Saving the World?
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32 minutes

Saving the World?

NR  32 minutes

In 1910 over a thousand Protestant missionaries, theologians, and church leaders from around the world gathered in Edinburgh, Scotland for an unprecedented  World Missionary Conference. Coming as it did at the peak of Western colonial power and a parallel wave of missionary growth, the global triumph of a united Protestant missionary movement appeared an almost foregone conclusion. But the future turned out very differently.

SAVING THE WORLD? chronicles the assumptions and expectations that Protestants carried into the 20th century and highlights some of the major and unexpected developments in the hundred years since that meeting in Scotland: new global forces and realities, including the growth of the non-Western Church, East-West and North-South partnership, the growing contribution of women, and the rise of the short-term missions phenomenon.

Commissioned by Wheaton College's Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals, produced and directed by award-winning videographer Tim Frakes, and utilizing the insights of leading historians, theologians, and missions executives, SAVING THE WORLD? provides a solid introduction to the development and future of the world missionary effort

Director:Tim Frakes
Producer(s):Tim Frakes
Categories:Documentary, Teaching and Study, Homeschool Resources

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Saving the World?