St. Patrick: The Irish Legend
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St. Patrick: The Irish Legend

2000  NR  90 minutes

This is the first ever feature film depicting the life of the world-famous Irish hero. Armed with only courage and conviction, Patrick’s unwavering belief that good conquers evil would liberate Ireland and alter the course of history. Patrick Bergin, Malcolm McDowell, Alan Bates, and Susannah York star in this lush production filmed on location in Ireland.
Patrick is born in Britain, the privileged son of nobility. At the age of 16, he is kidnapped by Irish raiders and enslaved by a cruel druid chieftain. Six years later, following many vivid dreams and visions of destiny, Patrick escapes and returns home to England and a sheltered life with his loving parents Concessa and Calpornius.
Troubled by new visions of the Irish people pleading to be freed from enslavement and hardship, he returns to the turbulent country intent on liberating the nation. His mission is jeopardized by British Bishop Quentin, who believes the Irish are warlike heathens, but his unwavering courage in the face of adversity utlimately forces Ireland to abruptly turn in a direction that changed history forever.
Director:Robert Hughes
Producer(s):Robert Hughes
Categories:Drama, Holiday

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3 members reviewed: St. Patrick: The Irish Legend

1 Stars- Christine P
Although the front cover suggests otherwise, this movie was quite dissatisfying, as the acting and production quality were terrible. Perhaps the reason for my disappointment is that they really could have made a notable film about the life of Saint Patrick. The story line has plenty of potential and the misuse of it makes me sad. I wish that some good producers, directors, and actors could have gotten together to make this film work.

3 Stars- Jacqueline A
Did not enjoy this version as much as one I saw last year. This one contained legends that are probably not true and I believe misrepresent the real power of God and how He chooses to manifest Himself to us. Yes, He works miracles but not for show. Do you have other versions? Would recommend it.

1 Stars- Anita K
Being from roots of Ireland I was excited to see this film. I was very let down! It was full of myths and very little fact!!! I could not let my toddler see as at times it was scary like when they focused--a bit too long and detailed in my opinion--on the pagan rituals! Children can tell very quickly tell parts in this fim that are NOT good!

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St. Patrick: The Irish Legend