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War Room - DVD

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Prayer is a powerful weapon!
2015 Crystal Dove Seal Award Winner for Best Drama!

From the award-winning creators of Fireproof and Courageous comes WAR ROOM, a compelling drama with humor and heart that explores the power that prayer can have on marriages, parenting, careers, friendships, and every other area of our lives.

Tony (T.C. Stallings) and Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer) Jordan have it all—great jobs, a beautiful daughter, and their dream house. But appearances can be deceiving. Tony and Elizabeth Jordan’s world is actually crumbling under the strain of a failing marriage. While Tony basks in his professional success and flirts with temptation, Elizabeth resigns herself to increasing bitterness. But their lives take an unexpected turn when Elizabeth meets her newest client, Miss Clara (Karen Abercrombie), and is challenged to establish a “war room” and a battle plan of prayer for her family. As Elizabeth tries to fight for her family, Tony’s hidden struggles come to light. Tony must decide if he will make amends to his family and prove Miss Clara’s wisdom that victories don’t come by accident.

Opened nationwide in theaters August 28, 2015 in over 1900 theaters and was the #1 movie in America. This movie is filled with more of the authentic characters loved by millions in previous Kendrick Brothers’ films, WAR ROOM is a vivid reminder that prayer is a powerful weapon.

2016 GOLD Crown Award Winner for Best Evangelistic Film!
2016 SILVER Crown Award Winner for Best Drama over $250,000.
2016 Crown Award Nominee for Best Picture!


DVD Extras:

CBA Exclusive Products feature:
*     Bloopers and Outtakes
*     Deleted Scenes
*     Commentary with the Kendricks
*     Featurettes:
·      "The Making of WAR ROOM"
·      "WAR ROOM in 60 Seconds"
·      "The Heart of War Room"
·      "The Church On Its Knees"
·      "Investing In the Next Generation"
·      "The Art of Jumping Rope"
·      "From Auditioning to Acting"
·      "Modern Day Miss Clara"
·      "Behind the Scenes: Color Grading"
·      "A Pastor's Call to Prayer"
*     'Warrior' music video by Steven Curtis Chapman
Exclusive Features on products available only to the Christian Bookstore market:
*     Stephen Kendrick Devotion
*     Alex Kendrick Devotion
*     Featurettes:
·      "Wall of Remembrance"
·      "Redemption For the Mitchell Home"

War Room DVD Details:

MPAA Rating: PG
Format: DVD Region 0  What's a Region Code?
Closed Captions: Yes
Languages: Audio: English & Spanish
Subtitles: English, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, French, Vietnamese, German, Korean, Russian, Italian, & Portuguese
Product Release Date:
Length/Run Time: 120 minutes
Produced By: Alex Kendrick, Stephen Kendrick
Directed By: Alex Kendrick
UPC/ISBN Number: 602341007399
Public Performance Rights: Affirm Films - A Sony Pictures Company
Theatrical Release Date: Friday, August 28, 2015

War Room: Study Guide Companion - Book $7.99
War Room: Study Guide Companion - Book
From the Producers of "Fireproof" and "Courageous"
War Room: Bible Study Leaders Kit - DVD $24.99
War Room: Bible Study Leaders Kit - DVD
From the Producers of "Fireproof" and "Courageous"
War Room: Music from the Original Motion Picture - CD $11.99
War Room: Music from the Original Motion Picture - CD
Prayer is a powerful weapon.
War Room - Combo DVD - Blu-ray $19.99
War Room - Combo DVD - Blu-ray
Pre-buy the #1 Movie in America and we will deliver it to you when it is released! Prayer is a powerful weapon!
War Room: Answered Prayers - OTHER{Framed Art} $49.99
War Room: Answered Prayers - OTHER{Framed Art}
A chronicle of answered prayers.
War Room CD - DVD $29.98
War Room CD - DVD

Get the DVD and Movie Soundtrack CD in this special set.
War Room: Audio Book (7 Disc Set) - CD $24.99
War Room: Audio Book (7 Disc Set) - CD
Unabridged Audio Book of the Theatrical Release: War Room
War Room: Church Campaign Kit - DVD $34.99
War Room: Church Campaign Kit - DVD
From the Producers of "Fireproof" and "Courageous"

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5 of 5 Stars! War Room - DVDDavid S, 09/10/2016
The trailer speaks for itself.
5 of 5 Stars! War Room - DVDDinah S, 07/14/2016
What a wonderfully true depiction of a family under attack from the enemy! A slow, unsuspecting attempt to destroy one of the most treasured of God\'s creation:The family!
This could be anyone\'s family. I love how all of the Kendrick Brothers movies include very diverse characters to correctly portray a world filled with character conflict, spiritual trials and human tragedy in a way we can all understand and identify with. Enjoy!!!
5 of 5 Stars! War Room - DVDWanda C, 03/08/2016
I went with my husband and a couple from our church the first time. IT WAS AWESOME! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! This is the most inspiring and best movie I have ever seen. It is definitely my favorite. I carried 3 other people the second time and one the third time. All of us LOVED It. We need more movies like this out there for Christians and non Christians to see. It really made an impact on me and I am ordering the Bible Study book. We are living in scary times and if Christians would do what 2 Chronicles 7:14 says and use the tools this book gave us I believe we would see a huge difference in this country and in all of our lives. I have all the Kendrick brother movies and all are very dear to me.
5 of 5 Stars! War Room - DVDDeb C, 02/18/2016
Loved this movie
5 of 5 Stars! War Room - DVDDiane K, 01/08/2016
I first got the book and read it. Then, I wanted to see the movie, so I bought it. It is so good, that I bought another DVD for a friend who has had lots of difficult times. This is one that you need to see. I highly recommend it!!!
5 of 5 Stars! War Room - DVDSarah Q, 12/29/2015
To be honest I didn't actually purchase this but watched it at the cinemas with my youth group... AMAZING movie!!! So encouraging and just amazing! Must watch!
5 of 5 Stars! War Room - DVDDonnalynn S, 12/21/2015
Incredible real examples are shown throughout this movie.

