Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection - DVD
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Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection - DVD

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Enjoy Janette Oke's saga of the Davis family as they find love and build strong families on the American Prairies.

Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the original "Love Comes Softly" movie by reliving your favorite moments from the most-inspirational film series of the past decade with a new 10-Disc DVD set. Over 18 hours of beloved, heartwarming movies provides more value than ever! Each of the 10 movies are inspired by the best-selling book series from Janette Oke and include an all-star cast including: Katherine Heigl, Lou Diamond Philips, January Jones, Cheryl Ladd and many more.

Marty and Clark Davis started married life as strangers in a marriage of convenience. Their individual tragedies forced them together, but love soon blossomed in their hearts. Their committed love is an example to generations of their family who grow up, find romance, and build their own prairie families.

As their children and children's children become adults, follow their classic stories of romance, drama, joy and faith. Pioneers not just in the new land, but in their professions, they carry on the tradition of strong families with strong beliefs central to the heart of their stories. Janette Oke's classic tales translate beautifully to film and contain messages of hope for all ages.


***Love Comes Softly
Loves Enduring Promise
Loves Long Journey
***Loves Abiding Joy
Loves Unending Legacy
Loves Unfolding Dream
Love Takes Wing
Love Finds a Home
Love Begins
Love’s Everlasting Courage

***Some DVDs are not labeled but have the movie title on the inner ring - this was done intentionally by the manufacturer and is not a defect.


Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection DVD Details:

MPAA Rating: NR
Format: DVD Region 1  What's a Region Code?
Closed Captions: No
Languages: English
Product Release Date:
Length/Run Time: 1080 minutes
UPC/ISBN Number: 024543841319

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5 of 5 Stars! Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection - DVDEarner H, 05/19/2017
I have All of them I save them to look at most of the time when there noting to look on TV . I love look at them.
5 of 5 Stars! Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection - DVDTravis C, 03/22/2017
This show is awesome. I have seen teh first five before and love watching them again. Can\'t wait to watch the last five. It will bring you tears, laughter and makes you feel like you are there with them. A must for every library.
5 of 5 Stars! Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection - DVDFrancesca T, 11/30/2016
I love all these stories. Both the books and the movies are wonderful. I cannot wait to share both with my granddaughter!
5 of 5 Stars! Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection - DVDAudrey C, 10/22/2016
OMG, I love these DVD\'s, I watch the movies all the time on Hallmark, I even DVR them so I could watch them whenever I wanted, which is everyday!. I was so excited to get the full 10 DVD series for next to nothing. The quality was perfect. Worth much more than the asking price. I could not wait order a set for my best friend. She loves the \"Love Comes Softly series too. I can\'t wait to order more faith like DVD\'s.

Do you have the Christmas one?

God bless!
5 of 5 Stars! Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection - DVDKenneth L, 10/18/2016
I was adopted at 21 months and was fortunate to be raised a Christian with unending and unconditional love. This series reminds me of the love and values my parents so lovingly bestowed upon me. Rather than being raised as an only child, my parents (and I) opened our hearts and our home to foster children (some 75 children over a period of some 14 years) whom I still consider my brothers and sisters, although we have lost touch with each other over these last years as I am now 71 years old.
This Movie Series brings to my mind, the kind of values and love I was so fortunate to have in my life and makes me realize what is missing in our society today.
You see, I have a theory of child raising. God plants of the seed of love inside each of us upon conception, but weather that love grows is up to our parents (with God\'s help and guidance to nourish that love and make it grow so we become the person that God wants each of us to be. Neither one of my parents were able to complete high school but the love they had in their hearts was better than what any schooling could teach..
We went to church every week and when I was not in school or helping at home, I was at some type of youth and/or some of the adult functions at our church. This movie series reemphasizes the importance of religious and family values and bonds. Our society needs to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n and bring the family back together as it once was. The family that eats together, plays together, and prays together is strong and endures all hardships in life!
4 of 5 Stars! Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection - DVDCathy F, 10/15/2016
I love this series. And this disc collection is perfect for my library.
5 of 5 Stars! Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection - DVDPadre Gregory C, 05/25/2016
Good collection of family oriented films with strong faith background appropriate for most religions. Children under 13 should watch with a parent to explain any questions they might have.

