Life on Liberty Street
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89 minutes
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Life on Liberty Street

NR  89 minutes

Welcome to Liberty Street, where anything is possible! After quitting her hospital nursing job over an injustice, divorcee Denise reluctantly takes a position in a facility that rehabilitates victims with brain injuries. Helping her newest resident, Rick, regain his independence, Denise learns a lot about herself. But can the patient heal the healer? Starring Annabeth Gish and Ethan Embry

Director:Dsvid S. Cass, Sr.
Producer(s):Randy Pope, Lincoln Lageson

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11 members reviewed: Life on Liberty Street

5 Stars- Gwen W
This is just a good old clean movie with a nice story line. It is a Hallmark presentation so what does that tell you...QUALITY. Really enjoyed this movie did not want it to end. Great acting and good storyline. Rent it and I believe you will see what I am talking about.......:-> Gwen/Texas

4 Stars- Tonya K D

I watched it three times so I guess I thought it was good.

3 Stars- Crystal R
The movie centers around a nurse who settles for working with mentally impaired adult patients. The nurse befriends one of the young men & the story line has him desiring a mature relationship with her. There are a few scenes of a woman's clevage, a bar scene where women are behaving seductively, and a few violent(punching/yelling)scenes. The movie is technically clean, as far as no cursing, sex or drunkeness but I was still uneasy with my kid watching it.

I was hoping this movie may have a 'Christian' message, but sadly it does not.

3 Stars- Richard and Linda D

3 Stars- Richard and Linda D

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Life on Liberty Street