Miss Patty Cake's Christmas
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Miss Patty Cake's Christmas

2013  NR  

Here's a clue; it is the most important birthday of all! That's right, it's Jesus' Birthday! You'll learn about this special day with the help of Miss PattyCake and her friends in Miss Patty Cake's Christmas.

Your preschoolers---and you---will discover some surprising secrets when Miss Patty Cake and her nativity box come to celebrate Jesus' birthday! Children will learn about this special day as they view pop-ups, pictures, poems, and lots of songs such as "It's Christmas"; "Away in a Manger"; "A Baby Is Born"; "Hap-Hap-Happy Birthday, Jesus"; and many more.

Categories:Animated, Holiday

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1 member reviewed: Miss Patty Cake's Christmas

5 Stars- Pam K
YEAH! Finally a Miss PattyCake Christmas DVD! As always Miss PattyCake delivers an entertaining, captivating time of stories, songs, and little adventures for the kids. I absolutely trust Jean Thomason (aka Miss PattyCake) to teach my children truth; she has an absolute gift for communicating to children. This is a Christmas present to every single one of my friends with children 5 and under!

1 member review
Miss Patty Cake's Christmas