Petitioning God while Leaving the results up to God. This movie was very well done.
5 of 5 Stars! War Room - DVDMichael M, 12/21/2015
Another great movie from the Kendrick Brothers Alex and Stephen, to add to my collection. The emotions in this movie were by far the strongest of the others. they just keep getting better and better at what they do, so powerful and moving. Thank All of You and God Bless You All, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND MORE MOVIES IN THE NEXT YEARS!
5 of 5 Stars! War Room - DVDNina C, 10/21/2015
Saw this several weeks ago, was highly recommended from family. Saw it, I cried, I laughed, and I loved it. Buying the DVD to see again and show to friends.
5 of 5 Stars! War Room - DVDGena J, 10/15/2015
I recently saw this movie. I was not going to see it, because the reviews on tv were very vague. But , I took one of my friends and we loved this movie so much, both of us will buy it when it is released. I went to see the movie two more times with others. It is a ministry tool and a burden remover.
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War Room - DVD
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ChristianCinema.com Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Vinson-Ahna B: This will be a favorite we watch again. Good acting, good script, good editing, good production overall. Apr 25, 2017
Douglas R: Loved that movie Apr 14, 2017
Linda R: Heard it was a great movie. I love Christ, and love watching movies that send the Christian message. We serve an AWESOME GOD! Apr 9, 2017
Kearney W: Amazing Movie seen over five times Apr 5, 2017
Sonia D: I've seen great reviews about this movie and it did not disappoint. Well written and acted. Excellent movie I would highly recommend it. Mar 29, 2017
Sakenia B: I saw the movie and it was so inspiring; you would want to setup a war room. Mar 6, 2017
Pete and Kathy D: Excellent film - wanted to watch again and again Mar 6, 2017
Connie D: We love good movies that share Christian values for personal, and family influence. Mar 5, 2017
Marge S: I heard from so many how wonderful this movie is Mar 4, 2017
Carolyn N: Christian themed movie. Feb 17, 2017
Maude S: War Room is a number #1 movie, excellent example for prayer warriors. I have watch it a few times already and really enjoyed it. I just wanted to purchase another DVD to share with friends. Feb 17, 2017
Henry C: A gift for my niece. Dec 31, 2016
Margarite G: My friend took me to a viewing of this movie last year and my marriage has fallen apart. I did not create a 'war room' but prayed irregularly. I need to remember how to let go and let god. Dec 30, 2016
BARBARA C: I wanted a copy of the movie for myself Dec 9, 2016
Virginia B: Seen before and loved it. Dec 6, 2016
Madeleine M: Because I heard about this movie and I'm interesting about it Nov 30, 2016
Jan B: I felt that prayer is an important part of everyday and that some family members need to hear these songs & watch this DVD. Nov 30, 2016
Clara L: Praying is powerful.
It is also a way to intimately know Jesus Christ!
Sep 28, 2016
Giordanno G: Rather than lecture students, teenagers and young adults about life, marriage, etc., it is more entertaining, more effective watching a movie on real life situations. The importance and the power of prayer. Sep 16, 2016
Angela Kristine B: We all need to know where our strength lies!! The Lord! Sep 11, 2016
ROBERT J: Some of my Christian fellows told me WAR ROOM movie is a must to see. Sep 11, 2016
timothy c: prayer works GOD does answer you just have to a relationship with HIM Sep 2, 2016
sasha o: every one is talking about it Aug 31, 2016
Marvin D: This is a super movie and shows the power of prayer. Great Christian motivation and Christian teaching and infleuences. Aug 27, 2016
Andrew M: This is a must see movie about Prayer Life... Aug 20, 2016
Judith H: great movie Aug 15, 2016
Scott P: To give to a friend Jul 26, 2016
Nathenea M: I have watched it quite a few times and I love it, great movie to help a friend in need... Jul 5, 2016
Tekena K: Saw the movie recently and loved it. Purchased for a very close friend Jun 28, 2016
Annie S: I am a Christian and wanted to learn more on how to pray, this was recommended by a friend I have the book now want to see the movie. I thank my friend for leading me in this direction. the study guide is great but without the movie I can proceed in the study guide. Jun 27, 2016
Rhonda P: I heard it was a good movie. May 21, 2016
Janet A: I loved the movie. May 11, 2016
Rosa M. C: beautiful movie talks about marriage and understanding and put your home in God hands May 11, 2016
sharon w: love all movies by kenrick brothers newest one May 9, 2016
David M: Heard from our Pastor that this is a fabulous movie! May 7, 2016
Patricia J: I've heard it a powerful movie encouraging prayer for everything and have been looking forward to watching it. Apr 24, 2016
Faith R: Was recommended by several associates Apr 24, 2016
Patricia P: This movie uses truth and humor to inspire a continued conversation with the Lord using power of prayer and scripture as daily armour for living as God intended. Apr 19, 2016
Ruth Ann Y: to share the movie before starting Bible study Apr 19, 2016
Dennis G: faith based Apr 18, 2016
Sandy R: I just watched it at a friends home, and wanted to add it to my movie collection. Apr 14, 2016
Christine B: Popular movie our entire church want to see Apr 12, 2016
Sunil A: This is a powerful movie that moves hearts, changes lives & perspectives and helps one to see how God works in people's lives. Apr 11, 2016
Wayne W: good message; want to review again and share with family. Apr 10, 2016
John B: watched at church Apr 3, 2016
annie m: war room is a very good movie.GOD IS GOOD Apr 2, 2016
Pat G: Bought for a gift for someone with a troubled marriage because I thought it might help. Apr 1, 2016
David S: War room was a film that I viewed with my pastor and found it moving and worth sharing Mar 31, 2016
T O: The movie was excellent and I wanted my own Mar 31, 2016
Charles G: Excellent movie; same quality of story and film as all the rest. Thought provoking. Shown at our church Mar 30, 2016
Sharon B: I saw the movie but my friends want to see it also. Mar 30, 2016
Patrick R: a good christian move Mar 27, 2016
Mary Anne C: I could not find the DVD at the usual places. Mar 26, 2016
Jean M: It came so highly recommended that we just had to have it. It's a great encouragement toward a consistent and quality prayer life. Our whole family has been very pleased with our progress since viewing this movie. Mar 25, 2016
Ralph G: We watched the movie and really enjoyed it, prayer is a powerful tool in our belt. Mar 25, 2016
Susie L: This movie was very inspirational. Mar 19, 2016
Louise S: Saw it, loved it, wanted to own it! Mar 18, 2016
Ayanna W: I heard it was a good movie Mar 15, 2016
Christine L: Important - especially adolescents to see there is a reason they are here Mar 12, 2016
Greg V: Going to Mexico on a missions trip and looked for in SpanishAudio Mar 12, 2016
Janice G: Interesting movie and I want to watch it with my son and husband Mar 10, 2016
