Field of Vision
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84 minutes
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Field of Vision

2012  NR  84 minutes

Mysterious footage captured on an old video camera shows star quarterback Tyler McFarland that some of his teammates have been bullying the new transfer student, Cory Walker. Aware that standing up for Cory might get his friends kicked off the team and cost the school the state championship, Tyler must choose between winning and doing what’s right.


Categories:Family, Sports & Fitness

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6 members reviewed: Field of Vision

5 Stars- Rich K
This movie is just great storytelling at its best. Everyone loves a good story. Well you got one here. This is a fantastic heartwarming story that will make you feel good and just want to be a better person than you are. Morals are upheld very well, this is a great teaching movie. I rank this among some of the best movies I've seen.

4 Stars- Danielle B
This movie led to a really good discussion for my family. It didn't mention God or have any overt Christian theme. However, it is one of the first movies I have found that gives a picture of how the gift of prophecy can be used to encourage others. It could be interpreted that God gave these children visions to help others.

4 Stars- Tl A
Makes a good point about honesty and integrity and the "bullying" thing that goes on in schools. When the coach said that the young man had done a tough thing, but the right thing the message of truth came across loud and clear.

5 Stars- Anthony L
Great family Movie some tear dropping in some parts of the movie awesome movie..

4 Stars- Pd W
No mention of God but a very good story for one

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Field of Vision