Her Best Move
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100 minutes
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Her Best Move

G  100 minutes

Encouraged by her best friend Tutti (Lalaine) to jump-start her life outside soccer, Sara makes up for lost time. From hi-jinks in the chemistry lab and adventures in "Delilah's Garden" to tender moments in the darkroom and anguish at the prom, Sara learns more about herself with each passing day. And while she relishers her freedom on the soccer field, Sara's renewed connection with her mother leads her to question the athletic path the Gil has set out for her.

When Gil learns that Sara has a shot at becoming the youngest player ever on the U.S. National Development Team, he pushes even harder. Her hopes of performing in the dance recital and exploring a relationship with Josh (Drew Tyler Bell), a hunky buy shy photographer on the school newspaper, are shoved aside. With National Team scouts watching every shot, Sara faces the challenge of discovering who she is before making the best move of her life.

Director:Norm Hunter
Producer(s):Norm Hunter

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4 members reviewed: Her Best Move

5 Stars- Josh B
This was a clean movie with a good message about the importance of teamwork. Also shows the pressures that a lot of teens have today, especially those in athletics.

5 Stars- Cassandra J
Really cute movie. My daughter really liked it. Would recommend it to others. It was a fun movie and had a good message.

3 Stars- Richard and Linda D
Take one father who is estranged from his wife, add one mother who is not terribly involved in her daughter's life, mix in one BFF (Tutti) who thinks Sara (our protagonist) is way too involved in soccer (like her father), add a potential boyfriend - mix thoroughly - and you have a pleasant film (no Christian content, but a very clean film, enjoyable by most viewing standards). Enjoy!

1 Stars- Rebecca Le B
For a family movie rated G-I had to take it out after 15 minutes due to the name calling. So this should be rated something else other than G.

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Her Best Move