Saving Christmas - DVD
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Saving Christmas - DVD

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Put Christ back in Christmas!

"Saving Christmas is the perfect movie for the Christmas season!" - The Dove Foundation

This Christmas, have your family join with Kirk Cameron's family and dive headfirst into all the joy, dancing, celebration, feasting, imagination, and traditions that glorify the true "reason for the season." Saving Christmas is an engaging story that provides a Biblical basis for our time-honored traditions and celebrations, and the inspiration to stand strongly against a culture that wants to trivialize and eliminate the faith elements of this holy season. So take in the splendor' take in the majesty; take in the story. Take it all in... and let's out Christ back in Christmas!

Saving Christmas DVD Details:

MPAA Rating: NR
Format: DVD Region 1  What's a Region Code?
Closed Captions: No
Languages: English
Product Release Date:
Length/Run Time: 80 minutes
Directed By: Darren Doane
UPC/ISBN Number: 602341006798
Theatrical Release Date: Friday, November 14, 2014

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Latest Reviews for Saving Christmas - DVD

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1 of 5 Stars! Saving Christmas - DVDJessie W, 02/19/2016
Very disappointed with this film. It's theology was not very accurate, sprinkled with just enough truth for unstudied believers to swallow. I really wanted to like it as we celebrate Christmas with a tree and other stuff but even those arguments were terrible. This movie did nothing to glorify God, just the makers flawed theology. Could have been better made.
5 of 5 Stars! Saving Christmas - DVDDonnalynn S, 11/27/2015
I was under the impression this movie was chock full of silly, and it wasn't. The truths we are reminded of were deeply touching. We've all heard this information, just probably not all in one place. I was impressed and really glad I had purchased the DVD instead of just renting a viewing. I showed it again to the whole family after our Thanksgiving meal. That really started off the Christmas spirit on the right perspective. The family shown here is a good depiction of a real family during the Holiday-get-togethers.
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Saving Christmas - DVD
Already Asked: 2 Questions, 99 Answers
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T X: Like Christmas stories Apr 19, 2017
Tom O: I'm a Christian in an evil world with no entertainment : ) Mar 21, 2017
Martha Sue Y: Wanted for my library Feb 3, 2017
Sherry R: I really enjoy Christmas movies and often recommend the extra good ones to friends Jan 26, 2017
Mary L: I love all Christmas DVDs Dec 21, 2016
Bonnie F: wanted to show it in my Sunday School class Dec 13, 2016
CANDI W: Christmas movie, faith and family based Dec 10, 2016
Jeanette B: I was looking for something that would bring glory to the Lord. Dec 9, 2016
Kentucky: Without CHRIST, there is no CHRISTmas! Dec 3, 2016
Oscar S: We believe that the Word of God warns us to be careful what we expose ourselves and family to. If we are watching movies, then let them honor our Heavenly Father. Thank you for sites like Christian Cinema that values christian beliefs. Nov 25, 2016
Brenda S: It tells the real meaning of Christmas and not the superficial and materialistic that is in the world today. Nov 13, 2016
Debbie A: Looking for continued Inspiration after watching 'Revive" Oct 30, 2016
Carmen R: Never seen the movie and I prefer to see good movies not TV Oct 23, 2016
Kitrin H: I love Kirk Cameron Oct 22, 2016
Nancy H: Looks like a good movie Oct 18, 2016
victoria K: We watched the trailer and it is funny and very entertaining. Very good actors in it. Oct 5, 2016
Kris H: I like Kirk Cameron and am looking for a Christian Christmas movie for our small group study. Sep 28, 2016
Sr. Ellen B: I have read the story and it is a worthwhile story to share with students. We need many reminders of the real meaning of Christmas. Sep 21, 2016
Exie B: Love any movie Kirk Cameron does, and too, my wife is a Christmas movie lover. Sep 1, 2016
Cindy Lou H: love the movie Jun 4, 2016
sharon w: like it /trailer May 9, 2016
Beth M: looked like a good movie Apr 14, 2016
Melissa K: The preview looked good and went looking online for it Mar 19, 2016
Barbara M: for my grand kids Mar 16, 2016
wanda s: I love christmas movies and we like kirk cameron Feb 22, 2016
Sharon K: I love Kirk Cameron. His films are always good. Feb 5, 2016
SARAH M: For witnessing with guest in our home. Let the movie do the talking. Can't go wrong with Kirk Cameron Jan 22, 2016
Terry L: Looks interesting. Jan 17, 2016
James I: Christian comedy films are hard to find, especially about Christmas Jan 12, 2016
Rebecca P: on sale, very inexpensive, read some positive reviews about this movie Jan 2, 2016
MARIAN B: My sister thinks that Christmas is a pagan holiday and I wanted her to see the true meaning behind Christmas. It's a sad day when Christians take Christ out of Christmas! Dec 29, 2015
Mile M: It's time to revisit and restore Christian life within each of us. Dec 23, 2015
Rebecca B: Heard it advertised on talk radio Dec 22, 2015
Kelly W: I have all of his movies, great Christian films Dec 21, 2015
Sonia S: I like Christian movies. Its clean and I enjoy them Dec 20, 2015
Cindy S: Great movie to invite friends over to watch! Great for teens too. :) Dec 20, 2015
Lois P: Kirk Cameron is a good actor and usually any movie he is in is a good movie. Dec 17, 2015
Mary Beth M: Read about it in Samaritan Ministries Newsletter. Dec 16, 2015
Jessica L: Haven't seen this Christmas movie and it looked like it has good reviews. Dec 16, 2015
Kimberly O: Gift Dec 15, 2015
