The Moment After
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This movie is rated NR by the MPAA

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90 minutes
English, Portuguese
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The Moment After

NR  90 minutes

Crown Award Winner for Best Evangelistic Film (Gold)

Crown Award Winner for Best Drama Under $250,000 (Bronze)

In the twinkling of an eye, a mass disappearance has occurred. Moments after the turmoil and confusion, the FBI is called in to investigate and locate the missing persons. For Agent Adam Riley (David White), it is personal. For Agent Charles Baker (Kevin Downes), it doesn’t matter, it’s just a job. Before long the investigation turns toward a mysterious man (Brad Heller) who seems to be raising up a para-military organization. Does this man hold the key to the truth to which the world is searching?

If you seek, you shall find… the truth is out there. It can be found in this dramatic interpretation of the Book of Revelation and the prophecies of Daniel.

This powerful evangelistic suspense thriller will keep you at the edge of your seat. Don’t miss it!

"This is probably the best End Time movie made to date. Although I enjoyed films like 'Megiddo' and 'Left Behind', 'The Moment After' completely blew me away. Made on a small budget and this is evident throughout the film, but I felt like it adds to the reality of the film. No Hollywood candy coating this film is a real gem in a void of quality Christian films. An excellent message throughout along with a brilliant storyline make this a must have for any follower or fan of the Christian film industry."

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Director:Wes Llewellyn
Producer(s):Kevin Downes, Wes Llewellyn, David White, Brad Heller
Categories:Prophecy/End Times, Drama,

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8 members reviewed: The Moment After

5 Stars- Shirley V
Outstanding! This is our favorite movie from Christian Cinema yet. We love your service, it is so nice to be able to have access to clean, uplifting Christian movies. This movie was well written and the production and acting is very good. We have not been familiar with David White movies until now, but we are definitely a fan now. May God Bless you for what you do.

5 Stars- Wilfredo V

4 Stars- Danielle B
Watched it with my 8

5 Stars- Barbara R
excellent! And simple enough for my 6 year old granddaaughter to understand. Thank you.

3 Stars- Denise K G
I liked certain aspects of the movie, but feel they could have moved the story a little further along, faster.

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The Moment After