Bible Explorer Series: Search For Noah's Ark
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Bible Explorer Series: Search For Noah's Ark

NR  60 Minutes

Ever since embarking on his first expedition to Mt. Ararat, Bob Cornuke, a biblical investigator and rela life Indiana Jones, has had a passion shared by only a select group of explorers. In Search for Noah's Ark: The Lost Mountains of Noah, follow Cornuke as he brings this adventure to life and tries to be the one who makes the greatest archeological discovery in human history - finding the remains of Noah's Ark.

It's an exciting adventure, using the Bible as a road map for uncovering its ancient mysteries.

Other DVDs in the series include the following:
The Search for Mt. Sinai
The Search for The Ark of the Covenant

Save and get all 3 in The Bible Explorer 3-DVD set

Director:Gregory Flessing
Producer(s):Carolyn Hickerson, Gregory Flessing
Categories:History, History & Archeology

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1 member reviewed: Bible Explorer Series: Search For Noah's Ark

3 Stars- Malissa L
Kinda interesting but they never found the Ark.

1 member review