Diane B: It is an awesome movie and I wanted the collector's edition. The NO SHIPPING gave you the edge over all the others I looked at online. And your price was even a bit less that the others. Mar 9, 2016
josette w: very motivational movie Mar 5, 2016
Wedad S: good movie. Mar 4, 2016
Shirley H: loved it at the movies Mar 3, 2016
dana f: awesome movie everybody needs to see Mar 1, 2016
Susan P: Saw this movie twice. I must add it to my library! Mar 1, 2016
Karla A: Saw it in the theater and want to share it with my daughter and watch it with her. Feb 29, 2016
Betsy C: I heard the movie is very well done and I strongly believe that prayer changes things so I thought I'd purchase it to share with family and friends. Feb 28, 2016
W M: A fellow pastor recommended to me Feb 27, 2016
Linda M: Recommend by many of my friends Feb 25, 2016
Rosemarie W: Lenten showing. Feb 25, 2016
Trina S: Really wanted the dvd's. This company had best price & free shipping. Feb 22, 2016
Pamela S: looking to own this movie to watch again. Feb 21, 2016
Juanita N: This is an excellent faith based movie. Great for the whole family. Feb 21, 2016
April V: powerful movie Feb 17, 2016
Joyce A B: want to see Feb 15, 2016
Dan H: I saw it at the theater and wanted a copy to re-watch it and to help me in my prayer life. Feb 13, 2016
glenn h: Recommended at Church Feb 11, 2016
Joy W: Didn't see it at theater and wanted to see it. Challenging to deepen your prayer life! Feb 10, 2016
Victoria P: We missed it at the movies. One is a gift for our church. Feb 10, 2016
Juanita G: Saw the movie in the theater, and really liked it. I want to see it again, and invite those who ave not see it to view it with me. Feb 7, 2016
Barbara I: Rave reviews. I read about the woman the book was based on. Am I the only one who has not seen this movie?! Feb 5, 2016
Barbara E: others recommended this Feb 5, 2016
Sharon A: I've rented the movie and wanted to buy it. Feb 4, 2016
EmmaLee L: To remind me of God's love and desire to love one another in this world. Feb 3, 2016
Judy C: To remind us of the power of prayers Feb 3, 2016
Isaiah A: I was motivated by the ad, and wish to learn what God may want me to know as a pastor. I just believe something is in this movie for me and for the people I lead. Feb 2, 2016
Jeanne P: I want to share it with others! Feb 2, 2016
Olavo X: I saw this movie during a flight and decide to buy to show to some people on my church were the organize some meeting with couples. Feb 2, 2016
Maria A: We loved this movie. Both Christians and non-christians alike. It has a strong message about faith and prayer with some wonderfully funny moments in between. Feb 2, 2016
Sheri F: Great movie Jan 30, 2016
Sherral C: to show at church Jan 30, 2016
Toney A: Great movie to encourage marriages! Jan 27, 2016
Kathy L E: An excellent movie that shows how the power of prayer can move mountains. All of us need a War Room and especially now we need to pray for God to heal our land. Jan 27, 2016
Terry W: I believe all Christian action movies with closed captioned to impact others to know Jesus Jan 26, 2016
Christopher D: I heard from many reliable sources that it was a great Christian movie. Jan 25, 2016
Valerie C: My class wants to do this study. Christian Cinema had the most definitive explanation of what was included in each of the items that I ordered. Jan 24, 2016
Maria C: My husband and I use to purchase from your website 7-8 years ago. Jan 23, 2016
Laura J: This movie was so powerful. I want to share it with everyone. I will order more in the future to share with more hurting people. God answers prayers. This movie teaches us the way to pray and the best way to defeat the enemy, Satan. Jan 22, 2016
Emily C: I heard of the good reviews with other Christians. Also, I believe that Praying to God, is like talking to our Creator, who made and redeemed us. The more you talk to God, the more you get to know His power and love for us. Jan 22, 2016
A M: For the movie and the special features Jan 22, 2016
Linda V: Moving & informative movie!
Found the movie inspiring.
Jan 20, 2016
Lisa L: Very powerful Jan 19, 2016
Bonny Jean S: good reviews Jan 19, 2016
Lynada P: I chose this film in support of the Kendrick Brothers who make authentic Christian films. I also really like this movie and wanted a DVD with bloopers. Jan 18, 2016
Terry L: Watched the movie with my daughter and really enjoyed it. We decided to buy it. Jan 17, 2016
Linda M: We saw the interview of the brothers who made the film with Kirk Cameron on TBN.
Any movie made by these brothers are worthy of family viewing! Their messages always hit the target of the heart.
Jan 17, 2016
Elizabeth P: It is one of the very best films I have ever seen. And our world today needs the wisdom given to all who will listen that is in this film. Praise God that this film is a reality. May we humble ourselves and pray! Jan 16, 2016
Denise S: It inspired me to get a little closer to God. Jan 16, 2016
Barbara H: I heard great reviews about this movie and it didn't disappoint me! Jan 12, 2016
David M: Just enjoy watching movies can boost our prayer life. Sounds like a good movie and we heard good reviews. Jan 10, 2016
kathy w: My friend saw it and said it was wonderful. I am a fan of Priscilla. Jan 9, 2016
June M: We just rented and saw the DVD. It was wonderful and we want to now share it with our small group Bible study. Jan 9, 2016
Richard K: I thought the trailer contained a good Christian message, thus the movie should follow. Jan 8, 2016
pete s: I feel that it is a good movie to show to the group. Jan 8, 2016
Ingrid Z: saw it and love it Jan 7, 2016
Colleen C: I am interested in all the films the Kendrick brothers make, and I own all previous movies. Jan 6, 2016
Anna M K: I had heard so much about this movie that I had to have my own copy. Jan 6, 2016
Jason Y: Good Deal! This version has Chinese Subtitle. Dec 31, 2015
ernesto b: My marriage Dec 28, 2015
Lamona P: reviews are great Dec 27, 2015
caprice b: I saw the movie in the theater and was encouraged by it. Dec 25, 2015
Davonna S: One of the most inspirational movies I've seen and want to share it with as many viewers as I can in my home. Dec 25, 2015
Kris K: I heard this was a great movie, from my children. I have never seen it, but would like to have it in my home video library. Dec 24, 2015
mayaba m: Recommended for couple. Illustrates the power of prayer Dec 23, 2015
William F: great movie Dec 22, 2015
Angela S: Great, inspiring movie! Dec 22, 2015
Venna W: The most powerful and dynamic movie I have seen and what a message!! Dec 20, 2015
Sonia S: Seen the movie and I want a copy of my own. Dec 20, 2015
Doreen C: Recommended by a friend Dec 20, 2015
Valerie H: I bought the book and read it in 2 1\2 days couldn't put it down was awesome loved it. Dec 20, 2015
Becky W: Family movie night at church Dec 20, 2015
Therese C: I've heard it is an excellent movie. I've seen the other ones and enjoyed them completely. Dec 20, 2015
MANJIT H: Heard a lot of good reviews Dec 20, 2015
Solomon A: Although I have not preview the movie but I was convinced it was a good one based on the review from those that has watched it. Dec 20, 2015
