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Beyond The Mask - DVD

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Double crossed and on the run, an assassin for the British East India Company seeks to redeem his past by thwarting a plot against a young nation's hope for freedom.

The leading mercenary for the British East India Company, Will Reynolds has just been double-crossed and now is on the run in the American Colonies. Working to redeem his name and win back the affections of the woman with whom he's never been fully truthful, Will now hides behind a new mask in hopes of thwarting his former employer. As his past life closes in on him, Will must somehow gain the trust and the help of his beloved Charlotte - as well as Ben Franklin - while he races against time to defuse a plot of historical proportions.

A revolutionary new family film that brings history to life in a faith-filled adventure celebrating grace, liberty, and the true freedom that can only be found in Christ.

2016 GOLD Crown Award Winner for Best Youth Film!
2016 SILVER Crown Award Winner for Best Picture!
2016 BRONZE Crown Award Winner for Best Evangelistic Film!

"From grade schoolers to grandparents, kids of all ages are going to love BEYOND THE MASK."
Jim McBride (Executive Producer: Courageous and Fireproof)

"It honors faith, it has great morals and family values...and it's very entertaining in the process."
Stephen Kendrick (Producer: War Room, Courageous and Fireproof)

"A great movie for families that love history, action, adventure, and romance."
Alex Kendrick (Director: War Room, Courageous and Fireproof)

DVD Extras:

Includes 5 Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes!
  • The Story
  • The Characters (interviews with the actors)
  • The Production
  • The Visual Effects
  • The Studio

Beyond The Mask DVD Details:

MPAA Rating: PG
Format: DVD Region 1  What's a Region Code?
Closed Captions: No
Languages: English
Product Release Date:
Length/Run Time: 103 minutes
Produced By: Aaron Burns
Directed By: Chad Burns
UPC/ISBN Number: 037117041879
Theatrical Release Date: Friday, June 5, 2015

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Beyond the Mask - The Official Illustrated Movie Guide - Book

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Beyond the Mask (Motion Picture Soundtrack) - CD
Beyond the Mask's original, epic score by composer Jurgen Beck.
Beyond the Mask (Autographed) - DVD $19.99
Beyond the Mask (Autographed) - DVD
Double crossed and on the run, an assassin for the British East India Company seeks to redeem his past by thwarting a plot against a young nation's hope for freedom. 
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Beyond the Mask - Blu-ray
Let True Freedom Ring.
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Beyond the Mask (Autographed) - Blu-ray $24.99
Beyond the Mask (Autographed) - Blu-ray
Double crossed and on the run, an assassin for the British East India Company seeks to redeem his past by thwarting a plot against a young nation's hope for freedom.   

