Final Solution - Bonus Disc


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Final Solution - Bonus Disc

2008  NR  106

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Average Member Rating: 4 Stars Rating

5 Stars- Dan A
In a word, Incredible! This movie was well written; the acting was great as was the cinematography! Itís just an awesome movie that will make you think, cry and finally stand up and applaud. Buy it today!

3 Stars- David M
The film starts out strong, with action and excitement, but then quickly descends into a long monologue. It would have been better if the action had been placed throughout the movie and the monologue have been interspersed between the action, to keep our attention. Overall, its higher quality than many Christian films but fails to hold its own against the best.

4 Stars- John & Letha R
Not for younger children because of the violence. We thought this was a great film because of the Christian love shown to bring about repentance and restoration. Educational even.

1 Stars- Susan S

3 Stars- Damita I
I was split. It's a good story-line. It started out catching my interest, then slowed down & I struggled to stay with it. I loved it when God's Mercy & Grace entered the racist's heart to change it - he was seeking God's Kingdom at 1st, but forgot about seeking His Righteousness until God reminded him - but he stepped up & accepted the Truth which he'd been seeking all along.

The movie reminds us how careful we have to be to make sure that we, 'study to show ourselves approved, rightly dividing the Word of God' because false teachers are definitely out there teaching what they profess is the truth, but... Beware.

5 Stars- Tl A
Great true story based movie. It really helps you understand what was going on in South Africa, which few Americans know. A few rather graphic scenes in which we just close our eyes. Overall, highly recommend it.Keep top movies like this coming.

5 Stars- Steven L
Great movie indeed! I knew little of the white supremacy issues in South Africa until watching this. Surely we all "bleed red" and this tragic true story makes that point very clear.

4 Stars- Edward Maxwell J
Very good movie with decent acting and if you weren't well versed on apartheid, provided some background history on the subject, before getting completely into the story line. A great story with emphasis on finding truth, the gospel, equality,conversion, and forgiveness. There is much to be learned and thought about in watching this movie. An eye opening for all Christians as to Who we are and Whose we are.