Daniel's Lot
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109 minutes

Daniel's Lot

NR  109 minutes

Pastor Bill Mahoney (Emmy winner Gary Burghoff, M*A*S*H) convinces Daniel, a down-and-out man failing at work and his marriage, that he must be obedient to God's plan for his life. Though the answer to his financial difficulties appears to be a valuable piece of property Daniel inherited, he remains bound to his promise to his late father to keep the land until "the time is right." However, when Daniel loses his job and his wife, who abandons him for a married man, he struggles to follow God's direction while fighting to keep his family and integrity intact.

"Öa perfect example of how God works through our lives." Family Christian Movies


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10 members reviewed: Daniel's Lot

3 Stars- Richard and Linda D
Danielís Lot, starring several members of the Miller and Shaw families, with an estimated budget of $25,000.00, is a wonderfully scripted, though poorly directed, film with a powerful message: Put God first and everything else will fall into place. Gary Burghoff, star of MASH (playing Radar) plays a major role in this film, directing the efforts of our male lead, Daniel Carr (played by Dominick Shaw) to follow Godís direction, no matter where that leads. Christina/Christy (who changes her name to suit her bedroom partners) is played way over-the-top by Lindsey McCabe; and is just plain irritating, most of the time (the tone of her voice grates on oneís nerves). All-in-all, a worthy attempt to emulate the Kendrick Brothers, in that the film has a wonder screenplay, but suffers from weak directing (we do not fault the actors/actresses here, since all seemed quite capable of providing realistic character portrayals-if they had been given meaningful direction). Enjoy!

1 Stars- Lisa F
Terrible acting and dialogue.

1 Stars- Faye S C
I really wanted to like this movie but the acting and directing were worse than most local amateur productions and it was almost unbearable to sit through. Good story line, though very weak characters, and at times leaning toward the "prosperity gospel" message of "trust God and He will take care of your finances". So sorry it wasn't better quality but I cannot recommend it at all.

3 Stars- Richard H
Poor acting, great message

1 Stars- Stacy C
The acting is about the "B"-ish I have seen in one of these movies on Christian Cinema. Video/Audio issues thruout.Story content ok, but it was hard to get past the horrific acting. The guy from Mash was a good actor.

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Daniel's Lot