Mahalia Jackson: The Power & The Glory  Disc One
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90 minutes
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Mahalia Jackson: The Power & The Glory Disc One

2006  NR  90 minutes

Her music cut through whatever lay in it’s wake and shackled itself to your soul. Those who witnessed her singing spoke of being taken to a sacred place, of the sheer power of her voice, of the rapturous, transcendent nature of the experience.
She was Mahalia Jackson, the world’s greatest Gospel singer and the creator of a musical standard by which all would be judged.
Narrated by Paul Winfield, the life of Mahalia Jackson is examined in this two disc set, from her early roots as an obscure child singer from a New Orleans ghetto to the stages of Carnegie Hall and Europe. Mahalia’s story is told via never-before-seen photographs, archival footage, and interviews with those who knew her best, including the Reverend Jesse Jackson, Brother John Sellers and historian Studs Terkel, as well as her own recollections.

Director:Jeff Scheftel
Producer(s):Grazka Taylor & Jeff Scheftel
Categories:Documentary, Music & Musicals

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