Beware of Christians
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Beware of Christians


Four college students leave their routine Christian lives in the U.S. in a quest to find what it really means to be a follower of Jesus.

Alex, Matt, Michael, and Will have grown up as Bible-believing Christians who did all the right things. As they've grown older, they've realized that the Jesus in the Bible doesn't exactly look like the healthy,
wealthy American Jesus they've been trained to know and love.

In search of deeper meaning and truth, the four leave their college routines behind for the summer as they travel across Europe.

Their journey, often a comedy of errors, includes a lost passport, an encounter with an Austrian pop star, a surprise discovery of a nude beach, and a romantic postcard entanglement. More importantly, the four
guys capture real, honest discussions about what it means to follow Jesus.

This documentary film is spreading like wildfire in high school curriculums and college ministries across the country. It’s a modern and relatable biblical teaching tool—entertaining, hilarious, and fruitful.

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30 members reviewed: Beware of Christians

5 Stars- Terry G
Being in ministry for 16 years I have seen many guest ministers come and go, but Beware of Christians has become one of my favorites. When they screend the film at our church, I was so impressed with the entire experience and the impact they had on the young adults who attended our event. The transparency in the film and during the Q+A was refreshing and thought provoking. Our students were challenged to examine their own lives and what it really means to be a Christian. They tackled the crucial areas of life that most young adults struggle to maintain as followers of Christ. The Word of God is clearly shown throughout this movie as the standard by which we should live. As a pastor, I found the BOC team to be incredibly kind and very easy to work with. I highly recommend this ministry to anyone who reaches the young adult population.

Terry Gustafson

Young Adults Pastor

San Antonio Cornerstone Church

San Antonio, TX

5 Stars- Catherine R
Beware of Christians is thought provoking as well as humbling. These young men bring up questions and topics that many people are not willing to confront. They are open and vulnerable, showing that they are average individuals struggling just like the rest of us . . . however, they are men who want to lead a different kind of life. Th...e movie examines what living life as a servant of Jesus Christ and pursuing Him wholeheartedly should and could look like if we stop letting ourselves be consumed by the things of this world.

It is about realizing what leading a life of obedience to the will of the Lord can do: spur heart change-leading to life change-leading to people's eternities changing.

I would recommend Beware of Christians to believers as well as non-believers who know in their hearts that there is something more to this life than what they have right now.

More Reviews can be seen here:!/bocmovie?id=166681490041526&sk=app_6261817190

5 Stars- Kelly M
The BEST Documentary that I have seen by far. I truly enjoyed how real it was and honestly it convicted me, to take a step back and evaluate how I am as a Christian. Being a Christian in college isn't the easiest thing. I was struggling with finally closing the door to the world.Now I grew up catholic but was going to church because I... had to, and in college I wanted something else. So I started studying the Bible with some other disciples and really made an effort to have a personal relationship with God and make it my own, and I was baptized almost four months ago.

I feel like seeing this movie was God reminding me what to do.That God needs to be my priority and I need to make time to read and live out his word, because as we all know nothing on this earth is eternal.So Thank You guys for doing this and I can't wait for the next installment. : )

5 Stars- Taylor S
These guys are incredibly charismatic, real, barren in their emotions, and stripped of all the crap that other movies are filled with. I am so impacted by their film, and I can't wait to see their next works and get the next outlook on life from the perspective of someone exactly like me and struggling with the same things as I am. Way to go, guys!

5 Stars- Martha B
Awesome!! A GREAT message for all of us!

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Beware of Christians