Lost Boy
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Lost Boy

2010  NR  75 minutes

Born out of wedlock to a mother who married and divorced seven times, Greg Laurie sought meaning in his life through partying and drugs. But it wasn't until a change encounter in high school that found it through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

In this newly updated version, Pastor Greg shares about an unexpected event that eclipsed all of the pain of his childhood... the death of his oldest son, Christopher. "It was like the back page of my biography was ripped off and new chapters were being added, and the ink is still wet." Laurie said.

Categories:Documentary, Teaching and Study

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5 members reviewed: Lost Boy

5 Stars- Gary Z
This story has been a blessing to me and has offered much hope and direction for my prayers. It is so like the LORD to take a troubled life, turn it completely around, and use it to encourage people to stay in the battle against the enemy.

5 Stars- Harvest R
This film is a true inspiration and testimony to now great God is!

5 Stars- Patrick M
There are so many “lost boys” in this world that need to know that they are not alone and there is hope for them. Pastor Greg, thank you for your ministry and for sharing your story.

2 Stars- Kokomo Rescue M
Too much of a documentary for our audience

5 Stars- Nancy M
Greg Laurie tells an inspiring story of his life. I attend a Calvary Chapel Church and found this DVD well worth watching.

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Lost Boy