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3 of 5 Stars! Beyond The Mask - DVDJamie E S, 07/20/2017
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Beyond The Mask - DVDBenjamin S, 06/30/2017
This is the best movie I've ever seen. Better than National Treasure. It was written by Paul McCusker, an amazing writer who penned the Adventures in Odyssey stories. The special effects are comparable to Rogue One effects. Don't miss it; you won't ever find a movie close to what this one has!
3 of 5 Stars! Beyond The Mask - DVDRachael C, 06/18/2017
(no written review given)
4 of 5 Stars! Beyond The Mask - DVDBenjamin O, 05/20/2017
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Beyond The Mask - DVDSeth R, 05/13/2017
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Beyond The Mask - DVDTvos C, 04/26/2017
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Beyond The Mask - DVDJared G, 04/18/2017
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Beyond The Mask - DVDHerbert H T, 04/15/2017
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Beyond The Mask - DVDJason G E, 02/24/2017
(no written review given)
4 of 5 Stars! Beyond The Mask - DVDTvos C, 01/12/2017
(no written review given)
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Beyond The Mask - DVD
Already Asked: 3 Questions, 150 Answers
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Donna M: I saw this in the theater and it was awesome! Jul 7, 2017
c j t: enjoyed what was said in the write-up Jun 6, 2017
debbie d: like the story line good reviews Apr 30, 2017
PARK LANE C: summer family movie nights at church Apr 18, 2017
Jeremiah D: After seeing & appreciating their last movie (Pendragon) and then meeting Chad & Angela Burns and Aaron & Andrea Burns we were motivated to support their efforts in producing uplifting, God-honoring movies for the whole family. Feb 22, 2017
Christian P: The trailer online was fantastic -- very well done! I am looking forward to watching this film with my family. Feb 20, 2017
Robin G: Enjoyed Pendragon and wanted to see what else the Burns family has made. Feb 17, 2017
Janet W: birthday gift - like the music Jan 14, 2017
Liz S: This is a GREAT quality movie! Lots of action. Great acting. And appropriate! I can't wait for this director to make more movies. Dec 18, 2016
Sarah H: historical fiction Dec 16, 2016
Melissa D: I've heard from friends this was a great, inspiring movie that promotes my values of faith, redemption, and love. Excited for the sale! Dec 8, 2016
Curt S: enjoyed the movie in the theater. going to give as Christmas gift. Nov 29, 2016
Gary A: A great historical fiction adventure movie. Nov 16, 2016
Jerry D: I have had an idea for a story since I was in my early teens. When I became a Christian at 21 years old, my story began to come alive imagining it on film. I am now 60 years old and my dream to put it on film has never died. I don't want to say I'm old, but it is true, God gives us dreams. I'm seeing the Christian movie industry beginning to explode and I want to be a part of it. Lately, I have been waking from sleep just to race to my computer to write down what I have envisioned. Intriguing! Nov 10, 2016
Linda C: I wanted to see a clean and action packed movie that my children and I can watch together. Oct 19, 2016
Fred S: Great Christian movie..., certainly worth the money. Aug 19, 2016
Judith H: fun for all Aug 15, 2016
Pamela W: Just watched this on Pureflix and loved it. Aug 11, 2016
Tim L: A great, patriotic family movie. Jul 5, 2016
Nancy V: My son requested this video for his birthday. Jun 27, 2016
James M: Looks like a great action movie without all the junk. May 31, 2016
Joel E: I heard good reviews about it. May 21, 2016
Steven W: Saw it in the theaters and wanted to watch it again, whenever, as many times. May 14, 2016
Rachel B: I saw the film in theatre early (homeschool special) and I absolutely loved it!! My only downside is that it wasn't longer! They should think about making a sequel. Anyway, I'm getting this so I can watch over and over, and I have friends who haven't seen it yet. (which means SLEEPOVER!!) May 2, 2016
Dennis F: Recommended by family. Like Christian themed movies. Mar 25, 2016
Paul M: LOOKS INTERESTING Mar 16, 2016
Katie S: To me , "Beyond the Mask" is an exceptionally well-made action-packed movie, with the simple, yet well-defined and powerful message of the Gospel subtly weaved within. Mar 1, 2016
Burl M: I watched it at a website and loved the movie. Feb 23, 2016
Barbara E: for older grand kids Feb 5, 2016
Joni M: excellent film. want to share with others. Feb 1, 2016
Ivey W: I like movies made about this time era and am interested in viewing one thats christian based Jan 8, 2016
Judy V: Sounded interesting and had good reviews! Jan 8, 2016
Vickie M: This is a fun, family-friendly movie with a great message! Got one for my great nieces and nephews for Christmas so they can enjoy watching something that has a message of God's forgiveness and salvation. Jan 1, 2016
Mark R: I've heard it is a good movie with Christian principles, action & a good message. Dec 31, 2015
Geralynn C: for wholesome family entertainment Dec 30, 2015
Terry P: "Good movie, that my friend help to make." Dec 28, 2015
Katya M: It is a great movie and we are giving it a a gift to out nephews. Dec 24, 2015
