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When Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman) becomes president of South Africa in 1994, he sets out to unite a nation divided by color. His involvement in decision-making related to the nation's rugby team, the Springboks, shows his own tendency to believe that sometimes the lives of others can serve as an inspiration, and his steadfast spirit convinces the team's captain, Francois Pienaar (Matt Damon), to believe as well.

The film version, which is a dramatization of John Carlin's Playing the Enemy: Nelson Mandela and the Game That Changed a Nation, is immensely more emotive and thrilling, no doubt aided by its two principal actors and director Clint Eastwood, who all have a flair for these things.

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Director:Clint Eastwood
Producer(s):Lori McCreary, Robert Lorenz, Mace Neufeld
Categories:Sports & Fitness

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4 members reviewed: Invictus

5 Stars- Susan F
Our 15 year old son recommended this movie so we ordered it....what an amazing story...if we could all only have this kind of strength and determination to make a difference in this world...we absolutely loved this movie and would recommend it to everyone...

2 Stars- David W
If you are looking for a family friendly Christian movie. look elsewhere. This is not a christian movie and at times the language is not for children's ears. The story is excellent. It is a good movie if you can get past the language.

5 Stars- Phyliss H
This movie opened my eyes to how much the media influences you. All I learned in History about Nelson Mandela was bad and racist. This movie is the truth about a great leader in South Africa who was color blind and wanted the people of South Africa to be so as well. Awesome movie about a great guy.

3 Stars- Joan E. C
I thought it was a great movie especially for preteens and teens that are looking for encouragement, not just in sports but in life in general.

My only concern is why the character played by Matt Damon had to use that 1 foul word when addressing his fellow teammates on what he felt Pres. Mandella was conveying to him. I would like to have shared this with my grandchildren ages 19,17,12,10,and 8 but willnot because of that 1 word.

I was truly surprised,shocked at hearing it.

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