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Would you make a daring stand for truth?

In the year 2030, all religious freedoms Americans once enjoyed have disappeared, replaced by a universal church in which Christianity is outlawed. The government silences all truth and views those who dare to speak about their faith as terrorists who must be hunted down and destroyed. Only one man, Zach Thompson, has the courage to stand up for the truth. With the help of his friend Aaron, a Navy Seal with expert computer skills, Zach devises a plan to breach the government's lockdown on religious webcasts, but Zach's proclamation of faith comes with a heavy price. Imprisoned by a ruthless government official, Captain Jack Johansen, Zach stays focused on his mission, even with death pounding at his door.

The Freedom of Silence VOD Details:

MPAA Rating: NR
Closed Captions: Yes
Languages: English
Product Release Date:
Length/Run Time: 96 minutes
Produced By: Robertson 6 Productions
Directed By: Richard Robertson

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5 of 5 Stars! The Freedom of Silence - VODBetty J J, 07/26/2016
(no written review given)
5 of 5 Stars! The Freedom of Silence - VODTimothy O, 11/11/2015
(no written review given)
4 of 5 Stars! The Freedom of Silence - VODMary M, 09/23/2015
(no written review given)
1 of 5 Stars! The Freedom of Silence - VODKenny B, 01/22/2015
This is the worst Christian movie I have ever seen. It clearly tries to brain wash you into thinking the government is out to get Christians like every Christian is suppose to be republican. That is why I am and will always be independent. I think you should never mix politics with religion. There are a lot of people that love Jesus and are not republicans. True Christianity is for all people and it should not be used to separate people but unify them. God loves everyone just not a hand full of people.
3 of 5 Stars! The Freedom of Silence - VODCarol J, 10/28/2014
(no written review given)
3 of 5 Stars! The Freedom of Silence - VODMichelle G, 10/05/2014
(no written review given)
2 of 5 Stars! The Freedom of Silence - VODRichard and Linda D, 01/05/2014
The Freedom of Silence is both low-budget and slow moving, which makes this suitable for making a better choice in film selection. Enjoy!
4 of 5 Stars! The Freedom of Silence - VODLisa C, 12/02/2013
(no written review given)
2 of 5 Stars! The Freedom of Silence - VODMilton K, 08/16/2013
(no written review given)
4 of 5 Stars! The Freedom of Silence - VODScott L, 07/02/2013
This was a great look at how evil and wicked our nation is becoming towards true Christianity! Everyone should watch and WAKE UP!
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The Freedom of Silence - DVD
Already Asked: 2 Questions, 21 Answers
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Ronald B: Sounds interesting. Jul 14, 2017
Tami S: thinking I'll use this as a ministry tool to Christian friends Jan 24, 2017
Mindy Y: FAMILY VALUES Jul 7, 2016
Ava M: It's encouraging to me personally... May 18, 2016
Linda t: It sounded interesting! Apr 15, 2016
Lynda W: One of the best movies we have seen. Nov 11, 2015
Wellington B: To study courage Jul 12, 2015
Mrs. Janet B: I just heard about this movie and I'm anxious to watch it. Oct 28, 2014
Bill M: freedom in jeoperdy Oct 28, 2013
Ross M: topic-great movine Aug 27, 2013
Mark J: Todd Friel mentioned it on Wretched Radio, it sounded very good. May 24, 2013
Meredith L: I saw the trailer for this and wanted to see it. May 5, 2013
robert r: this is what society is becoming Apr 23, 2013
Chris M: This movie has a powerful message that Christians need to hear. I have seen the movie a few times now and each time the story is more compelling.

This would be a great video for church groups to watch and discuss what it means to be a Christian in a world that is hostile to Christianity.
Apr 16, 2013
Bonnie G: need answers Mar 22, 2013
Peggy L: Love End Time movies. It wasn't that great Mar 1, 2013
A shopper asked: Is this movie appropriate for youth groups? Jul 5, 2013
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
thomas m: Well, today with everything else going on in TV, movies and in schools, along with Christianity being challenged all over the world. This movie shows what can happen in America when JESUS/BIBLE, the lords word is removed from it's foundation. Kids today are seeing Murder, drugs and sex to name a few all day, why can't they see the truth of what is behind it all. Yes, I think this will educate our youths to what can and will happen when GOD is taken out of America. But when shown to youth groups I would hope biblical foundations are made for them to understand the message being told in this movie... Jul 5, 2013
Reply to thomas Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
Carol S: I believe it is, it's reality of what could possibly happen and I believe that our young people need to know how important it is to stand up for our beliefs, even though it may mean our life. The Bible says we will be prosecuted in the end times and we are living in them now, it would be best if they new what is coming so they can be strong and look to the only one who can save them and that is our Lord Jesus Christ Jul 7, 2013
Reply to Carol Good answer? Yes (1) No (0)
James L: It ABSOLUTELY is! Our youth groups met together to watch this and there were quite a number of comments, questions, leads to discussion afterwords.

Hope you enjoy it.
Jul 15, 2013
Reply to James Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Chris M: I would say yes for 9-12. Not sure about 6-8. The message would be great for all ages but at times the movie is intense and may not be the best for younger youth. Jul 5, 2013
Reply to Chris Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Ross M: I would be hesitant to show this to youth. The youth would have to be very mature, certainly no one under 15/16. It is very violent and very graphic. Scenes near the end would make me consider carefully before showing it to youth. The acting was very stiff and youth would probably become disenchanted quickly. I think more appropriate would be Resurection Road. Jul 18, 2013
Reply to Ross Good answer? Yes (0) No (1)
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