Jean P: This was an excellent movie! Inspiring, encouraging, and challenging! I bought the study book to reinforce my prayer life and Christian walk. Praise God for the work He is doing. Dec 19, 2015
sonja P: It was such a good movie that I wish that every married couple could see. I was really moved by this movie to the highest point. of my life. This movie is worth buying no matter what to watch it over and over again. Dec 19, 2015
Jane G: Excellent movie. Wanted one for my own library of movies. Dec 19, 2015
Chuck S: I need REVIVAL!!! Dec 18, 2015
John B: We have seen movies by the same producers and have also seen the trailer. I am already excited about seeing this. It is a very important topic for believers in this time we are living in. May God's richest blessings be on you. Dec 18, 2015
Daniel F: I Heard this film is excellent Dec 18, 2015
Donald B: Christmas gift for my devoutly religious daughter. She had seen the movie and felt that the story fit her understanding of the Bible Dec 18, 2015
CONSTANCE J: Seen the movie and want to share it with my God-mother. I for one enjoyed the power of prayer. Dec 17, 2015
Edith K: Have seen it advertised but haven't seen it. Dec 17, 2015
Paula H: I have had a prayer room/closet for many many years. It is great. So I wanted to see how others used their prayer room or war room. Have heard good reviews on this movie. Dec 17, 2015
Gloria T: Get Reviews And Would Like To See It For Encouragement And To Pass It ON Dec 17, 2015
John D: very encouraging movie Dec 17, 2015
sandra j: I watch the trailer and I like what I see its interesting Dec 16, 2015
Joni Y: Got myself one with the CD and this is the gift. Dec 15, 2015
CaroleAnne L: I love the movie, I saw it 3 times. Dec 14, 2015
Sandra N: I want to support good Christian movies and the message of this one is so important for us all today!!! Dec 14, 2015
Mary P: I've seen this movie and wanted to share it with my children. Dec 14, 2015
PASTOR TED M: The powerful message Dec 13, 2015
Linda R: Gift for Pastor Dec 13, 2015
RP D: Powerful story that helps you to remember the power of prayer! Dec 12, 2015
Madeleine E: Christmas gift to my pastor. Dec 12, 2015
Linda B: I heard about it with great enthusiasm from others that have seen it in the theaters .
I do not go to the theaters.
Dec 12, 2015
Andrea W: Saw this in theater and it was FABULOUS! Very challenging to my faith - want to share it with family. Dec 11, 2015
Lori P: Just the preview for this movie moved me so much!! Huge inspiration about how to declare war over difficult things in your life and let God fix it!! Dec 10, 2015
Gloria w: We went to see this in the cinema, and LOVED it! The message is so timely and so powerful! Thank you for making this movie. Dec 10, 2015
Ann M: Saw movie and loved the movie, wanted to add to my DVD collection Dec 9, 2015
Sylvia S: Love the movie Dec 7, 2015
yolanda d: great movie Dec 7, 2015
Homer: Its an awesome movie and I want to share it . Dec 7, 2015
Jackie E: Seen the movie in theatre. Was excellent Dec 7, 2015
Carolyn L: Outstanding movie that everyone should see! Dec 7, 2015
Janis L: This will be a gift. Powerful movie. Dec 7, 2015
colleen H: I read the book. Dec 7, 2015
Patricia H: I have heard many good things about this movie; I had to buy one for my family. Dec 6, 2015
Shireen S: Saw it in the Cinema. It is a movie to own! Want to share it with other couples! Dec 6, 2015
Jennifer S: We got the book but never got to see the movie in theatres...not really wild about going to the theatre anyhow, so...I'm very excited!! Dec 6, 2015
Agnes H: It is a most inspiring and awesome movie! Dec 5, 2015
leonard v: we love these kind of movies Dec 5, 2015
Betty C: I have seen this movie and it was great! Looking forward to seeing it again and sharing it with my family! Dec 4, 2015
Sheila A: for myself Dec 3, 2015
Bonnie C: This is an awesome movie that you can fill the presence of God in. I love it ! Dec 2, 2015
Sharon P: I saw it before and want to let others that did not see it enjoy the powers of prayer. Also to get back to a strong prayer life. Dec 2, 2015
Gloria G: One of the best movies my husband and I have ever seen! We want to share it with others! Dec 1, 2015
Salvador C: how prayers can help and keep us strong with the Lord Dec 1, 2015
alyson e: I heard it was very good and was unable to get to a theater to see it. Dec 1, 2015
Ann N: Loved the movie and want to share. Dec 1, 2015
Bonnie T: Totally awesome movie. Nov 30, 2015
Marsha M: I saw this movie at the show and loved it. I couldn't wait for it to come out on DVD. Nov 30, 2015
Martha S: I've seen it in the theatre, and know it is a good movie that I would like to see again, and for my loved ones to also see! Nov 29, 2015
Lisa A: I have heard great reviews from people who saw the movie in theaters this fall. Nov 29, 2015
Julie G: Gifting Nov 28, 2015
Bill Y: I heard this was a great movie Nov 28, 2015
Jean M: Help with my prayer life. Nov 28, 2015
Kathy L: Excellent movie cannot wait to watch with my sisters in Christ Nov 28, 2015
James H: It is a great movie and inspirational movie. Nov 27, 2015
Deborah G: Gift for parents Nov 27, 2015
Laura C: Didn't get to see this one on the big screen! Nov 27, 2015
Camilla C: Because of the reviews of the movie and so many people were talking about how great the movie is Nov 27, 2015
John C: Prayer in action, great movie to show young people. He Is alive, real. He changes lives. Nov 27, 2015
Patricia M: We want to watch this with our church one night so glad I could reserve a copy. Nov 26, 2015
Francois B: Prayer is the basis of our Christian life! Nov 26, 2015
Jozelle P: Best movie Ever!!! Nov 26, 2015
ROSEMARY L: am a christian when I see a movie that really uphold christian values I want to enjoy it with my family can't wait to get it & see it I know I will love it....... Nov 25, 2015
Rachel P: Heard it was awesome. Nov 22, 2015
Mamie K: Our bible study group will be using this and the accompanying guide in the new year. Nov 21, 2015
Shekena M: Because I am a very spiritual person and love biblical movies Nov 21, 2015
Norman C: Visited with the star of Movies series and couldn't wait for your newest release Nov 21, 2015
María G: Because it's an excellent movie. I love it. Thanks Nov 20, 2015
Ross M: topic Nov 20, 2015
Eliza R: I heard a lot about the movie and I appreciate anything that will enhance my Christian life. Nov 17, 2015
DEBORAH P: Saw it in the theater and I want to share it with my family. Nov 17, 2015
Diane K: I'm reading the book now. Nov 16, 2015
Oscar T: Really believe in the power of prayer. nice to see a movie to show what God can do when we humble ourshelves and seek His will. Nov 16, 2015
James M: Loved the movie and it has positively impacted our prayer lives. Nov 16, 2015
Doug Y: My wife and I went to the theater when this came out and loved it. We have all the other movies of the Kendrick brothers, and this is great addition to the collection. Nov 16, 2015
Judy G: My pastor said it was good Nov 15, 2015