Mary B: We saw the movie on first release in the theater. It is a quality show full of action and suspense, with a message, on par with today's films. Dec 23, 2015
Charles C: exciting story, excellent message Dec 16, 2015
Beth H: I saw the movie at the theater and loved it! I decided to order 5 - 1 for myself and the rest for Christmas gifts! Dec 13, 2015
Kenneth H: Gift Dec 11, 2015
Greg: Homeschoolers, Christians, amateur movie-making. I love it. Dec 11, 2015
Michelle S: We saw this film at the theater in its first and second runs and were very impressed with the quality of the acting, directing and producing. A great movie to add to our at-home collection! Dec 11, 2015
Stacy H: This is an awesome film! suspense, mystery, romance and best of all a great message! Dec 10, 2015
NARDITO M: Very useful and inspirational, especially to our Youth groups! Dec 9, 2015
Steve C: The trailer looked great, and I like the guy who played Gimli in LOTR. Dec 8, 2015
Patricia H: The story sounded very interesting, and something my family would greatly enjoy. Dec 6, 2015
Karen M: Needed message with action for excitement Dec 6, 2015
Bonnie B: I saw the trailer and I was very excited to see the whole movie. I am from Michigan and parts of it were filmed near where I live. i recognized some of the landscape, walls and buildings. Dec 3, 2015
Carma H: We saw the movie in theater when it was released and enjoyed it. Dec 3, 2015
Mary Susan D: I heard it was s good movie. Nov 30, 2015
camille F: This is an adventurous, suspense filled, romantic, historical movie about a fictional plot, that potentially could have happened, to try and change the course of our early American history. Nov 30, 2015
cathi p: Heard awesome things about it, and I like the action! Nov 30, 2015
Alexis H: I received this as a gift and I really enjoyed it. It had good acting, great action and an intriguing story line. I am purchasing this as a Christmas gift, and I'm sure they're going to like it. :) Nov 30, 2015
Diane H: Trailer looked like an exciting Christian movie and how God can transform any life. Nov 30, 2015
Deborah L: I loved this movie in the theater and I would love to have it in our DVD library. It was a quality film and we will enjoy viewing it again. Nov 28, 2015
Kathy L: It said it was a good movie for all ages. Nov 28, 2015
Liese F: It is an awesome, faith-based, God-honoring film that is sure to entertain the whole family. Just had to get a copy for mine!
Thank you Burns studios and may God continue to bless your efforts.
~A loyal fan
Nov 27, 2015
Marsha S: as a gift for our nephew Nov 27, 2015
John C: Redemption, Only He can redeem. Though man cannot forgive the acts one has done, it is His love, grace, and mercy that saves. We cannot earn salvation, it is a gift. Nov 27, 2015
Monty A: I saw the reviews and trailer. Looks like a good action movie for my son. Nov 27, 2015
Jozelle P: Great new Christian adventure film, saw the theater showing and enjoyed it thoroughly Nov 26, 2015
Anne R: good, clean action movie! Nov 25, 2015
S O: action adventure picture with a good christian principal Nov 20, 2015
Pamela M: It just sounded like a good movie with the Christian faith Nov 19, 2015
Steve B: Great story; action and romance. Not one foul word in the whole thing, and no sensuality. Nov 14, 2015
Pat B: read the reviews and it looks like it will be a good movie Nov 10, 2015
Lorraine R: It was a great movie and I would like to own it to have my adult kids see it over the holidays. Nov 8, 2015
Christine E: Saw ad in Home School Enrichment magazine and thought my nephew would like it for his birthday. Nov 5, 2015
Theresa G: My new favorite movie! My parents, my kids, everyone can enjoy this exciting, well-made movie. I hope they make more. Nov 5, 2015
andrew b: it looks great and to be faith based in this genre is very rare. i enjoyed pendragon and paul mcusker is a great righter. Nov 2, 2015
Veronica L: sounds good Oct 16, 2015
Steve c: requested by grandson Oct 16, 2015
Deedra M: I watched the trailer and loved what I saw! Oct 15, 2015
Michael n: From ads in Christian Cinema. Oct 13, 2015
Elveta E: intrest in this story Oct 13, 2015
Karen W: We have seen this movie 3 times and its our favorite of all the Christian movies made so far! We are buying copies for family and friends. Oct 12, 2015
Jan G: My kids absolutely loved this movie when we saw it in the theater and they cannot wait to see this again!! Oct 12, 2015
Christina R: Looked interesting Oct 11, 2015
Tim L: I'm hoping it will be good for the whole family. Oct 11, 2015
Sarah B: Gospel clearly represented in a Christian film that is NOT cheesy. Sep 29, 2015
Ingrid S: Heard it was very good and couldn't get to the theatres in time. Can't wait to watch it. Sep 24, 2015
Robyn v: Loved Pendragon; have been waiting for this one for a long time! Sep 22, 2015
Lynette M: Great movie for men and women!
Action and Romance!
Sep 14, 2015
Carol V: I am looking for good faith based movies. Sep 12, 2015
Carol G: I am hoping that this movie fulfills the criteria for quality Christian values. It appears to be entertainment that the whole family can enjoy. Sep 11, 2015
Melinda O: Supporting fellow Christian homeschoolers Sep 11, 2015
Jesse G: CBD had it backordered. You had better shipping prices anyhow. Sep 10, 2015
Kristen C: Engaging; fun for the entire family! Sep 8, 2015
Sharon L: Wonderful entertainment and enjoyed movie at theater. Sep 8, 2015
