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106 minutes
Audio: English, French
Subtitles: English, English SDH, Spanish, French
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2011  PG  106 minutes

Featuring plucky Dakota Fanning as the catalyst behind an injured horse's comeback attempt to win the prized Breeder's Cup, DREAMER recalls Walt Disney's family-friendly films from another era, such as THE COMPUTER WORE TENNIS SHOES and THAT DARN CAT.

Sonador, nicknamed Sonya, is a great horse owned by a small man, who after a severe injury gives the horse to trainer Ben Crane (Kurt Russell). Once a great trainer, Ben has become a shell of his former self, suffering both professional and personal strife, including a rocky relationship with his father (Kris Kristofferson). It seems that both Sonya and Ben are headed for the end of their careers, unless Ben's daughter Cale (Fanning) can provide them with enough faith in their abilities to heal their wounds and bring them to victory.

DREAMER takes its inspiration from the true story of the horse Mariah's Storm, a favorite for the 1993 Breeder's Cup until she suffered what would normally be a career-ending injury. However, her owners and trainers persevered, and the horse went on to win a number of significant races, including an upset at the 1995 Breeder's Cup.

Director:John Gatins
Producer(s):Brian Robbins, Michael Tollin

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8 members reviewed: Dreamer

4 Stars- Patricia L
Beautiful movie...I recommend it..

5 Stars- Carroll S
This is the second Kurt Russell movie that I have seen and REALLY enjoyed - like MIRACLE, in which he played Herb Brooks, coach of the miracle US hockey team that beat the Russian national team in the Olympics, this one is a heart-stopper. He is supported here by a cast that truly seems like a family, including Freddy Rodriguez & Luis Guzman, the two Mexicans who help train and care for Sonador. It is wonderful to see something come out of Hollywood that is worth watching, unlike 99% of todays's productions that are immoral filth. How wonderful to sit with the family and not have to see or hear ANYTHING about sex - actual or implied. Both Russell and Elisabeth Shue play very convincing parents of little cute spark plug Dakota Fanning. WOW, what a movie to make you jump up and shout! A "must see" for a family with children.

5 Stars- Mike L
Loved the movie. Great for family time and to begin a discussion about forgiveness and sacrafice. An eye opener for absentee dads.

5 Stars- James R
5 star movie, excellent excellent excellent!!!! Awesome, clean, well made movie with great story line. Great for the whole family to watch and definitly keeps your attention the whole time!

5 Stars- Steve K
This was a great movie, 5 stars. Was an accurate portrayal of thoroughbred horse racing.

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