Sherry C: I purchased this movie to show it at Christmas to my grown sons and their wives. It sounds like an excellent movie. Dec 15, 2015
Mary P: I like Kirk Cameron and what he stands for. and this is the perfect time to put Christ bac in Christmas Dec 14, 2015
Ray B: The reviews are very favorable. So tired of the PC crowd and pushing Christmas aside. Want to share this with others. Dec 13, 2015
Danielle G: I like preview movie on and watched it. Dec 13, 2015
Cheryl & H: Looks good! Dec 13, 2015
Catherine A: To share and keep the True meaning of Christmas Dec 13, 2015
Felecia` M: for FUN! Dec 13, 2015
thomas m: Love Kirks stuff. Dec 13, 2015
Lucille W: Love Christmas and good movies about Christmas and Faith Dec 13, 2015
Darrell J: Kirk C. has always been true to his faith and I'm trusting this will show it as well. Dec 12, 2015
Madeleine E: Christmas gift to my pastor Dec 12, 2015
Kathy C: Not sure, just want the true meaning of Christmas to never be lost. i.e., simply family honored traditions & focus on Christ coming here & living among us. Dec 11, 2015
joyce d: i love Christmas movies that are faith based, and inspirational and cute and i like Kirk Cameron Dec 10, 2015
Marlene N: Good Family Christmas movie Dec 7, 2015
Janis L: I love all of Kirk Cameron's movies and like Christmas themed movies, too. Dec 7, 2015
Gary L: redeem xmas, plus Kick fan Dec 7, 2015
STUART B: Because Jesus is the reason for the season Dec 7, 2015
Betty C: I am excited to see this movie! Dec 4, 2015
Tommilynn H: To support and obtain media that honors Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas. Dec 2, 2015
orrett m: see the real reason for the season Dec 2, 2015
joyce C: I like Christmas movies Dec 1, 2015
Cheryl W: Wanted to buy it and not available locally Dec 1, 2015
Judy A: I love watching movies with Kirk Cameron in them. I loved Left Behind, Fireproof, and I believe I will enjoy this. I saw previews on tv, and thought it would be a good one. Dec 1, 2015
Jerry C: So much lost hope even among Christians when it come to Christmas. Many want to get away from the commercialism of the holiday which is good but then almost seek to discard the celebration because they see it as merely pagan. We will show this at church and ask people outside the church to attend. Nov 30, 2015
Sharon A: We needed a good movie to show to our church during the Christmas season. Nov 30, 2015
Pamela M: I am looking for good Christian movies with substance and virtue Nov 29, 2015
Kathy W: Christmas movie Nov 29, 2015
Don B: I like Kirk Cameron Nov 28, 2015
Debra S: I heard this was good and wanted to see it. Nov 28, 2015
Marylou P: Gift Nov 28, 2015
Kathy L: looks like a good movie Nov 28, 2015
James H: Great informal and inspirational movie. Nov 27, 2015
Anne R: Keep the real birth of Jesus as the focus of our Christmas Nov 25, 2015
S O: helps us realize the true meaning of Christmas Nov 20, 2015
John R: I saw it in the theaters and really enjoyed it. I enjoyed learning some of the Christian history involving many of the decorations and themes involved with Christmas. Nov 16, 2015
Patti G: wanted a family movie as a gift for Christmas Eve Nov 15, 2015
John J: I love Kirk Cameron's love of Jesus. Nov 15, 2015
Maximino v: It is very important to keep Christmas alive. Celebrating happiness and joy is what God wants us to do. Wish that everyday is Christmas. This DVD gives a perfect understanding of our savior Jesus. Nov 14, 2015
Elaine W: Kirk Cameron does clean, educational work. Nov 13, 2015
Sally M: I have like what Kirk Cameron has done in the past. Nov 13, 2015
Patricia M: With Christmas approaching I was interested in the subject matter presented. Nov 10, 2015
LeAnn B: Ben Carson and Kirk Cameron Nov 10, 2015
lowell f: trying to find movies to start something new at church Nov 9, 2015
Max H: Using this product along with a Gospel Tract and Christ centered card to keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas. Everyone in the family will get one. Nov 7, 2015
Sharon P: We like any movie with Kirk Cameron Nov 6, 2015
Melinda C: I love Christmas and want to have a great movie to share with my family when I visit. The previews looked great and seemed to share my values, looking forward to seeing the whole thing. Nov 4, 2015
Sheila M: The trailer looks interesting. Nov 3, 2015
ROSS V: I chose this because it looks hilarious. Kirk Cameron's comedies need to be supported so he can make more. Nov 3, 2015
andrew b: i need a new christmas movie and i enjoyed kirk camerons mercy rule and thought this would be great. Nov 2, 2015
Donnalynn S: I have heard it has an incredible message and I was unable to see it in the theaters. Nov 1, 2015
Louis A: Me and my wife didn't enjoy last Christmas because of some of the issues that this film raises. Now since growing spiritually we look forward to Kirk proving all that stuff is irrelevant and Christ is the center of all the festivity's. Oct 31, 2015
Gary B: time of year Oct 30, 2015
Debra J: I love Christ & Christmas! Oct 30, 2015
Donella F: Because we need more movies, books etc to remind us the true meaning of Christmas. We as a nation need to keep Christ in Christmas. Oct 30, 2015
Linda R asked: Did you leave the Theater smiling? Nov 20, 2014
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (2) No (2)
Crystal R: We did. Dec 17, 2014
Reply to Crystal Good answer? Yes (4) No (3)
StevenC: I thought it was a great movie. A little over the top at some points, but I took my wife, niece and mom to see it and we all thought it was enjoyable. =)) Apr 23, 2015
Reply to StevenC Good answer? Yes (2) No (2)
C Kameron: Yes, knowing it was over. Mar 14, 2015
Reply to C Kameron Good answer? Yes (6) No (9)
Marjorie W: Why? Nov 8, 2015
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Saving Christmas - DVD
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