Karine T: Because prayer is a very powerful weapon. Is a key to God's heart. It's one of the greatest way to communicate with God our Father, the one and only that never leaves us nor forsakes us. Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. Nov 15, 2015
Marsha J: Great movie to have for home viewing with visitors Nov 14, 2015
Elaine W: I have enjoyed the previous films by these people. Nov 13, 2015
Scott K: Great family movie! Nov 12, 2015
Pat B: I heard many good reviews about this movie and wanted to see it at the theater but I was not able to do that so I was waiting for this to come out on DVD Nov 10, 2015
Alvin T: Read the book, excited to see the movie Nov 10, 2015
stuart c: I am a Director at a Faith Based Re-hab.
This is going to be a great tool to help others get out of the lifestyle they were in and learn about the lifestyle of Jesus Christ.
We should all acknowledge the power of prayer.
Nov 10, 2015
Amelia C: I was unable to get to the theater to see this movie. Nov 9, 2015
Kim S: Most powerful movie I've seen in a long time! Nov 9, 2015
Jennifer K: A great movie! Everyone should see it. Nov 9, 2015
Marieluise D: I saw in theater and loved it! Want to give as a gift, so someone else can enjoy watching. Nov 8, 2015
Ines M: Because I saw The movie and I realized that Prayer is and will be my weapon against
Nov 7, 2015
Jason W: It was a fantastic movie Nov 7, 2015
Linda C: I've seen this 3 times in theatre and so worth watching again and again Nov 7, 2015
Connie Sue L: Fabulous movie that everyone should see Nov 6, 2015
Lisa W: AWESOME MOVIE! Nov 6, 2015
Adriana O: Yo vi esa película y fue de mucha bendición para mi vida ya que estaba pasando una situación difícil en mi matrimonio y se que Dios utilizo este medio para trabajar en el corazón de mi esposo. Gloria a Dios todo salió bien. Nov 5, 2015
Demetria P: we need more movies just like this one Nov 5, 2015
Nikki M: excellent show & message Nov 4, 2015
Cheryl F: I have seen the movie at the theater and would like to share it with others. It was a very good movie. Nov 4, 2015
Treva W: The film was not shown in my area and I have heard so many good reviews. Nov 3, 2015
BILLIE H: I Ioved the movie. so I wanted one for me and to give one to my local library. Nov 3, 2015
Sheila M: I heard it was a good movie Nov 3, 2015
Linda P: great evangelism tool for the church to get serious about prayer Nov 2, 2015
Eileen J: This movie touched my life. I had a lukewarm prayer life before I saw this movie but I've stepped it up and has my life changed! Nov 2, 2015
Julie D: Madam, Sir,
I chose this film because in most of families, children experienced psychological trauma at different degrees du to conflicts between parents. Once adults, such a film might help them overcome, have victory and heal both in their own souls and in their relationship with their parents through a sound understanding of God being active in their life.
Nov 2, 2015
Debbie R: Inspiring reminder of the power of prayer and God's faithfulness to us. Nov 2, 2015
Margaret S: it is an excellent movie and i want to be able to share it with others. more people need to see this movie. Nov 1, 2015
Donnalynn S: I have heard it has an incredible message and I was unable to see it in the theaters. Nov 1, 2015
Denise L: Anointed and life changing. Simply the Truth! Nov 1, 2015
Deborah D: It's very encouraging Oct 31, 2015
Robert H: I want to see the how the POWER of PRAYER over comes every other weapon the evil one forms against us. Oct 30, 2015
Carl and Ellen S: There are clasic videos - this is to be one - a keeper and great for sharing. Oct 30, 2015
RC B: It is one of the best movies I have see in some time and I want it on DVD. I Know God has Blessed it . Oct 30, 2015
Robert N: This was an excellent movie. We will be using this film as a tool for my church bible study. Oct 30, 2015
Cynthia P: To share with others. Oct 30, 2015
kathleen m: Have other movies by Kendrick bros. and know they are excellent. Oct 30, 2015
Charles B: Great movie on prayer Oct 29, 2015
Susan G: Have seen it 3 times and would like to have my own copy. This is one powerful movie! Oct 29, 2015
joe c: great movie Oct 28, 2015
vic p: we went to see it in theater Oct 28, 2015
Mary D: I saw the movie it was outstanding definitely A must see Oct 27, 2015
Nellie H: a powerful movie Oct 26, 2015
Lauren-Nicole T: I saw and liked movie Oct 26, 2015
Jose M: Because I think the victory is in prayer to God in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I also think that this film is the reality of what happens in the world today: Men yielding to biblical principles by the pressures of the world. Oct 25, 2015
Eduardo P: Great movie! Oct 24, 2015
Sherry M: Feel that the message is powerful Oct 24, 2015
Jennifer M: I am reading the book and I love it! Oct 24, 2015
Janet K: very powerful depiction of how to survive the pressing challenges society places on family life a must see for those contemplating or living the vocation of marriage. Oct 24, 2015
Sandy H: Absolutely a wonderful movie and I want to be able to share it with individuals who are unable to get to the theater to see it. Oct 24, 2015
Batisha W: excellent movie Oct 24, 2015
Mrs Barbara S M: good reviews Oct 23, 2015
Larry R: Heard so much about it and want to share it with others. Oct 23, 2015
Dorothy L: We saw them at the theater and are getting them for St Patricks Sacred Library where I am a member. Oct 23, 2015
Sheila M: I LOVE this movie! Oct 23, 2015
Marilyn V: Life changing video Oct 23, 2015
BJ D: Looking forward to seeing this movie! Oct 23, 2015
McIlhaney K: Prayer is my calling and Kendrick is my name Oct 23, 2015
Robyn H: Saw in the theater...I want to own it:) Oct 22, 2015
Jennifer L E: Awesome movie ! Loved it ! Oct 22, 2015
Nilsa B: I picked this item because my pastor gave me as a homework to watch this movie and the title impact my life. I know in my own experience is a power when I pray. Oct 22, 2015
Mark L W: watched twice in theater and want it add it to my video library and share with others Oct 22, 2015
Anna D: The Maryland City Baptist Church alone with the Pastor went to see this movie and it was a life changing movie we enjoy so very much until we going to show it at our church soon as I receive it. Oct 21, 2015
Daniel N: Because is a great movie to put it in our Church, The Potter´s House in Nogales, Sonora. Oct 21, 2015
adolfo joaquin b: beautiful movie Oct 20, 2015
Rhonda M: Power of helping others and myself overcome Oct 20, 2015
David G: I saw the movie and loved it. I would like to see more productions like this one. Oct 20, 2015
ELAINE F: Excellent movie! Five stars. Oct 20, 2015
Deb D: Loved the movie in theater and want to see it often Oct 19, 2015
Peggy H: saw it twice in the movies, absolutely loved it. Good for the unsaved population to know about Christ and salvation Oct 19, 2015
Katherine S: Love the movie, want to show it at church Oct 19, 2015
Ann T: liked Oct 19, 2015
Suzanna F: It is the best movie on prayer I have ever seen. I cant wait to own it! Oct 18, 2015
Matthew M: I have seen this movie at the theaters and was one of the best movies I have seen, very moving, and encouraging. Oct 18, 2015