On a scale on 1 - 10 : I would rate it as 8.5 for school age children.

For overall score factoring in entertaining, theme of movie, compatibility for ALL family members. Add in quality of product and value for the dollar

I would rate it a 13 on a scale of 1 - 10.

I enjoyed my set so much that I have decided to get everyone in my family an \"early\" Christmas Gift. Will be ordering as soon as I can locate all the addresses.

Thank you Christian Cinema for making it so easy to get the entire series and at a price more than half off what I had expected to pay.
5 of 5 Stars! Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection - DVDDeborah P, 04/16/2016
So thankful I was able to find these series I have watched them on TV. They are great movies I enjoy watching them over and over.
All of you are great.
God Bless!!!
5 of 5 Stars! Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection - DVDSarah Q, 12/29/2015
Both Michael Landon jr and his dad make some of the best ever series including when calls th heart,love comes softly and Little house on the prarie! Another great watch for anyone who enjoys these series is the one and one dr. Quinn medicine woman series!!!! Dadadada!
5 of 5 Stars! Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection - DVDCamilla C, 11/27/2015
This is the best love Christian movie that I have witness. I watch this series every Friday night, because of my Religious conviction, I don't watch television so I put on this DVD collection. Sometimes they lull me to sleep, but most time they play all night long. I really enjoy them, and they couldn't have produce a better movie than this. Of course I rearrange the DVD, for what I felt the order of the movie should be, and it works (from the beginning to end). Thank you very much to those who made this possible.
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Love Comes Softly Complete 10 Disc Collection - DVD
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Chrissy T: I love these movies and the price is unbeatable! Jul 21, 2017
Lauren V: This is something my daughter requested as a gift for her. Jul 19, 2017
mary S: I have watched a couple of the movies on Hallmark Channel. They are loving and heartwarming and the type of show I would watch over and over and share with others . Jul 15, 2017
Helen G: Watched some of the Love installments on Hallmark. Unfortunately, Hallmark didn't have the rest of the movies in their lineup. I was so happy to see that the whole series was available on DVD and for a crazy amount too. These movies are wonderful and I'm looking forward to watching the rest of them. Anyone buying these movies will not regret it. Jul 13, 2017
Luz D: I love these series, because it has moral and standards that this generation is missing for a lack of honesty, true love and foundation many parents neglect to teach their kids... Jul 12, 2017
Philip P: My wife and I really like this series Jul 7, 2017
dale r: seen some of these movies on tv wanted to see the whole series Jul 7, 2017
Karen B: Wanted to see the whole series. Jul 6, 2017
Carol K: Love the series and thought my Mother would like them as well. Jul 6, 2017
Valerie H: They are wholesome, tender and faith promoting, Jul 5, 2017
Susan V: Discipleship tool Jul 5, 2017
Della C: results of search, good clean christian movies Jul 4, 2017
Robert S: I found you on the internet and I like the name
"Christian Cinema" as it sounds so safe to order things.
Jul 4, 2017
Janice W: A good friend loves the series and I decided to purchase this as a gift for him. Jul 3, 2017
Jolane R: I saw these movies on TV and wanted to have my own copies because they were so heartwarming. Jul 3, 2017
Janice R: I enjoy the series - good clean Christian videos. Jul 3, 2017
Jonathan S: Watched the series on Hallmark and thought my sister would like it. This is for her birthday. Jul 2, 2017
Ron D: Love the movie Jul 1, 2017
Tonya G: Loved the movies Jun 27, 2017
Debbie F: Our family loves these movies:D Jun 26, 2017
Karen M: I like the tv series when calls the heart, which is based on a janette oke book. Jun 24, 2017
Bill S: Based on what we have seen thus far... this is an excellent series. Jun 20, 2017
BILLIE K: Love the series n couldn't find the last 2 of the series.Cant wait to get them so I can watch them Jun 19, 2017
Karrie R: It's a favorite of my mother-in-law's, we wanted to get it for her to watch together. Jun 8, 2017
Joy M: I love these faith based movies. They are wonderful for the entire family to watch. The romance and the unconditional love of family is heartwarming. I have watched this series again and again on Hallmark, and now I'll watch them when Hallmark isn't showing them. Jun 6, 2017
