Moody Science Classics: Dust or Destiny
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28 Minutes
Audio: English and Spanish
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Moody Science Classics: Dust or Destiny

NR  28 Minutes

In Dust or Destiny, you'll marvel at some of the world's most astonishing natural wonders. And learn how each of them gives fervent testimony to the fact that this planet was not formed from ordinary dust, but from the loving hands of a living God.
Categories:Science and Nature

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1 member reviewed: Moody Science Classics: Dust or Destiny

5 Stars- Donnalynn S
I have purchased several sets of this whole series in my lifetime to give out. These are so well done, so spot on target with real science and God's Word. Very entertaining, excellent teaching and a great Bible Study in each DVD. Nuggets learned in these DVD's won't leave you or your children/students.

It is even more fun to watch to see how the science truths taught in these DVD's done years ago will just now show up in today's technologies....

1 member review