alex and Sherwood Pictures!

5 Stars- Cary S
Awesome. Seriously awesome.

5 Stars- Tonya S
What a great movie. So many lessons and what a merciful God!!

5 Stars- Ben U
When I have mentioned other Christian based titles to people, they don’t always seem to know what I’m talking about. However, if I mention Courageous as of recent times, most people know what exactly what I’m talking about whether they’ve seen it or not. Because there is such familiarity for this film, the friends of mine who had seen it told me they liked it, and simply because I personally liked Sherwood’s other films I bought a copy of this and desired to watch this with my wife. My wife and I watched this together, because this is a movie about fatherhood and family; both are very important to us.

Courageous is about a group of men who despite their share of problems desire to become better husbands and fathers. Adam Mitchell is a cop who has a good relationship with his wife and does well with his work, but doesn’t have the best relationship with his children. Another police officer has a teenage daughter whom he worries will be dating the wrong guy and doesn’t know yet how to handle the situation. Javier and his wife are struggling financially to provide for their family due to recent loss of employment, but Javier has faith God will provide for their family. And a rookie member of the force has his own emotional baggage caused by a mistake he made prior to becoming saved. Together these men and others strive to make amends for their mistakes, develop a stronger relationship with the Lord, and to simply just become better husbands/fathers in the process.

Like many others who watched this film, I really liked this. At times this would be pretty funny, one example is Javier pretending to be a member of the “Snake Kings” in order to scare a gang member. There was a bit of action to keep the senses thrilled too, this is good because otherwise I would have been a bit disappointed; after all they are cops you know. Yet as a warning, without spoiling a particular plot line, there are some sad moments within this film too; my wife cried. My one down side is most cops I’ve ever interacted with or have heard about are not like the guys in this film, but I hope that changes. What they promote within the film I cannot help but feel is fantastic. Society seems to encourage men to act like boys and it’s a horribly wrong trend. Grown males need to know how to act like men and to be men, I feel this is a great start on how to address this cultural problem. I have been personally inspired to kick it up a notch by also developing a stronger relationship with the Lord, and I desire to follow what the Resolution says; I have the plaque you can buy framed on my study wall. This was a great film, I recommend this for others, and encourage viewers to take the challenge and take it seriously! I don’t believe this is legalistic, because the primary objective is to simply develop a better relationship with the Lord so you can also have a better relationship with everyone else in your life.

5 Stars- Gregg T
I saw this awesome inspiring movie recently on TV and the more I watched it, I am glad that I did not change the channel because I felt that our good Lord was speaking to me.

I just wish this movie had been around when my son was the age of the kids in the movie were. I am amember of my city's local Police Department's "Citizen's on Patrol" so I can relate with the four Sheriff's Officer's who are the main charactor's in the movie as well as Javier. This is a movie that I highly recommend to anyone who is a parent and to the public in general.

5 Stars- Mn L
This movie is AMAZING! I'm glad the foul language was not in the rental version we received too (I read the original had some). And I understand why they had to show such grave stuff at times (& my angels warned me of when it was coming) but they did it in a way that you could fast forward easily if it's too intense but still experience the awe-inspiring impact of the message. It's so good to see that there are people out there who CAN make movies that do not overwhelm the viewer with trauma but "allow" them to receive the gifts the Lord want to give the viewer. The Christian group who puts these movies out is truly blessed. I saw that the movie made 16 times it's budget back in Dec. of 2011! So I'm really looking forward to what the Holy Spirit has in store for us through this team of His.

But this isn't just a film, it is a catalyst to the movement of God the Father through the Holy Spirit to call fathers back to their rightful place in the family and in society, in order to assist our cultures return to God the Father. A Father Whom, sadly we don't know anymore because of present tragedy of fatherhood. Fathers in God, protect us from evil and keep us, when we are willing, in the Father. And in our modern society, they will be martyrs which is why the films name is "Courageous". But their laying down their lives for us, as Father God did through Jesus, will give us "Life" and Courage to in turn be martyrs, in real love for our true good and eventually, as we mature, for others. Because most importantly it will show us the Image of God the Father.

(Someday, I hope a film, like this one, will come out for motherhood and womanhood. It is women being real women which allow men to be real men and they are the "heart" and center of the family. This loss is no less real than the fatherhood deterioration, in fact I believe it is worse because it is often hidden in emotional and spiritual deception and it often undermines mens and Gods' legitimate authority craftily. But the establishment of real fathers in God, would cut through that deception! But that's for another film another time... hopefully soon! )

Alex Kendrick has such a presence that I am certain I would like him in any movie they did. He's kind of the same character in all of these movies, but because of the package and his talent and the Holy Spirits anointing upon his soul I'm sure, it works! And you experience a totally different experience. Great Glory is being given God the Father through these films and He is elated and consoled in a time where His children loathe Him more than any other time in history. We Bless you Father for giving us all this! Please continue to build a mighty fortress in this film team! And build us up in the gifts You give us through their hand. Amen!

5 Stars- James R
One word to describe the movie, AWESOME!!!!!!!5 Stars all the way, go check it out for yourself! God is Awesome all the time!

5 Stars- Denise K G
This was better than I expected to be. Well acted, I believed the actors and it was very God centered. I even purchased the Courageous inspiration cards to give to my husband and brother from time to time. Recommend highly to view with children and spouses. It will inspire all.

5 Stars- Michael M
The Best!!!!

5 Stars- Generosa T
Our family loved this movie. It has a wonderful message, some scenes had us crying from sadness and others from laughter.

5 Stars- Barbara R
Excellent movie!!! On a scale of 1 to 5, it is a 10!!!

4 Stars- Kelly M
Excellent movie. Great watch for fathers. Have your box of tissues next to you.

1 Stars- John G
Very poor movie.

5 Stars- Nora O
Love, Love, Love..... These people are making wonderful movies..

5 Stars- Nora O
Loved the movie watched it with family,, Everyone should see this movie as well as The Grace Card, and Fireproof

5 Stars- Pamela M
I think this movie should be watched by every man and young men that are coming up in this world and raising young ones.

5 Stars- Sue S
This movie should be in every household. Actually, I would love to see this movie shown in every high school and college. In order to change the lives of young men and women fathers must be honest and decide to change the way they were treated by their fathers and become the best role models they can for their children. Show their sons and daughters respect, spend time with them doing something they want to do. Put their children first. It is a fathers responsibility to provide financially to give their family the best life possible. If you want your children to have work ethics, show compassion, be honest and be the best person they can fathers need to role model that.

5 Stars- Tami R
Great movie! It will have your attention right away and keeps entertaining. Beautiful storyline and great lessons on what God created men for! Powerful! My 9 year old son loves this movie! I give it 5 stars because I would buy it to have in my collection!

5 Stars- Rishon R
This is a great movie! It has sound Biblical doctrine, excellent acting, writing and direction. There are moments that will have you in tears, and moments that will have you laughing till your sides hurt. It really challenges and inspires us to stand on God\'s Word and be courageous, especially with our families.