Susan M: It has the last 3 dvd's of the series that I don't have and condenses the space in my dvd shelf. Jun 5, 2017
Carol L: Love her books so decided I would like to see the movies. Jun 2, 2017
margaret p: because it is a family movie May 26, 2017
Larry C: Good clean Christian movies. May 21, 2017
Linda J: looked good May 13, 2017
William W: Saw some of the series on pixel May 13, 2017
Sharon H: Christian and wonderful DVD's. Have seen Love Come Softly. May 11, 2017
debra e: I absolutely love the Jennete Oke series of love come softly books, and wanted to watch them on dvd. Apr 29, 2017
Joanne F: its a love story about life... Apr 22, 2017
Patricia K: I seen some of the series and want to see the whole series. Apr 22, 2017
Teresa H: My Parents Love This Collection. I wanted to do something Special for them! Thank You Soooo Much! Apr 16, 2017
Edwin E: Very nicely done, heart felt, gripping, beautiful scenery. Apr 14, 2017
Molly S: I grew up watching these movies on the Hallmark channel with my mom and they are so much fun to watch! A little cheesy at times, but that gives them an extra boost of feel-good family fun :) Apr 12, 2017
Bruce H: Gift for my mother Apr 12, 2017
Aliceson C: Wonderful movies. Apr 7, 2017
Evelyne L: It is a collection that all families should have at home. This collection is teaching you about love, forgiveness, acceptance, endurance, patience....many more. It's a must have!!! Apr 7, 2017
Gloria F: Wonderful message and clean content language. Apr 3, 2017
raymond l: old favorite on pixl tv good for camping trips or on the road Apr 2, 2017
Isabel L: I love this movies, great price Apr 1, 2017
Hertah P: I watched a couple of them and felt other then a few marriages were like mine with truth of the lord and true love of God and your husband Mar 30, 2017
Sherry K: Daughter requested, giving to her as gift Mar 27, 2017
Carol J: We like wholesome movies and enjoy historical period videos Mar 26, 2017
Angela J: Warm, inviting movies Mar 26, 2017
Deborah B: Reading the book series and like them so much I wanted to see the movies. Mar 25, 2017
Steve S: "I enjoy the series, but don't want to depend on the networks to show at a time that is convenient for me." Mar 24, 2017
Frederic W: A friend asked me to purchase the video and I was very pleased to acquire same at such a reasonable price. Mar 23, 2017
Elnora B: Enjoyed seeing it on tv several yrs ago. good family movie. Mar 15, 2017
Carhy S: I have seen some of these and they are totally awesome. The price is really good. Mar 11, 2017
Carmen C: Saw entire movie on hallmark channel and fell in love Mar 9, 2017
Alice M: I have enjoyed the series.Nice to have them on hand. Mar 8, 2017
Brenda F: Have been watching this series of movies for years and am so glad to find it in a set....sorry the christmas dvd was not included. Mar 8, 2017
Patricia R: great price Mar 8, 2017
Denise C: I have been watching the movies on cable tv and want the set for myself to watch anytime I want to....Love this series Mar 7, 2017
Bryant A: These are quality movies with timeless and uplifting values. Great for the whole family. Mar 7, 2017
Deborah J: Because I love these movies and could never find all of them. Mar 2, 2017
Sharell E: I wanted to see the complete series. Mar 1, 2017
sherry v: loved the movies Mar 1, 2017
Diane M: Love this series. Good wholesome entertainment for the entire family. Has a strong message. Feb 27, 2017
Elisabeth G: I have seen one movie, and loved it. Feb 26, 2017
Dolores P: Encourage me to be a better christian Feb 25, 2017
Faye C: Love the movie Feb 25, 2017
LATOYIA G: I love those movies. Feb 20, 2017
Richard B: we watched a couple of these from my mother's collection and really enjoyed them. We loved them so much we ordered a set for us and for each of our 4 married children. Feb 20, 2017
Allen P: I like christian movies in the old west Feb 19, 2017
SHIRLEY A: good family clean safe movies and very well written Feb 19, 2017
debbie r: search online for dvd lead me here Feb 19, 2017
Leanne S: I love these movies and have never been able to watch them all in order. And the price was great for all 10 DVDs. Feb 19, 2017
Gidget W: Great series! Feb 19, 2017
Patricia J: I owned the series but gave them to my mom who doesn't get the Hallmark channel. Feb 18, 2017
Ron S: Good product, good value. Feb 17, 2017
Yvonne H: I have loved this series since I first saw it years ago. I saw a couple of episodes last weekend and it made me want them in my library.