Beth D: I saw this movie in theaters, and it was one of the best Christian movies I had ever seen, so I decided to buy it. Sep 8, 2015
Donald P: Fantastic trailer - awesome music scored by a friend of mine. Sep 7, 2015
Laurie H: I saw this movie at the theater and really enjoyed it. I wanted to own it so I can watch it over and over. Sep 5, 2015
Mary Catherine S: Good christian story. Modest attire. Sep 5, 2015
Chuck D: a lot of good (family) action, with solid Christian values! Sep 4, 2015
Janet T: Beyond the Mask looks and sounds very exciting. I enjoy historical movies and novels. There is no doubt in my mind that this will not disappoint. Add some romance, swashbuckling and mystery, and you have my attention. Sep 4, 2015
Jeffrey M: Very good movie! Viewed this in a select viewing and was impressed with the story line, the effects and the overall quality of the film. Sep 2, 2015
Kathy H: Love this movie
Thumbs up
Sep 1, 2015
Jim M: I missed this flick at the cinema and I really wanted to see it. Sep 1, 2015
Debra S: Our family loved this movie! It has all the intense, fast-paced adventure with none of the "kids cover your eyes moments"! Aug 31, 2015
Peter R: Historical adventure with character study that applies to all times. Aug 30, 2015
Richard C: The trailer proved that God's message makes an adventure story stronger and more meaningful. Aug 29, 2015
Beth W: Love it! Aug 29, 2015
Charles W: just because it came from you Aug 28, 2015
Gayla H: This movie looks FANTASTIC from the reviews and trailer. We are excited to give our kids good movies to watch! Aug 28, 2015
Dawn F: I saw the movie(Beyond the Mask) in the theater and loved it! I like supporting Christian businesses & also like ordering things on-line because we live a ways from major stores. Aug 27, 2015
Domini C: We saw the pre release and this movie is done so well in quality and in sharing the gospel and redemption story in an exciting, non-cheesey way! Aug 27, 2015
Jeff W: I enjoyed watching the screening and want to share it with friends family. Aug 27, 2015
Polly R: This was an inspiring educational movie! I was especially motived by the message given an appropriate, yet clear manner. Thank you! Aug 27, 2015
Therese M: I went to see it in another town and loved it. I will use it in my classroom for middle school religion classes. Aug 27, 2015
john k: good theme good action great idea Aug 27, 2015
LEA ANN B: The action, fun, and humor! The movie was captivating and exciting! Full of history as well. Aug 27, 2015
Diana C: Excellent movie! Aug 27, 2015
Nathan W: Becaus this movie was totally amazing and awesome. Aug 27, 2015
Daphne H: We saw this at a preview showing and thought it was well done. We recommend it to anyone who likes clean adventure, romance and intrigue. Aug 24, 2015
Joe and Pamela Y: God Centered Aug 20, 2015
Betty S: we missed this film when it was in the Theaters but we heard great reviews of it & plan on giving 1 to 3 of our sons for Christmas this year & thought this would be a good time to buy them...We also want to see it ourselves! Aug 17, 2015
Dave A: Have been looking forward to seeing this movine. Aug 17, 2015
Clark N: I have shown this movie at my church and I know people who want copies of it. Aug 14, 2015
Peggy B: I wanted to see this at the theater, but it wasn't released in a theater near me. Aug 14, 2015
Karin O: Loved it in the theater. Daughter will love it for her birthday gift. Aug 11, 2015
Andy M: Been looking forward to this and missed it in the theater Aug 8, 2015
John S: Excellent movie! One of the best made Christian Films I have seen. Aug 7, 2015
Bryce T: Paul McCusker has written incredible radio dramas for years with Focus on the Family. I can't wait to see this movie. I have heard good things about it and I have been praying for movies that rightly protray the faith of the of the founding fathers of the USA. Aug 2, 2015
Kari V: The topic interests my children and we want to support Christian filmmakers. We were not able to see the movie when showed for one night in our town. Aug 1, 2015
Nancy T: Exciting and entertaining Jul 31, 2015
A shopper asked: Did it have any parts that might be to scary for younger kids to watch?
Sep 16, 2015
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (1) No (0)
Jenni H: We have 7 kids ranging in age from 10 years to 10 months. My husband and I have watched the movie by ourselves before showing it to our kids. The action sequences were relatively mild. I will say that following the story line will be a challenge for our kids. It will be one of those where we watch for a few minutes then stop and talk for a few minutes. We have found when we watch movies like the Narnia movies that if we turn the volume down quite low during intense scenes or battle scenes, it goes a long way to helping our guys not feel the intensity of the scene. The music is written for the experience and so we have found turning down the sound turns down the intensity of emotion. I don't think that the scenes in Beyond the Mask will frighten younger kids, but I also don't know that younger kids will be able to fully follow the plot either. Sep 17, 2015
Reply to Jenni Good answer? Yes (2) No (0)
Carole B: My husband and I do not have children so I checked the Dove Foundation review which recommended the movie for ages 12+. You may find the details of their review helpful if you go to their website.

