Creation Mini-Series: The Bible Explains Dinosaurs
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Creation Mini-Series: The Bible Explains Dinosaurs

2002  NR  

Vigorously investigating questions of science and faith facing young Christians today, Ken Ham presents a series of discussions that provide rock-solid research and answers. Ideal for classrooms, Sunday Schools and home Bible studies. Five of these dynamic talks were broadcast on national television! Features Kenís trademark PowerPoint illustrations.

Creation Mini-Series - The Bible Explains Dinosaurs (50 min.)

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5 members reviewed: Creation Mini-Series: The Bible Explains Dinosaurs

5 Stars- Lisa C
I cannot say enough GOOD about this series. All of the discs in this mini-series are fantastic. Ken Ham does a wonderful job of communicating biblical truths in a concise way. He uses a lot of visual slides - perfect for someone like me who is a visual learner. He has just the right amount of humor, enough to keep you engaged, but not so much to be distracting. I have watched several movies from this series at least 3 times. I have watched them with my young kids as well as during my bible study group. A++ Created by Answers in Genesis group - they really give you tools to answer the questions that are asked of Christians in today's society.

5 Stars- Coralyn V
I like Ken Ham, and his cool beard, and Australian accent. He drives home some very important points. He talks not only about the fraud in the Evolution Theory, but why a belief in Creation is actually required for a solid Biblical Foundation. My son is watching this series as part of his homeschool curriculum. I also like Kent Hovind's stuff ... they have some similar information, but the redundance is good for memory, and they each have their own twists as well as their own perspectives and passions on certain subjects.

4 Stars- Gloria M

5 Stars- Coralyn V
My family loves Creation Scientist Ken Ham. He is inspiring, funny, and inspires faith in God's Word.

5 Stars- Thomas J
Ken Ham is spot on!

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Creation Mini-Series: The Bible Explains Dinosaurs