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Alone Yet Not Alone - DVD

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Their faith became their freedom.

Based on the inspirational true story of Barbara and Regina Leininger, two immigrant sisters forced to embark on a journey of faith that will lead them through the darkness of war into the light of freedom.

Seeking religious freedom in America, a devout Christian family from Germany settles in the peaceful Pennsylvania colony - only to find themselves caught in the crossfire of the French & Indian War. Following a merciless raid on their settlement, daughters Barbara and Regina are abducted, separated, then raised by their Delaware captors in the harsh Ohio wilderness. Now, only their devotion to each other and faith in the Lord can lead them through their darkest hours and back to freedom in this inspirational, true story.

Alone Yet Not Alone DVD Details:

MPAA Rating: PG-13
Format: DVD Region 0  What's a Region Code?
Closed Captions: Yes
Languages: English
Subtitles: English SDH
Product Release Date:
Length/Run Time: 103 minutes
Directed By: Ray Bengsten, George D. Escobar
UPC/ISBN Number: 808717002009
Theatrical Release Date: Friday, June 13, 2014

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5 of 5 Stars! Alone Yet Not Alone - DVDRussell K, 06/11/2017
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Alone Yet Not Alone - DVDMoses H, 05/04/2017
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Alone Yet Not Alone - DVDJared G, 03/22/2017
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Alone Yet Not Alone - DVDRobert M D, 02/28/2017
(no written review given)
4 of 5 Stars! Alone Yet Not Alone - DVDRalph F, 12/27/2016
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Alone Yet Not Alone - DVDJames E Ethan L, 07/25/2016
(no written review given)
4 of 5 Stars! Alone Yet Not Alone - DVDRobert L, 07/06/2016
(no written review given)
3 of 5 Stars! Alone Yet Not Alone - DVDAurora P, 07/04/2016
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5 of 5 Stars! Alone Yet Not Alone - DVDJolene J, 06/26/2016
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! Alone Yet Not Alone - DVDPeter P, 06/17/2016
(no written review given)
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Alone Yet Not Alone - DVD
Already Asked: 2 Questions, 148 Answers
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Sandra M: I love to purchase Christian movies. To me it is almost like a ministry. People who do not read a lot, usually will watch a movie. I have many of the bible story movies. I am looking for the book of Mark from the Visual bible series, if you could let me know of its availability. Thank You Also, I just realize the Christmas Candle did not get included, I will catch it on my next order. I had only seen it once, and tried to tell my daughter about it. Jun 13, 2017
CINDY H: I read about this movie. May 19, 2017
debbie d: good storyline good reviews Apr 30, 2017
Pamela M: I have been wanting to see this movie for a long time. Love the prices of Christian Cinema! Mar 1, 2017
Charles S: Saw a preview of this movie and seemed like a good movie. Feb 9, 2017
Elizabeth S: Good family movie. Dec 26, 2016
luis t: i love that faith and history mixes together in this movie, never knew this detail in history until i saw this movie. Dec 22, 2016
Joe W: We need more movies like this. Christmas gifts for my extended family. Dec 18, 2016
John W: In today's world, it is often difficult to find "clean," inspiring movies that can be viewed / enjoyed by our entire family. This story would seem to fit into that category. Looking forward to watching it with the whole, extended family over the Thanksgiving holiday. Nov 23, 2016
Gary A: Great movie to show that even in the toughest time God never leaves us. Nov 16, 2016
Frank W: I saw the movie on the FB internet and wanted to own the movie. Excellent movie. Oct 29, 2016
emily s: I am so glad that you are able to look at the trailer before purchasing the dvd, it is very helpful. Oct 29, 2016
Xavier D: heard it was good Aug 17, 2016
Kenneth G. L: Excellent movie, sending it to a Niece. Jul 31, 2016
Joel E: I liked the reviews I heard about. May 21, 2016
james g: This is an inspirational Christian movie with Joni Earicson Tada singing. this is the kind of movie that all Christian families should have .