I personally closed my eyes a couple of times for a second during fighting scenes since I do not desire to have those images in my mind. They certainly were not graphic and most things happened off screen.

This is a powerful movie on many levels. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would wholeheartedly recommend it but probably not for young children.
Sep 16, 2015
Reply to Carole Good answer? Yes (2) No (0)
Elaine W: Yes. My six year old was scared by parts, but still loved the movie. There are a few fight scenes with rifles shooting at the main character, in another scene he is about to be killed by one man and fights to protect himself, and then a main scene at the end where the windmill is exploding, with lots of fire and of course, men fighting. The hero is trying to block the plans of loyalists to keep the colonies from unifying and becoming America.

Hope this helps.
Sep 16, 2015
Reply to Elaine Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
Darlene W: There are few violent fight scenes, one in particular that is in darkness and is intense. I know that now days young children see much worse but we didn't allow ours to watch this kind of fight until they were at least 12 yrs old. Plus the whole theme of the movie is about a criminal who repents so viewers watch his crimes (piracy, theft, fighting off good guys). Sep 16, 2015
Reply to Darlene Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
Jeffrey M: It is action/adventure so it may be best to view it yourself first. This would also prepare you to answer questions that might arise during the course of the movie. I don't think that I would have any issues showing it to most children that were 9 years and up. Younger than that, It would depend on the individual child. Hope this helps...