Victoria L: Powerful for those who understand the movie... if you are longing for a closer walk and relationship with God, take the movie to heart for every area of life... nice to see these type of movies finally not only being made but doing well! Oct 17, 2015
Sharon J: missed movie out of town Oct 17, 2015
Debbie H: I loved the movie and I want to share with others that couldn't go out to see it Oct 17, 2015
laura w: gift Oct 16, 2015
Elaine R: Saw in theater wanted for my library. Oct 16, 2015
Vicki M: This was a super movie. I am still enjoying the prayer warrior and her enthusiasm. Oct 16, 2015
Christi C: Love this movie it inspires me...... Oct 16, 2015
Ed B: Saw the movie in the theater, and have to have it for my library, and to pass on the some of the members of Our Church to see, who didn't get a chance to see it in the theater. Oct 15, 2015
Sharon P: This movie is more than entertainment--it's a discipleship tool. Oct 15, 2015
Valerie V: The trailer is great...we all need more prayer in our lives...including myself...I'm hoping it will help me in my own prayer life.
I bought 3 copies to share with friends and family.
Oct 14, 2015
Jamie H: Because I saw the movie. It was very good. A lot of what I have experienced. Oct 14, 2015
Christine G: I have heard great reports about this movie. Oct 14, 2015
Carmen D: I saw the preview and it inspired me! Oct 14, 2015
Joyce B: I have heard excellent reviews about this movie and I am ordering for a ministry called Celebrate Recovery which is a Christ centered twelve step program and once a month we have a movie. I thought this would be a great motivational movie. Oct 13, 2015
Jeanette G: I saw this movie in a theater and wanted all my family and friends to see it too. Oct 13, 2015
Yvonne M P: Because I wanted my friend to have a copy of his own. Oct 13, 2015
Gamm P: I have not seen it yet. But I know I wanted to add this to my collection. why would you not get this movie if you had the chance? Oct 13, 2015
Mike K: It's simply an excellent movie, sounding the clarion call for all believers to pray...and pray hard! Oct 13, 2015
Rebecca S: Say in theater and loved it. Will be using at church in an Adult SS class Oct 13, 2015
Linda R: Saw it at the theater and loved it. Want it for my library Oct 13, 2015
Elveta E: To give away for Christ to work in hearts where I have not reach as yet Oct 13, 2015
Melinda C: War Room is an excellent movie. It is real life problems with God answers that encourage and inspire. Even when you don't get it right you can turn to God and ask for forgiveness and He can still use you. God is awesome! Oct 13, 2015
Rhonda R: This is the first movie I have ever seen that Prayer Meeting actually started while still at the Theater. Awesome movie!!! Oct 13, 2015
Tammy E: life changing ! Oct 12, 2015
escamillio d: I saw the movie 3 times in 3 different states. Time to buy the DVD. Oct 12, 2015
Marilyn M: Excellent movie - loved it! Oct 12, 2015
SHIRLEY C: previews enticed me. Just what I need to hear and see for this time in my life Oct 12, 2015
Barb F: It's a great movie. Powerful, calling God's people to prayer yet entertaining. Oct 12, 2015
Oct 12, 2015
Anna D: Powerful movie filled with real life situations,best biblical truth I've seen in a movie ever,more truth less drama Oct 11, 2015
Terry K: Saw it at theatre and worth seeing several times Oct 11, 2015
Lynda H: Recommended by a friend. Oct 11, 2015
chris h: Oh my goodness; one of the best movies ever! Oct 11, 2015
Vijay P: i have been told that this is a very encouraging christian movie to see Oct 11, 2015
Sadie T: so want to watch this but not screening at our local theatre Oct 10, 2015
Sylvia R: I saw the awesome movie and I want a copy of the movie for myself and as gifts for others Oct 10, 2015
Jo G: Everyone has been telling me what a great movie this is!! I can't wait to watch it!! Oct 10, 2015
Betty B: Because of the previews. Looks to be a really good movie. Like the other movies that they made also. Oct 10, 2015
Maureen M: Movie I missed when showing at my local cinema. Oct 10, 2015
Velva K: I hears it is a wonderful DVD. Oct 10, 2015
Sidney H: it was a great movie Oct 10, 2015
LaTashia F: I saw the movie already but it was so prayer fully power that I had to buy the movie. Oct 10, 2015
Tonja T: It's a MUST to add to our collection, and anointed by God to CHANGE THIS NATION AND WORLD FOR HIM!! Oct 10, 2015
Sharon L: Loved the movie-Christmas present Oct 10, 2015
Shirley S: I saw this 2 times at the theater and couldn't wait til it came out on dvd. Oct 9, 2015
Dawn R: My husband & I saw War Room at the theater and loved it!! Buying it for our own collection & our children!! Oct 9, 2015
Kathie F: I saw the movie and enjoyed it very much! Very outstanding. I wanted to have the DVD so I could share it with more people. Oct 9, 2015
Ralph E: This is the best movie on prayer ever made Oct 9, 2015
Nancy W: Saw it in the theater. Very powerful. If the world could learn to pray over our problems this way, there would be no need for a Defense Dept. Oct 9, 2015
Janet H: seen the movie Oct 9, 2015
Darrell C: it's a very good christian move Oct 9, 2015
H I: It's a great movie on prayer/. Oct 9, 2015
Janis M: This is the only movie I have paid to see 3 times in the theater, paying for a diffferent friend each time also (on my limited budget). They were in awe after seeing it and in agreement that it was the best movie they have seen. The copies I am purchasing is for myself and a surprise gift to one of the people I took who wants a copy. It's in your face prayer, strong and powerful. I have worked in movies and was glad to see a Christian movie that finally had excellent acting! Oct 9, 2015
JanBB: Told it's an excellent movie. Oct 9, 2015
CHRIS B: One for self (and family and to recirculate and share) and other for gift. Oct 9, 2015
Rush T: I Love it it the real thing that touches God heart Pray. amen Oct 9, 2015
Jim O: Great movie and I wanted to share it with others. Oct 9, 2015
Deborah A: Phenomenal message delivered in attention riveting video. Oct 8, 2015
Elfriede C: Watched in and it's an awesome movie, very inspiring and bringing prayer down to earth. Oct 8, 2015
Daintry B asked: Does this "War Room" DVD have a special CC feature (closed captioning) for the hearing impaired? Sep 7, 2015
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (7) No (1)
Ellen Y: Wonderful movie! Will it be sold in stores? Oct 26, 2015
Reply to Ellen Good answer? Yes (1) No (1)
A shopper asked: did this movie change your prayer life. would you recommend it? Apr 4, 2015
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (4) No (0)
Carol J C: The weekend of August 28, 2015, my church (First Baptist, Salisbury NC) participated in a joint venture with 2 of the black churches in town. The 3 churches bought up a showing on Saturday and Sunday and sold tickets to their congregations. We all saw the movie together! This might not seem like a big deal to some, but living in the South and with the recent political happenings throughout the country, this was a BIG deal.