God Bless jim and dona
May 14, 2016
Ruth S: I actually watched this movie and highly recommend it to anyone to watch. May 7, 2016
D or H C: read article about the woman who wrote the theme song and how she was denied an award for the song - made me curious about the movie Apr 28, 2016
Sharon B: I have the book Mar 30, 2016
Adam F: Looks very similar in theme to "Last of the Mohicans" (a classic favorite of mine) so I decided to get it. Mar 25, 2016
Amy C: I am looking for historical movies that are not anti-christian. My son's history book seems to be so biased presenting the settlers as horrible people and the natives as purely innocent victims of power thirsty white men. Want a more balanced view. Hope this movie delivers that. Mar 15, 2016
rodney f: looked like a good movie Feb 28, 2016
Dianne G: Good quality family film&true story Feb 22, 2016
Paul F: Good reviews Feb 16, 2016
Asa M: This movie was highly recommended by my wife's best friend. Feb 7, 2016
Jane E S: I needed something spiritually uplifting while alone! Jan 29, 2016
Robert S: Love the frontier days. Jan 29, 2016
thomas f: read the book. love American history and Christian beginnings Jan 28, 2016
JoAnn W: To Show in My Women Ministry at church to let someone know that GOD is still alive Jan 27, 2016
Leslie K: I want to see it Jan 25, 2016
David G: Movie reveals faith and trials from true story. Jan 18, 2016
EDUARDO M: Because I love my Lord and I know that He never forsake or leave us matter our situation.. Jan 16, 2016
Kevin L: Banner Ad and price Jan 12, 2016
RC B: looked like a good movie Jan 11, 2016
Patricia S: Moving Christian Film that is truly a testament to the ability to survive with the help of God. Dec 25, 2015
Joni Y: Heard it is a great movie plus the fact that I love Joni Ericsson and have read her book that I could relate to as a young person who has had a life changing accident. Dec 15, 2015
Linda B: Very good movie and entertaining!
As well as learning that it is based on a true story.
Like I am in a history class that is not boring just exciting and above all about the promises of our God AND Jesus Christ!
Dec 12, 2015
Carol M: I love historical films, especially those with a Christian undertone to them. It makes them more believable. Dec 10, 2015
Noel M: Sounded interesting Dec 10, 2015
Pamela Z: I like history, but prefer the truthful reports over what is learned in public school. I like the entire story without bias. Dec 9, 2015
Carma H: We read the biography. Dec 3, 2015
Carris K: Because it's based on a true story with which I am familiar. Interested to see how it reflects the history of the time compared to the politically correct way of telling such stories in today's world. Dec 1, 2015
Marian F: Great family film! Dec 1, 2015
Sharon T: interested in seeing Nov 30, 2015
Brian U: Missed seeing in theaters. Have an audio with same storyline. Nov 28, 2015
John C: Alone Yet not alone book talks about His faithfulness even though times are at its hardest, He will never leave you nor forsake you. I've read the book, can't wait to watch the movie! It is an amazing trailer. Nov 27, 2015
Norman G: historical value Nov 27, 2015
Francois B: To have a different perspective on persecution Nov 26, 2015
Anne R: The book was excellent..expecting the movie to be excellent! Nov 25, 2015
Pamela M: It is a true story and it sounded like an exception one with Christian values Nov 19, 2015
elaine w: based on the good comments Nov 16, 2015
Cheryl H: Because it is based on a true story and Hollywood would not allow the song to receive the award. Nov 15, 2015
Jeff T: region 0 Nov 13, 2015
Pat B: great book; heard the story on Dr Dobson and have been waiting a long time to see this movie Nov 10, 2015
Jennifer K: The trailer looked good. Nov 9, 2015
Melvin C: Wanted to see this movie in the theater but only showed at 1 theater for 1 day, in Albuquerque, NM. Unable to find in any stores. Nov 7, 2015
Theresa G: My children and I read the book and now look forward to the movie. It is important to see faith acting through suffering. Nov 5, 2015
Gary B: for the history Oct 30, 2015
Michael W: have already got this excellent dvd. This one is for a gift. Oct 29, 2015
Robert C: I like stories about faith. Oct 24, 2015
Deborah G: Just watched it OnDemand and want a copy to watch whenever I want, plus a copy to give to the nursing home where my mom lives, and a copy for my church. Oct 21, 2015
Kenneth H: News reports about it and previews. Oct 21, 2015
MARIE D: i like christian based movies Oct 16, 2015
R Joseph I: Great historical and inspirational movie. Oct 13, 2015
Linda R: Good reviews Oct 13, 2015
Priscilla R: Love the historical encouragement Oct 12, 2015
Sadie T: value for family Oct 10, 2015
Gwen T: The trailer was very good, and it's based on a true story!! I love true movies, especially if they are christian based!! Oct 8, 2015
Robin C: looks really good! Oct 8, 2015
Anne D: A friend recommended it and I saw the preview and it does look like a good movie! Oct 6, 2015
Theda L: Because it is faith-based and based on a true story Oct 5, 2015
Ramses S: I like :) the story Oct 3, 2015
Fran S: looks good Oct 2, 2015
Donna K: Mom wants to see it.:) Oct 1, 2015
Carla R: the trailer looks really good. Oct 1, 2015
Thomas W: Because I liked the story premise and Joni E. Tada's singing of the theme. I am also interested in stories featuring strong female characters vice the usual background and victim role played by Christian female actors. Oct 1, 2015
