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Run On

2011  NR  118 minutes

Standup comedy at its best delivered by three of the top Christian performers who hysterically share a stage and tell of their own prodigal journeys. Though each story is from a unique experience, they weave seamlessly together to form the oldest human story of all, the futility of trying to run from God.

David A.R. White (In the Blink of an Eye, Hidden Secrets, Holyman Undercover, The Moment After 2, The Visitation, Six: The Mark Unleashed), Tommy Blaze and Brad Stine (Sarah's Choice, Homeless for the Holidays, Wussification) bring a comedic flare to the stories of their lives. While relaying humorous stories along with the real truth of their testimony, they entertain the audience with hilarious comments about parents, family, and growing up. But they also show a serious side as they testify to sinful moments in each of their lives.

These men will make you laugh and teach you some important lessons for your life as they discuss the Christian influence that changed each of them. This show reveals the funny and serious side of living a prodigal son's life.

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7 members reviewed: Run On

5 Stars- Ulaine (elaine) D
I really enjoyed the DVD, I really love how they gave their testimony on how god drew them back I recommend this to everyone.:)

5 Stars- Christina S
I watched this with my kids and they are still imitating it and telling the jokes a month later. Wow telling about their coming to God in such a funn way really held their interest and mine.

3 Stars- Richard and Linda D
Run On, starring the terrific actor David A. R. White, the wonderful comic Brad Stine, and the talented writer and actor Tommy Blaze, left us wondering why this film was ever produced. The concept of a Prodigal Son was interesting, but the feeling we got, after watching this performance was: Keep your day job! Enjoy (but we didn’t)!

5 Stars- Ben U
I’m very familiar with David A.R. White’s various roles, I remember Brad Stine due to his role in Christmas With a Capital C, and I was also sort of familiar with Tommy Blaze for his role in Marriage Retreat. I love a good laugh, and I’m a Christian so when I saw this on Netflix I was ready to see a piece of the Christian comedy world since the only other person I really heard was Tim Hawkins; I’ll have to review the dvd I got another day.

Run On is three different men performing in front of a live audience sharing a personal story about themselves. Each person tells their true life story through a comedic, yet also inspirational way. Each of them is letting the audience know not only how crazy life can be, but at the same time how awesome God is and how mysterious he can be sometimes…

Now you might be wondering: “Are these stories interesting?” or “Are any of these three funny?” I would answer each of those questions with yes. In regard to the thought: “who is the funniest?” in my opinion that was Tommy Blaze, partially because of the way he emphasized things lol. “Whose story is most interesting?” I would say David A.R. White’s simply because when I listened to him I kind of picked up on the idea that maybe the movie Holyman Undercover was a partial parody of his own life. “Who was the most unique?” without hesitation that was definitely Brad Stine, because I had no idea he could do tricks like swallowing a sai. As for “whose story was saddest?” despite being the funniest, Tommy Blaze’s story about his impending divorce was definitely the most sad especially with how he ends it… Each of the three men through their true life tales not only entertained me, but at the same time made me think more about how we desperately need God through our bad times in addition to our good times. We also see that God has things happen for reasons we don’t understand at the time, but later when we see how it resulted it makes much more sense. This is clean comedy with a purpose and I hope other aspects of the Christian comedy world are like this, because I’m tired of hearing my friends talk about comedy which involves F-bombs and crude subjects… I really liked this and recommend this to anyone.

1 Stars- Charity W
Disappointed. I do enjoy White and Blaze in films such as Marriage Retreat but this movie was a BIG disappointment to the entire family. The family will gather in excitement when I have rented other stand up comedy DVDs with performers such as Hawkins and Smiley. Not one family member thought this movie to be funny. Sorry. I am so sorry gentlemen but you just could not match up to Hawkins or Smiley with stand up comedy. White and Blaze... I love you in films.

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Run On