Sep 17, 2015
Reply to Jeffrey Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
Dawn F: Yes, this movie does get a little intense! I would suggest that a parent watch it first to decide if their child would be bothered by some of the scenes!! With that said, I wouldn't think a child young enough to be potentially scared would be interested in or understand the story line! (Just a thought!!) Sep 19, 2015
Reply to Dawn Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
Barbie N: Beyond the Mask is a great movie about seeking redemption, but in the wrong way and finally finding TRUE redemption through Christ.
There is a lot of fighting and shooting, but NO blood and gore. Some people do die, though not horrifically. I believe it is well suited for the whole family. A wonderful story line, beautifully told.
Sep 16, 2015
Reply to Barbie Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Gayla H: This is a fantastic Love story showing the power of God's redemption. It's got drama, suspense, a few super-hero moves, and even classic fire-explosions!
I think everyone in the family will love it. There is however some blood and killing.
(It is the Revolutionary War!). So you might temper it yourself for the V-E-R-Y young.
Sep 28, 2015
Reply to Gayla Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Susan D: There are a few fight scenes/battles that might be scary for young children. It also depends on what the children are used to watching. I have young grandchildren, and think a couple of them would be a bit scared in places; the other one wouldn't be at all. It is a really good movie. Sep 19, 2015
Reply to Susan Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Angus S: It is fine for younger sex, no swearing, and no scary scenes...very good film indeed and plenty of action as well as good old fashioned clean romance and principals ! I`m a widower (recent) and my 16 yr old son and I both enjoyed it thoroughly last night (18-09-2015). Sep 19, 2015
Reply to Angus Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Debra S: I would not recommend it for under twelve. There is a flashback scene when the main character comes face to face with his "old self", an accidental killing, and a night scene when the villains plan to make an example of a patriot. Sep 17, 2015
Reply to Debra Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Ken p: Some violence, but nothing even close to modern video games or PG TV. Sep 30, 2015
Reply to Ken Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Christine B: I Would be okay with showing this outstanding movie to a child! Sep 21, 2015
Reply to Christine Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
deborah j: Sorry haven't watched the entire thing yet Sep 16, 2015
Reply to deborah Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
john k: sorrry have not seen movie Sep 16, 2015
Reply to john Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
A shopper asked: Do this movie have subtitle ? It said no closed captions :( Sep 7, 2015
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Carlton S: I don't know if anyone is still waiting for an answer to this question. But, just in case...
Even though the DVD does not offer the option to turn Subtitles on, "CC" subtitles are embedded, and can be viewed if your equipment supports them. I know that because we have TV Guardian, which will display "CC" subtitles, and it displays them for us when watching this movie. By the way, it is a GREAT movie!
Oct 18, 2015
Reply to Carlton S Good answer? Yes (2) No (0)
Carlton S: P.S., In case you're wondering, we used TV Guardian solely to be able to see the subtitles. This movie does NOT have any language that needs removal by TV Guardian. Oct 18, 2015
Reply to Carlton S Good answer? Yes (2) No (0)
Tom B: We tried the movie on three different DVD plays and none of them showed the option for subtitles. Sorry. Oct 24, 2015
Reply to Tom Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Katie S: Sorry, but will not receive it for a few weeks with snail mail postage. Sep 7, 2015
Reply to Katie Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Lori H: I haven't received this movie yet. It should be shipped soon. Sep 7, 2015
Reply to Lori Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Barbara P: I am not aware of any sub titles for this film. Sep 8, 2015
Reply to Barbara Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Nancy T: I have no idea. Haven't received it yet. Sep 7, 2015
Reply to Nancy Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
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