As another commenter has said - "Prayer Meeting started while still at the theater!" There was so much love in that theater, spilling out onto the sidewalk afterward, so much hugging and praising God! The Kendrick Brothers have followed God's lead through all the movies they've done, and this one is NO exception!

Beginning the following Wednesday night, we invited those who'd joined together for the movie to join us for our regular family night supper and then for an introduction to the Bible Study that accompanies the movie, with the intention and hopes that individual groups would meet in each others homes to continue with the Bible study. I do know that some of those are ongoing!

This is not only a movie for each person's personal development in their spiritual and Prayer life, but it can bring an entire community together with God as the center - something this Country really needs right now!
Oct 13, 2015
Reply to Carol J Good answer? Yes (6) No (0)
JayKay: The movie isn't released yet--but the book and the Bible study are rich for me, and I do believe that they will deepen my recognition of how REAL and everpresent and eager to be in a yoke with me; eager to knock on my door and come in and sit with me, Jesus is. A BIG thing that is changing for me comes as a result of two questions Miss Clara asks: "When you fight, do you feel like you won?" and "Do you ever feel you are fighting the wrong battle?" I'm recognizing more that the enemy is not the hostage the devil WANTS me to shred--that he'll just snark and snicker and set up a new puppet to take my wrath. Meanwhile, I'll wear myself out, and never damage Satan a bit. I need to aim at God's real enemy, and I need to PRAY that God zeros in on him. And in the best scenario, that the hostage can be set free, his heart softened, and that he can come to know Jesus. Aug 19, 2015
Reply to JayKay Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
Caroline B: Of all movies I've seen in my life, and all Christian movies especially, this is the most powerful of all. Its impact goes far beyond that of a movie. It has empowered me to pray; even alone by myself do I find myself pleading God for mercy. It has given me the bold confidence I needed to really bring everything to God in prayer. You will be happy you saw that movie. May God bless you and may it be a tool to transform nations and generations in Jesus' name. Oct 7, 2015
Reply to Caroline Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Darlene V: YES. Any one seeing this movie will be changed. Sep 23, 2015
Reply to Darlene Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
A shopper asked: good afternoon, my question does the movie contain scripture references as it relates to warfare prayers? Dec 9, 2015
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
N K: I do not remember chapter and verse being quoted but I did take out my phone to use the pad. I actually took notes.