So, when I saw these on sale for $15.00, I couldn't help myself !

I don't like 95% of what television has to offer, so these will help fill my down time !

I am so looking forward to seeing the last few, which I have not seen !
Feb 16, 2017
Dale P: I have enjoyed several of the the series movies.....looking online to find a few more to watch and came across this website.......great buy..........and found a couple of more movies as well. One is a gift, one is for me and one is to assist me as well as others in dealing with hurt. Feb 14, 2017
Beverly T: I just watch one of them on Channel 21 and loved it so I decided to look them up, found them and ordered.Thank you so much for making them available for sale. I cant wait to get them so I can watch all the Collection.
God bless you!
Feb 13, 2017
William D: Love the series. Feb 11, 2017
Dawn H: Excellent prices for these disks! I like to support business that put Christ in the business. Feb 10, 2017
Heather L: These are amazing movies! I can't wait to get these in the mail. Such heart felt inspiring films. Feb 5, 2017
Lori B: I love movies that are based on Christian Values. This series has been recommended to me by many of my friends. Looking forward to enjoying it along with my family members. Feb 3, 2017
Kathryn E: Because I enjoyed your movie of Love Comes Softly that stared Katherine Heigle and Dale Midkiff, that I saw on TV. It was a very well told story. Thanks! Jan 31, 2017
Diane M: great family movies and no harsh words like today oon Tv it's like anything goes and this is a welcome change. Jan 30, 2017
gary: We love this movie collection of LOVE COMES SOFTLY. Every family should have this collection to watch. This sale price on this collection was too good to pass up so we made this purchase.We always watch these movies on Hall Mark or Christian channels when they are shown. Now we will be able to watch any time we want to for years to come. Thank You Jan 29, 2017
Gloria D: I like these kind of movies:wholesome, family viewing, Christian-based. Jan 28, 2017
Deborah B: love the books Jan 27, 2017
George W: Love these movies Jan 25, 2017
Wally B: These are good wholesome movies for family viewing. Jan 25, 2017
Janet P: I read about but I like to see the movie Jan 25, 2017
JIM S: Outstanding price and easy shopping options Jan 21, 2017
Sandy D: These are great movies if you want good family entertainment. Jan 21, 2017
kim l: I love this series. Wish there were more movies in it!! Jan 20, 2017
Elizabeth K: I love this series!
I can watch it with my teenage daughter - she still gets the warm and fuzzy romance without the hollywood smut.
Well written stories with great actors and excellent directing.
Jan 16, 2017
Karrell W: i love it Jan 14, 2017
Michael G: The family loves these movies. Jan 13, 2017
lynn b: It is a wonderful Christian movie series that the whole family will enjoy. Jan 12, 2017
Shelli C: We have seen some of the movies before and loved them. They are a great family movie. Jan 10, 2017
Alana M: Wonderful family movies. Gift for teen niece Jan 9, 2017
Agatha T: These movies are good clean movies with a good moral message. Jan 8, 2017
Collette B: Good Christian content. Jan 6, 2017
Jill H: My mom loves Janette Okee Jan 3, 2017
Dolores F: Read book one of series and decided to get DVDs. Jan 3, 2017
Marilyn F: I love this series from the first time I saw it on a Christian Cinema station. Jan 3, 2017
cheryl b: to replace a defective set Dec 31, 2016
Benita D: Great series. Mild mannered western love stories. Dec 30, 2016
Earnest T: Seen the series on tbn Dec 30, 2016
ray v: good movie/good books/ Dec 28, 2016
George H: I like the Christian content of Janette Oke! Dec 24, 2016
Nancy G: Seen some of these movies on Hallmark channel for Christmas and loved them! Dec 23, 2016
daniel c: gifts Dec 22, 2016
Cindy E: This is the best family entertainment. I am ordering the complete set
for my grand-daughter. I highly recommend to anyone who is tired of
the violence and vulgarity in so many movies made now. They are not
made with families in mind at all.
