In Search of Easter
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In Search of Easter


Travel back to Jerusalem with modern-day scholars to discover the timeless mysteries surrounding the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 2,000 years ago, three words were uttered and the ancient world ignited a religious movement that changed the course of history.

"He Has Risen."

Is the biblical account fact, fiction or both? Did Jesus truly rise from the grave after his crucifixion and make appearances for 40 days? Was it a miracle or a mass hallucination? Why, 21 centuries later, do Christians still debate the meaning of Christ's resurrection? IN SEARCH OF EASTER aims to answer the timeless mysteries surrounding perhaps the most divisive topic in world history.

Through Christian and Jewish scholars we relive the drama of the Easter story and learn how the four gospels offer contradictory versions of the events. The ancient narrative comes to life from the discovery of the empty tomb, to Jesus' appearance before his mystified disciples in a locked room in Jerusalem, to a riveting encounter with "Doubting Thomas," to the climactic moment atop a mountain near the Sea of Galilee.

Whatever the truth may be about what happened 2,000 years ago, the resurrection continues to entice the imagination.

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3 members reviewed: In Search of Easter

4 Stars- Michael Ledger
An interesting exploration of Easter.

1 Stars- Chris S
This video is completely one-sided - filled with interviews with the most radical, liberal scholars attacking the truth of the resurrection.

1 Stars- Lauren K
If you are liberal in your theology, you will love this film. None of the experts believed the bible to be true. A number of the so called Christian experts didn't even believe in the resurrection. According to them the bible is poetry and the reason for the empty tomb was that the Romans took the body of Jesus and threw it out in the desert, never to be found. These so called experts even gave equal weight to the bible and the Book of Mormon. The movie was specifically designed to breed doubt in the Christian and should therefor be removed from the the Christian cinema catalogue.

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In Search of Easter