Alice A: I read the book and loved it. Now I would like to see the movie. Sep 30, 2015
Tamri M: I like to have quality movies around for my grandchildren to watch. Sep 20, 2015
dawn t: Description sounds good. Help in getting through life's struggles using faith. Sep 16, 2015
Damaris S: Looks interesting Sep 11, 2015
Barbara A: Scenes were filmed at Penns Cave, just six miles from my home. Great to see the wolves from their wildlife park featured, too. :D Sep 10, 2015
Laurie H: I read the book and loved the story. I especially love that it is a true story. I also saw the movie trailer many times while watching the National Bible Bee Game Show. It looks like the acting will enhance the story. Sep 5, 2015
Carol B: I actually picked this because of the title. I recently lost my husband and this speaks to me. I love history and the Christian Faith that built this Country. This movie will speak to me in more ways than one! Sep 3, 2015
Lesa B: This movie is about an ancestor of mine. My family is from the Leininger decent living in Berks Co, PA. Aug 31, 2015
Peter R: Life of faith based on a true story. Aug 30, 2015
Jeff W: Saw the trailer. Looked like a very good movie! Aug 27, 2015
Vicky P: Been wanting to see it and missed it at the theater. Glad y'all have it! Gonna watch it with The Grandson. :-) Aug 27, 2015
Kimberly H: I chose this because it is based on a true story, and it seems pretty interesting based on the preview. Aug 24, 2015
JUDY B: liked the trailer and liked the song also like true stories Aug 23, 2015
Liliane N: Because I love the description of the movie and I am sure that I will be please to watch it. Aug 22, 2015
Sharon M: it's true and about Native people. Aug 20, 2015
James B: Like movies based on real life events Aug 18, 2015
Rainey M: I'm excited about the surge of Christian media and how it's so broadly available. I'm seeing it in frequented stores. But I'm especially interested in Christian 'True Story' based movies. Aug 14, 2015
Mary Carolyn B: Sorry movie had such poor distribution - I wanted to watch with others. Joni's song goes to the core of my walk especially in times of trials. Aug 14, 2015
Karin O: My daughters enjoyed the book. Thought we'd like the movie too. Aug 11, 2015
pete s: Feel that it is a movie that I need in my selection that I will watch over again and share with other. Aug 10, 2015
Malcolm R: I missed this movie in the theater so when it came out on DVD I had to get it for my family especially at this great price. The digital version was also a nice bonus. Please keep these great movies coming! Aug 6, 2015
Brian N: I enjoy Christian movies Aug 6, 2015
Cheryl B: It is based on a true story and is a God filled movie. Aug 3, 2015
Janet s: I love the song and have not seen the movie yet. Aug 1, 2015
Laura B: Sonoma Christian Home recommended Aug 1, 2015
Nancy T: Thought provoking and inspirational Jul 31, 2015
Joyce S: Husband appears in it; stirring story of faith under duress Jul 30, 2015
patricia h: I like true stories and history. I appreciate Christian entertainment as an alternative. Jul 22, 2015
Betty S: It's a true story regarding Pennsylvania history. Jul 19, 2015
Phillis S: I love the movie's theme song and never got to see this movie in a theater. I can't wait to see this movie based on a true story. Jul 18, 2015
Anna M K: Saw the reviews but was unable to see it locally. So happy to have the opportunity to view this true story with my family. Jul 17, 2015
Michael L: Recommended by a good friend. Some of the actors are friends. Jul 14, 2015
Billie S: Very excited to see this film!!! If the evil that is Hollywood bashed this film and went so far as to have the Academy of Motion Pictures refuse to even allow the song to be a a contender for Best Original Song, it must really be worth it!! Jul 10, 2015
Rosalie B: my family was a part of making this movie Peter Forbes is my grandson and others of my family were involved Jul 9, 2015
thomas s: great movie about faith and trust in God to deliver us no matter the situation and that He will never leave us nor forsake us Jul 9, 2015
Kevin D: Thank you for your bold and disciplined cinema for this movie. It's center is our beloved eternal faith in our loving Lord, which is in union with a rich cultural and historical context of complex characters and struggles of First Nations America, and the struggles of early immigration to Colonial America. Amen to this movie! Peace be with you... Jul 9, 2015
Tesa S: I have followed the producer and respect his work. Jul 8, 2015
Jordan W: I worked on this movie! Can't wait to see the finished product! Jul 8, 2015
Elgene C: Joni Tada did the music and accepted for Academy award then it was rescinded. I waited for it in the theaters, but was not really released in my area. Really wanted to see it. Jul 7, 2015
Gerald R: saw a review... Jul 7, 2015
Betty H: Read the book, want by grandkids to see the movie. Strong dependance on God, and remembrance of lessons learned in hard times. Jul 7, 2015
Wesleyfranklin: because its a blessing to the world for friend's and Family's and you to the world and to worker's to hear the word of Jesus Christ. Hugs. Jul 7, 2015
Beth C: based on true story Jun 29, 2015
Kristen H: Heard about it on Christian radio--about Johnnie Erikson Tada's song Jan 23, 2015
David C: Heard interview about the movie on NPR
radio and my wife and I want to now see it.