Dec 21, 2016
Tiffany C: Because my mom been wanting these movies for a while Dec 20, 2016
D. Michael F: I choose this product at the request of my wife. Dec 19, 2016
Cindy D: I have been looking for this series for a while now. This buy was a good deal. Dec 17, 2016
Mark G: Subject, content & price Dec 17, 2016
charles h: looks good,,,,first time order Dec 17, 2016
Robert B: It is a great movie with great family values. Dec 16, 2016
reba t: I have seen some of the movies, wanted to see them again with the ones I hadn't; Dec 16, 2016
betty s: I have always enjoyed all of these movies and want to own the series. Dec 15, 2016
Susan D: Saw on TV Dec 14, 2016
Brian S: Great prices Dec 11, 2016
Travis S: They are all good, wholesome movies, And the way things are today, all of us could use some good quality and wholesome entertainment. Dec 10, 2016
Vickie K: great series based on love, faith and responsibility Dec 10, 2016
Stacy V: I Love these movies! Dec 9, 2016
Eunice M S: good messages Dec 8, 2016
Olea L: these are great movies. keepers,, Dec 6, 2016
Janis P: Love these movies and the value. Dec 5, 2016
Shelly H: A friend lent us one of these to watch. We enjoyed it so much that I went looking for the series. I found it here on Christian Cinema and couldn't believe the price. For what I expected to pay for one disc I was able to purchase the whole set. We are enjoying ach and every one of these movies. Dec 4, 2016
Karen S: The price is good and affordable. I have always loved this series. I have all the books. I'm delighted that it is on DVDs. Dec 3, 2016
Dana A: The price was 1/4 of the price of the same item on ebay. That's unheard of most times. Dec 3, 2016
Lucy h: my moms Christmas present Dec 1, 2016
LINDA K: Gift for my daughter who loves the series Nov 29, 2016
Lynette F: I have seen some of these. Love heart warming stories I can safely watch with my young girls Nov 28, 2016
Leland G: xmas present Nov 28, 2016
Kathleen M: Love these movies! Nov 28, 2016
Patricia D: Saw 1 movie on TV & liked it. Nov 27, 2016
Karen H: Excellent price for the entire collection. Nov 26, 2016
Tiffany S: I have 2 of these and Love the sweet innocence and good life and moral lessons in them, I look forward to see the rest of them! Nov 16, 2016
Nolan C: We love this Love Comes Softly series. Great buy!!!
Nov 14, 2016
Linda S: I really like the values in this series. Good moral values and no sexual innuendos or unchristian language. The whole family can watch. Nov 14, 2016
roni a: i have read the series of book and enjoy anything Janet Oak authors Nov 14, 2016
Taryna M: As a Christmas gift. Nov 13, 2016
Sherry D: Read these books when I was younger, watched movies with my young daughters. Just want to watch them again. Nov 12, 2016
Dorothy C: Got part of this set at a yard sale. ( 1 through 4). Enjoyed so much wanted to see the rest of the series. Nov 9, 2016
Denise H: I love these movies and watch them every time they're on TV. I even DVR them. They are nice and clean and some of my favorites. You can't beat the price either! Thanks Nov 9, 2016
Bette S: daughter in law wanted them. Nov 8, 2016
Mary P: This set of movies tells you what real family values are all about Nov 6, 2016
Amy G: My boyfriend loves the movies! Nov 6, 2016
Sonya E: Love watching the movie on Hallmark. Nov 5, 2016
Donna E: Love these movies Nov 3, 2016
Shari M: This series is heartwarming. Nov 2, 2016
Gail R: The stories are very heart warming Nov 1, 2016
Rachel C: A Character building story about a young woman & learning to trust Jesus. Oct 28, 2016
Deborah L: Just watched all seasons of When calls the heart and loved every moment, can not wait till season 4 comes out. Though that this would be a good one too Oct 23, 2016
Wendy T: Because I enjoy janette oke stories Oct 23, 2016
Linda S: This collection is really good. Oct 22, 2016
Ronda H: so excited to find the complete set of this favorite series for such an incredible price! Oct 22, 2016
Linda G: Been looking for this set and the price was great. Oct 21, 2016
