Truth Prevails: The Undying Faith Of Jan Hus
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60 minutes

Truth Prevails: The Undying Faith Of Jan Hus

2007  NR  60 minutes

Almost 600 years ago, a humble peasant stood alone against pope, emperor and king. He could either deny the truth he believed with all his heart, or he could die at the stake. Today Jan Hus is little known outside of his native Czech Republic, but in his day he challenged corrupt church officials and inspired thousands to live for truth. In an age when Europe was divided between three popes, when pestilence claimed one in three lives and church offices were available to the highest bidder, Hus defied the earthly authorities to seek truth directly from the Word of God.

Truth Prevails, a quote from Hus himself, is an hour-long documentary from The Christian History Institute and award-winning filmmakers Jerry and Misha Griffith. Using location footage, interviews with prominent historians and period artwork, this film follow the struggles of Jan Hus and the efforts of modern scholars which ultimately led Pope John Paul II to apologize for the Church's actions.

Truth Prevails is more than just a look at an amazing life in a turbulent time. It is also a thought-provoking examination of many difficult issues facing anyone living in any time: When should we stand our ground and when should we back down? Which issues are worth dying for? How should we speak out against what we know is wrong? And ultimately, when should we ask for and offer forgiveness?

Bonus Material

  • Extended interviews
  • Historical timeline featurette - includes other events going on around the time of Hus, provided for context and perspective
  • Discussion guide in PDF
Director:Jerry & Misha Griffith
Categories:Biographies, Jesus, His Church and End Times

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Truth Prevails: The Undying Faith Of Jan Hus