Bugtime Adventures: It's The Pits
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25 minutes
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Bugtime Adventures: It's The Pits

2007  NR  25 minutes

Daniel has achieved great success in working for King Darius, and the other workers become jealous. They trick the king into making a law saying that no one can pray to any god except him. When Daniel is found praying to God, he is thrown into the lions' den where he is protected by an angel.

While the bugs are in the midst of their own moral dilemma, they accidentally get rolled up in Daniel's carpet and wind up in the lions' den with him. Seeing the angel protect Daniel convinces they to do the right thing when they return home.

Children ages 4-9 will enjoy these entertaining stories as they learn about standing up for what is right.

DVD Features

  • Bonus: "The Making of Bugtime Adventures"
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Bugtime Adventures: It's The Pits