Great Souls: Elie Wiesel
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56 Minutes
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Great Souls: Elie Wiesel

NR  56 Minutes

Elie Wieselís boyhood dream of a rabbinical life was cut short by Hitlerís invasion of Eastern Europe. His incarceration at Auschwitz Concentration Camp changed his view of the world forever. The horribleness of the Holocaust convinced him that the world could not be allowed to forget what unchecked hatred is capable of doing. His writings, speeches, and his foundation brought the nightmare of the Holocaust onto center stage for a generation who had not lived its horror. His achievements made Elie Wiesel a champion of human rights. This dramatic hour includes a personal visit with Elie Wiesel and was filmed on location in Auschwitz, Poland, Paris and the United States.

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Director:Tom Ivy
Producer(s):Tom Ivy, William Paul McKay

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Great Souls: Elie Wiesel