Jennifer D: I've watched this series on the Hallmark Channel and wanted to make sure I had them all. Oct 21, 2016
Rhonda B: Saw this on Hallmark channel. Oct 21, 2016
LINDA P: We saw the series on Hallmark channel years ago and really enjoyed it. Oct 21, 2016
Francis P: I have seen a couple of these movies on Hallmark channel. Liked them and want to have the complete collection. Oct 19, 2016
Carol M: I enjoyed this movie and want to see the others. Oct 19, 2016
Diane B: Love these movies. So "feel good." Haven't seen them all yet. Oct 18, 2016
David W: This is a gift to a friend that loves this series Oct 18, 2016
Kathy W: I so like Janet Oke books, they speak to me and bring me healing, amazing writer, a Godly woman. Praise to God Oct 16, 2016
Carol V: They did not show the last 4 of the collection on Hallmark. Oct 15, 2016
Susan L: Loved these movies.. Oct 15, 2016
Kristi B: Loved the first movie in this series! Oct 13, 2016
Melanie N: love these movies Oct 11, 2016
Andrew F: its a really great series Oct 10, 2016
Adriana S: because I love this series Oct 8, 2016
Susan V: I've been looking for this set for about 4 years. You have it Ya Oct 1, 2016
Lynda B: Wanted my daughter to see Oct 1, 2016
Deborah M: i appreciate the quality of the videos that you provide, the exceptional price, and on top of that you have free shipping! Sep 30, 2016
Berdene R: I watched it on Hallmark Channel. By time I realized how much I was enjoying it the series was done and I had not recorded all of them. Sep 30, 2016
michael m: great family movies Sep 26, 2016
angela b: i love the story and a wonderful movie set Sep 26, 2016
Thomas F: We like the movies Sep 25, 2016
Michael L: Watched these on tv one day,and was told these hallmark movies were first out as books by Janette Oke.I loved the series(love come softly)all 10 movies,so i had to buy them on dvdPrice was really a good deal,only $16 with FREE shipping!. Sep 24, 2016
Linda W: Have watched the first three and been curious about the rest of the series Sep 23, 2016
Jesse J: It was the item I was looking for at a great price. Sep 21, 2016
Rhonda C: Wanted to buy the series because it is one of my favorites. Sep 21, 2016
Dee T: I have seen all of them and loved them. I had recorded them but saw this and decided to buy the whole set which would help me have more room to record other movies. Sep 17, 2016
Kenton Y: This is very nice drama series that teaches good values and perseverance in the Lord. Sep 17, 2016
Robert N: "Great Movies" Sep 17, 2016
malcolm F: I liked the titles Sep 15, 2016
Sharon F: I just simply love these movies. Sep 11, 2016
Beth D: The price was amazing!! Sep 9, 2016
Patricia S: I saw one of the movies on TV and absolutely loved it. Thanks for having these available. Sep 7, 2016
Bernadette L: Saw 1st few movies in the series * enjoyed greatly * wanted to complete the collection * will give few I have to a friend Sep 7, 2016
Marsha M: Love the series. A sweet loving family. Sep 5, 2016
Rianne B: I love these movies! I used to watch them on the Halmark channel when my son was young! Now he is almost grown! My sister likes them too, so now we will BOTH own them! Sep 3, 2016
Gale M: A cherished series Aug 30, 2016
Robert M: These movies are wholesome entertainment for the entire family. With all of the junk and violence being produced in the film industry today, it is wonderful to find clean and decent movies like these to share with the family and friends. A reminder of when morals were morals. Aug 29, 2016
Felicia J: enjoyed the first 3 in the series. Good for my teenager to see wholesome love stories. Aug 29, 2016
Joseph H: Good, family entertainment for Christians. Aug 26, 2016
Debbie S: love the movies and have not been able to see them all. Aug 24, 2016
Cynthia H: A true family movie, it has adventure, mystery and comedy. You have no worry about contents and it's inspiring. The christian value comes out. Aug 23, 2016
MARY P: It's a great series for those who enjoy romances. Aug 21, 2016
Christi T: I've seen most of these on tv and several numerous times but haven't seen all of them. I can't wait for them to come in the mail. Aug 19, 2016