1. 'Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee' is straight out of scripture (James 4:7)

2. Another reference, 'No one is righteous, not one', (Romans 3:10)

3. There were several references to complete surrender, (Romans 12:1, 2)

The writers were incredibly biblical without being preachy
They addressed an amazing number of issues

I'm anticipating War Room 2 or the producers next film
I would like to see characters portray a victorious life in the face of unrelenting difficulty, hardship, neglect and or other abuse

War Room had a happy ending
What does the believer do when a happy ending is NOT forthcoming

Dec 9, 2015
Reply to N Good answer? Yes (4) No (0)
Shirley S: To answer your question about the scripture references in War Room, yes there are several scripture references in the movie.

I've seen the movie twice and can't wait to get my copy of it to see it again. It is an excellent movie.
Dec 9, 2015
Reply to Shirley Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Movie Viewer: The exclusive collectors' edition has two devotionals (one from each Kendrick brother) that include scripture references. Stephen Kendrick's devotional goes through specific Scripture references in regards to prayer. Dec 30, 2015
Reply to Movie Viewer Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Dawn R: Oh yes!! This is a very a very Biblical movie. I have ordered 3. I plan to keep 1 and give the other 2 as gifts to my children. It is excellent and I highly recommend it..it is a very powerful movie!! Dec 10, 2015
Reply to Dawn Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Darrell C: Hey, No I don't think it does Dec 11, 2015
Reply to Darrell Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Janet H: From what I remember, yes Dec 9, 2015
Reply to Janet Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Marcia R: Yes Dec 10, 2015
Reply to Marcia Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Gwendolyn B: Yes Dec 9, 2015
Reply to Gwendolyn Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Diana M asked: Hi....I want to see this movie so bad. Recently I had to cancel my cable do to financial issues. I am trying to find a Christian Based dvd RENTAL by MAIL place. Does Christian Cinema send DVD'S for rental by mail? Or is it strictly digital streamline DVD'S & Purchases? If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it. I could sign up for Netflix movies by mail but...the majority of their movies are extreme drama, horror movies etc. Thanking you in advance! Blessings, Diana Feb 10, 2016
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Debra K W: I believe it is strictly digital streamline. This movie is so worth viewing. I would like to gift you a copy of this movie. I will contact Christian Cinema for their help. Feb 11, 2016
Reply to Debra K Good answer? Yes (3) No (0)
ChristianCinemaStaff: Hi Diana! We recently moved our DVD rental program to digital rental and purchases.
Feb 11, 2016
Reply to ChristianCinema Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Rush T: it is the best movie every please take my word and get your hand on the Movie
and treasure it from God almighty it the best Tucker Amen.
Feb 11, 2016
Reply to Rush Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Janet H: I believe they are streamline Feb 11, 2016
Reply to Janet Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
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