The Great Bible Discovery Series, Vol. 2
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75 minutes

The Great Bible Discovery Series, Vol. 2

2007  NR  75 minutes

Join host David Mead as he guides the way through classic stories of the Scripture, explaining the action and posing questions in a fresh, entertaining way.

Each of the three episodes on this DVD features a lively interactive approach with live action mixed with storybook style animation.

Discovering Dreams Come True: The Story of Joseph and His Brothers follows the remarkable life of Joseph, whose forgiveness and faith in God saved his sometimes jealous family.

Happily-Ever-After Discovery: The Story of Ruth focuses on the faithful heroine Ruth, whose life of love and loyalty serves as an example to everyone in God’s family.

Discovering the Way Out: The Story of the Passover follows the Israelite people as they prepare for the greatest escape in history. From the burning bush to the crossing of the Red Sea, God calls Moses to lead the way to freedom.

Director:David Mead, Chris Strahan
Producer(s):David Mead, Chris Strahan
Categories:Youth, Animated, Documentary

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The Great Bible Discovery Series, Vol. 2