Soul Searching
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79 minutes
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Soul Searching

2007  NR  79 minutes

On the streets of Philadelphia, Christina makes her way past the crack houses to a small church where Pastor Frank Vega, a former drug addict, ministers to young people who, like Christina, face tough choices about who they want to be.

Two thousand miles away, in rural Caldwell, Idaho, morning chapel is just beginning at Nampa Christian School, where Kelsey, a senior, is also searching for who she wants to be. 

Soul Searching: A Movie About Teenagers And God looks at teenagers like Christina and Kelsey from around the country: to get into their lives and get at the core of their beliefs. This documentary is based on the findings of the book, Soul Searching: The Religious And Spiritual Lives Of American Teenagers, by Christian Smith and Melinda Denton, which reports on research conducted over a seven year period by the National Study of Youth And Religion.

Revelation Studios worked closely with Dr. Christian Smith to produce this documentary based on his comprehensive research. The movie illustrates some of the major themes and findings of the book, but it also goes behind the book in depicting the inner lives of a sample of American teenagers.

Find out what these teenagers really think about God and religion, what their hopes and aspirations are, and what the research says about the effects of religion in their lives. 

Categories:Youth, Documentary

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3 members reviewed: Soul Searching

3 Stars- Annette S
Excellent! Even though our son is being raised in the church, this shows him that even under difficult circumstances, he can overcome. To stand true to his beliefs, and God will bless him. Great for teens to watch.

a little long, so his attention span was fading toward the end of the movie.

4 Stars- Connie M
This was good but only focused on a few teen at each end of the spectrum. The next step would be to read the book.

3 Stars- Annette S
good documentary. all Christian families should watch this, to help them realize that no matter what their situation, they can live a successful life in Christ. If they are determined enough.

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Soul Searching