Jan 12, 2015
Ian M: I think it was a great movie and I would recommend it to all my friends! Jan 3, 2015
Cheryl F: Because it is a true story about faith and courage. Dec 23, 2014
Deedra R: I heard the interview with the writer while driving across the country. It sounded great1 Dec 20, 2014
Felipe R: I watched the trailer online and found it interesting. Dec 18, 2014
Janie W: This is local history in my area and I have read the book. Am anxious to see the film. Dec 7, 2014
Darrell B: Native Americans & historical setting Nov 30, 2014
Marilyn S: I have been waiting for this move to come out for a long time I finally found it on this web site so of course I purchased it. I love Toni Ericksonâ?¦.I would like to have in Blue Ray but they only offered in DVD Nov 20, 2014
Ed B: it's Christian based, and the fact that Jone Erickson Tada sings the theme song, knowing what her condition is, and how they took her song away from the Academy Awards based on some phony reason, makes me want to see this even more. Thank you . A brother in Christ . Nov 20, 2014
Deniece S: I love true movies, especially ones of faith. I have been wanting to see this movie for a year, can't wait! Also, it looks like it has been done in the best quality. Not like a B movie as we say. Thank you for making a good movie like this. I have been waiting for it to come out to share it with our pastor at our church. He does not have TV in his home, but will watch a God based movie that will encourage one faith. Wish I could get it now!!! Thank you again Nov 19, 2014
Heather E: A gift for my dad Nov 10, 2014
michele a: To learn more about American history, as well as watch an exciting movie! Nov 1, 2014
Willow G: Book was recommended at True Woman Conference. Wanted the movie for my daughter to see. She's currently reading the book. Nov 1, 2014
Cassandra J: Love this movie and my grandsons loved it as well!! Oct 29, 2014
Lynn T: I'm an extra i the movie. Oct 25, 2014
DAVID W: GOOD STORY!! Oct 22, 2014
Connie W: Loved the movie and want to use as a movie for fund raiser for little girl of seven that has cancer. Oct 14, 2014
A shopper asked: Does it have spanish? Jul 12, 2015
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Ed B: It does not have Spanish, but just a very little bit of German, since that"s where the family originated from . True Story, very well made. Not a swear word to be found. a little brutal in some scenes, when the Indians slay the white man, and they burn 1 Christian woman at the stake for disobeying the Indian way.
I would recommend it highly, Even though I ordered it, it wasn"t released until July of this Year. Hope this helps answer your question.
Jul 13, 2015
Reply to Ed Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
Lynn T: It does not have Spanish. There are some "subtitles" in English for the Native American language used. I am an extra in the movie, and it is excellent, featuring "Alone Yet Not Alone," the music video featuring Joni Eareckson Tada. Jul 13, 2015
Reply to Lynn Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Janie W: I do not know if this film is available in Spanish, mine is in English.
At best, it is a good film based on actual historical information.
Jul 13, 2015
Reply to Janie Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Jerret G: If you mean that can you get this movie in the Spanish language, I'm sorry but I don't know. Jul 18, 2015
Reply to Jerret Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Darrell B: I do not know Spanish. It is in English Jul 13, 2015
Reply to Darrell Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Ed B: No, it only plays in English. "Sorry" Jul 13, 2015
Reply to Ed Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Janet S: It is only English. Jul 14, 2015
Reply to Janet Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Joshua B: No Jul 24, 2015
Reply to Joshua Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
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Alone Yet Not Alone - DVD
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