Escape From Darkness
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Escape From Darkness

2007  NR  71

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Average Member Rating: 4.5 Stars Rating

4 Stars- Dr. Robert M
this was at times very moving. also, very intresting look into the muslim life. makes you thank the Lord for all He has given us in the west. it also gives you a real look, not a p/c look in the muslim faith. frank and sometimes a little shocking. starts off kind of slow, but pay attention.

3 Stars- Lisa B
I agree with another review... this starts off a little slow, but if you hang on it gets better. It gives you a true perspective of the Islam faith and what they think about Christians and Jews. It is a little scary to think we are hated so much. This story also moved me because this man went from an extreme radical to a Christian and God worked on his family as well. Miracles happen today! Praise the Lord!

God Bless

5 Stars- Kerry H
An awesome testimony of the power of God's love to break through the deepest darkness.

5 Stars- Kenneth C
This is one very fantastic DVD. I recommend it to teens and adults. While it starts out a bit slow in the very beginning, it's only because he is giving needed background material on himself. Like a taxying 747 it picks up speed and takes off and you can't pull away from it. Not only is the information very important to know and inspiring but the man is obviously filled with the Spirit of God. The church in the west needs to see what it means to be filled with the Spirit without making it a doctrinal issue or even speaking much about it. This man demonstrates it by his deep joy and loving yet firm conviction.

5 Stars- Margaret L
This was fascinating and deeply moving from beginning to end. I wish everyone could see it.

5 Stars- Nancy M
This is very excellent and well worth watching. We need to know