Kid's Ten Commandments - 7 & 8: Stolen Jewels Stolen Hearts
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150 minutes
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Kid's Ten Commandments - 7 & 8: Stolen Jewels Stolen Hearts

2006  NR  150 minutes

Using state-of-the-art 2-D and 3-D animation and featuring major Hollywood talent, including Peter Strauss, Paul Winfield, and Jodi Benson (Ariel, The Little Mermaid), each episode centers around two of the Ten Commandments and shows kids how the Ten Commandments are important for their everyday lives.

Stolen Jewels, Stolen Hearts helps kids understand the meaning and importance of two of God's commandments - "Do not commit adultery" and "Do not steal." Trouble comes to the Israelites' camp when Simeon (Special Guest Star John Schneider), a handsome singer, literally turns the tents upside down with his lively songs and pocket-picking monkey, Martel. "Anything goes" is Simeon's rule as he unsuccessfully tries to steal the heart of another man's wife. Meanwhile, Amos the rat becomes the "fall guy" for Martel as he steals valuables from people in the camp. Kids will want to watch this action-filled, entertaining story over and over again as they learn about God and his instructions for their lives.

Collection includes:

  1. The Not So Golden Calf
  2. The Rest Is Yet to Come
  3. A Life and Seth Situation
  4. Stolen Jewels, Stolen Hearts
  5. Toying with the Truth
Categories:Animated, Family

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2 members reviewed: Kid's Ten Commandments - 7 & 8: Stolen Jewels Stolen Hearts

5 Stars- Joseph A
these children films are great for the whole family very fun to watch and listen to.


1 Stars- Yhaimar A
Too short. Not worth the price.

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