Bible Explorer Series: Search For Noah's Ark
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Bible Explorer Series: Search For Noah's Ark

NR  60 minutes

Ever since embarking on his first expedition to Mt. Ararat, Bob Cornuke, a biblical investigator and real life Indiana Jones, has had a passion shared by only a select group of explorers. In Search for Noah's Ark: The Lost Mountains of Noah, follow Cornuke as he brings this adventure to life and tries to be the one who makes the greatest archeological discovery in human history - finding the remains of Noah's Ark.

As part of the Bible Explorer Series, this Dove Family Approved documentary travels an exciting adventure, using the Bible as a road map for uncovering its ancient mysteries. Based on the testimony of the Bible, personal investigation, examination of evidence, and other factors, Cornuke points to Mount Suleiman in the modern-day country of Iran, as the most probable resting place for Noah's ark. Throughout the investigation, Cornuke discovers archeological evidence to support God's Word. His relentless search for the ark is captured on this DVD and includes threatening misadventures and narrow escapes from political unrest that are sure to leave the viewers breathless.

Other DVDs in the series include the following:
The Search for Mt. Sinai
The Search for The Ark of the Covenant


Director:Gregory Flessing
Producer(s):Carolyn Hickerson, Gregory Flessing
Categories:History, History & Archaeology

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1 member reviewed: Bible Explorer Series: Search For Noah's Ark

3 Stars- Malissa L
Kinda interesting but they never found the Ark.

1 member review
Bible Explorer Series: Search For Noah's Ark