Death Row
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28 minutes

Death Row

NR  28 minutes

Convicted of murder, a man (Shane Willimon) sits hours before his scheduled execution an angry, guilty, scared man. After he requests a preacher (Hugh McLean), the two engage in a soul-searching conversation.

This penetrating drama takes you inside a prison cell and the life of a man on death row who knows he will die in less than three hours.

An episode from Season 3 of 7th Street Theater

Director:Dave Christiano
Producer(s):Dave Christiano
Categories:Drama, Short Films

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5 members reviewed: Death Row

3 Stars- Maria De Los A. M
A very positive way of seeing reality in prisons and understanding that even until the last breath of life, there is still hope of salvation in the Lord.

5 Stars- Donna G
Anymore I rate movies on how long the message sticks with me and challenges me. Watched it last night and it has

definately had an impact. Important from many standpoints

not just prison. Also helps you know what to do when you are bringing someone to Christ. Good acting...only 2 actors it was more like a play. Don't miss it. Less than an hour playing time.

3 Stars- Jennifer R
This was a short sketch type movie about a man who was in prison for a crime he committed. It has an interesting take on it. Something different than what I'm used to, and was an interesting sketch.

5 Stars- James E
An excellent and touching short movie about a man on death row for the axe to fall. I recommend this for all who have yet to come to the LORD !!

4 Stars- Michael L
good short story on - a simplistic explanation of our need for salvation. started off slow but the final impact was surprisingly delightful.

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Death Row