Louie Giglio: Boy Meets Girl - 2 Disc Set - DVD
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Louie Giglio: Boy Meets Girl - 2 Disc Set - DVD


Dating... who can figure it out?
Boy Meets Girl takes an honest and straightforward look at dating relationships and the challenges they bring. Beginning with our Creator, this series approaches guy-girl relationships from His perspective, helping lay the ground work for meaningful relationships now and a marriage that will last. Digging below the surface, Boy Meets Girl uncovers potential dangers and offers practical help for anyone seeking a long term relationship that is all God intended it to be.

About Louie Giglio and Passion City Church Resources 
From acclaimed communicator and Passion founder Louie Giglio comes a new DVD in the Passion City Church Resources series. The Passion Talk Series & Passion City Church Resources feature hours of compelling content, which will inspire, encourage & speak to God's grace & truth. This collection of talks has been experienced by millions around the world, each telling a meaningful story of God's goodness, grace & love. 

These messages are being used by small groups, life groups, and churches, as well as among friends & family members around the world. Many have been impacted by the stories, images and powerful messages captured in each of the talks. 

The Passion Movement and the messages of founder Louie Giglio have marked the lives of millions of people around the globe, calling people everywhere to live for the glory of God. Focused on the collegiate age group - yet spilling over to people of all ages - Passion exists to unite students for spiritual awakening in this generation. From its inception, the movement of Passion has birthed new anthems of worship, influencing countless churches and helping to define the current worship climate and establish artists Chris Tomlin, Kristian Stanfill, Crowder, Matt Redman, Christy Nockels, and others. Louie is the pastor and founder of Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA.

2-DVD Set (6 parts) 
1. In The Beginning (58:11) 
2. Pulling Together or Drifting Apart (56:44) 
3. Still Dating Dad (1:00:13) 
4. Waiting Here For You (47:11) 
5. Waiting Here For You, Part 2 (59:50) 
6. The Marriage Myth (47:58)

Louie Giglio: Boy Meets Girl 2 Disc Set DVD Details:

MPAA Rating: NR
Format: DVD Region 1  What's a Region Code?
Closed Captions: No
Languages: English
Product Release Date:
Length/Run Time: 234 minutes
UPC/ISBN Number: 5099990354694

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It's the greatest story ever told.

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5 of 5 Stars! Louie Giglio: Boy Meets Girl - 2 Disc Set - DVDDonnalynn S, 02/09/2014
There is great joy to be had in this series.

Most any pre-teen - mature person would benefit from this series. Single or not.

Getting a grasp who we are right now today to our God our Creator is vital for any decision we would make or plan of action we would take. We will live with the consequences for the rest of our earthly life - isn't it better to get it right the first time?

Teens are already living with the mistakes others in their lives have made, show them how to avoid those pitfalls.

Be the person you would want in your life first. Presented in such a clear way as Louie always does. He doesn't leave questions - just decisions to be made.

Grab onto the Value God sees, - God put into our lives....
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Louie Giglio: Boy Meets Girl - 2 DVD Set - DVD
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ChristianCinema.com Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Dottie M: I have 10 grandchildren that are stair steps in age. the oldest about to head off to college. They all have been home schooled and I felt these might help them before each heads off to college. So they can pass them from family to family. My sister had purchased these for her grands and she told me about them. They were excellent for an adult as well as teens. Great work, in Christ, Giglio! Jun 13, 2017
Mindy Y: GOD AND FAMILY VALUES Jul 7, 2016
Rochelle G: Louie Giglio is one of the best story tellers today. I have many of his DVD's his DVD set with Hope when life hurts most help me thru a painful time in my life. My husband passed away Feb 2014 this DVD gave me strength, courage and peace. My husband was a Pastor and we shared Louie Giglio's How Great is our God, Symphony, Hope when life hurts most etc. with our congregation this encouraged them as they watched my husband suffer with cancer before he died. My husband preached to the end. Aug 15, 2014
Jaimi B: To help navigate difficult relationships. May 29, 2014
Sonia S: to help youth understand how courtship should be Mar 18, 2014
Laurie B: 2 words : teenage daughter :-)

I am purchasing another!!
I watched this DVD and am MOST impressed!
Bought one for a friend's teenage daughter :)
And quite honestly, what Pastor Giglio has to say is worthwhile for ALL of us!!!
Mar 11, 2014
Ann F: Saw a giveaway opportunity for this DVD Set on Klove's website. My 16 year old daughter is making poor choices in her life regarding her first boy-girl relationship. Desperately need help for her to make Godly choices, which is her desire too. Just hard.... Feb 10, 2014
Merlene O: A resource for my teenage son, who is finding his way in the boy/girl relationships. To provide a Christian perspective in a world that promotes the opposite values. Jan 17, 2014
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Louie Giglio: Boy Meets Girl - 2 Disc Set - DVD
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