Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution
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Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution

2004  NR  50 minutes

The Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution Series enters the fascinating world of animals to reveal sophisticated and complex designs that shake the traditional foundations of evolutionary theory.

This series features Dr. Jobe Martin, who for the past 20 years, has been exploring evolution vs. creation. His findings have been fascinating students around the world as he lectures on these remarkable animal designs that cannot be explained by traditional evolution.

Dr. Martin himself was a traditional evolutionist, but his medical and scientific training would go through an evolution…rather a revolution when he began to study animals that challenged the scientific assumptions of his education. This was the beginning of the evolution of a creationist.

Have you ever wondered....

• Are there really creatures that produce fire to defend themselves?

• How certain birds can navigate over thousands of miles of ocean and never get lost?

• How fireflies and glowworms can create pure light that generates no heat?

• How great whales can dive to the bottom of the ocean without the pressure causing them to implode?

• How some creatures can be cut in half and still regenerate themselves? Even grow a new head?

• What incredible flying insect became the inspiration for the design of the helicopter?

Director:Steve Greisen
Producer(s):Steve Greisen

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8 members reviewed: Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution

5 Stars- Christian Von S
This series of videos completely blows away any argument for evolution. My only regret is that the videos are not nearly long enough...

I mean that there are so many examples of God's handy-work, His creativity, and His love.

Bring over a skeptic, put any of these videos on and wait and see what happens.

4 Stars- Ron P
Excellent documentary or teaching resource. Our children also enjoyed. God is truly the ultimate designer. I'm looking forward to viewing the entire series.

5 Stars- Sharon D
This video is amazing! What evidence for creation! For anyone interested in understanding the truth about God's creation... a must see!

5 Stars- Malcolm F
Exceptional series that should be in every Christian home. It just erases the foundation of evolution we have all been polluted with.

Do your children (and you) need to be able to cite examples of PROOF of God's creation of this world using the creatures He designed? This series gives them one after another.

5 Stars- Coralyn V
Great for adults and kids!

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Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution