October 6, 2015
Dear DVD Rental Subscribers,

For over seventeen years, we have made it our goal to bring you the best and widest variety of Christian films. There have been many changes since 1999 when only a few Christian bookstores stocked a handful of Christian films in a VHS section at the back of the store. Today Christian films are regularly in theaters across the country! You, our customers, have been there every step of the way. We are so thankful for your support of Christian movies through ChristianCinema.com! Your role in our growth has been vital, allowing us to change as technology changes. Over the last three years, we've been able to roll out online streaming and make over 1,500 Christian programs available through Digital on Demand (dramas, documentaries, short films, and educational programs). In October, a Christian Cinema Roku Channel will be available for your TV at home. Needless to say, we are dedicated to bringing you even more movies on more platforms so you can watch anytime, anywhere!

With that dedication comes change. On October 25th, 2015, we discontinued the Subscription DVD Rental program. Don't worry, though, the benefits of this transition land squarely in your pocket! Current DVD Rental Subscribers, you should have already received an email with specific details about this transition. You can also login for specific details pertaining to your account.

Now, rather than paying monthly for "potential rentals", you will only pay for movies you watch. Plus, you can watch them instantly! And, no more waiting days for a movie to arrive in the mail. Digital HD movies can be streamed on televisions, computers, smartphones, and tablets as a 24-hour rental or a purchase that can be watched over and over again. Your "My Movies" account in the cloud is where digital HD movies you have purchased or rented from us will be instantly available to watch on any of your devices. No more living room clutter, scratched or broken DVD discs, or computer hard drives out of space due to downloaded movies! Instead, you can now watch what you want, when and wherever you want.

We know that change can be uncomfortable, but we can't wait for you to experience the new features and enjoy the benefits of watching movies on demand. It is simple to use and we are able to provide you with even more programs than ever before. ChristianCinema.com is dedicated to bringing you the best Christian films in the best ways possible. Stay tuned for news about Christian Cinema's upcoming Roku channel! We're so excited to bring this new feature to you!

Bobby Downes
CEO and Co-Founder