Barbara H: Absolutely enjoy this series and with watch it over and over. Aug 17, 2016
Amber M: I have seen all of these movies and they are wonderful. I watch for them to come on t.v. They are great stories with strong, faith-filled characters that face life's ups and downs..and get through them with their faith in Christ and by leaning on each other. Aug 17, 2016
Joetta L: I have watched a few of the movies on Hallmark Channel and I wanted to see the rest of the movies. Aug 15, 2016
Jim the Skate: It is a great reminder of what we can be as Christians in this world we live in. Aug 15, 2016
Kristin G: Love the book series and have enjoyed what movies I have seen. Excellent price for the entire set. Aug 15, 2016
Carol C: Because I have seen the programs on TV and enjoyed them. Aug 14, 2016
Nancy W: Wonderful series
Loved everyone of them
Aug 14, 2016
Candy O: Wonderful Christian based movies. Great for families and for women's retreats. Aug 14, 2016
brice b: amazing story Aug 12, 2016
Lauren B: I like this series! Aug 12, 2016
DAVID S: Seen previously and now want to own Aug 12, 2016
Donna D: This was recommended by a friend. Aug 10, 2016
Lynette B: We love the movies and haven't been able to find them in stores. Aug 6, 2016
Sherrie S: you had a movie series we wanted Aug 6, 2016
Leroy R: I love the "Love Comes Softly" series. I'm so happy to find this DVD set and at such a reasonable price. Aug 5, 2016
Dara N: I love these movies and I wanted the whole set to give as a gift to my Pastor's wife. Jul 30, 2016
Lynetta C: Loved the books and I'm sure I'll love the movies too. Jul 24, 2016
TAMMI G: wanted to see the whole series Jul 23, 2016
marilyn g: good clean movies. for all family members Jul 23, 2016
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I appreciate the products you offer. I will definitely shop here again.
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Oke writes conservative stories
Feb 16, 2016
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But plan to most likely through the Christmas holiday season.
But, I have faith that it will be outstanding!
Dec 12, 2015
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Donald P: Good reviews,availability, other resources & rellativly easy to navigate site & price Jul 13, 2015
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Steven P: Saw the first show in the series and loved it. Couldn't wait to see the rest so ordered this box set. It's so nice to see these types of shows, a breath of fresh air compared to the types of shows we are bombarded with these days on TV and at the movie theaters. Jul 9, 2015
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Jeanne R: We have roots in the "old West" and homesteading ancestors. movies with a great message that are also set in in rural America are perfect! Dec 15, 2014
Sheila A: I really enjoyed the first movie in the series and can't wait to see the others!! The value of the dvd set is amazing! Dec 15, 2014
Kaylynn R: Love the books. Dec 14, 2014
Beau C: The Oke series is inspirational Dec 11, 2014
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Debbie H: A Gift Dec 1, 2014
Kenneth S: My wife had 8 DVD's from this series. Our Daughter has them now that she has gotten married and started her own family. Thought I would surprise my wife and replace the set that she gave to our daughter. Nov 29, 2014
Melissa J: Chose the set as a gift Nov 29, 2014
Emma H: I ENJOY THE ONES I saw Nov 27, 2014
Sandra C: Friends wanted these dvd's Nov 27, 2014
bronwyn d: beautiful stories that is safe and easy to watch as a family. Speaks of Gods love, hope and encouragement Nov 27, 2014
Amber G: Amazing series! Bought it because we don't get Hallmark anymore in our TV package. Nov 17, 2014
Richard C. W: Gift for wife Nov 16, 2014
Felicia F: I loved the series but no longer have Hallmark because of cable provider so I purchased tohe complete set. Nov 14, 2014
Stephanie S: i like trhe movies an books Nov 12, 2014
Kelly L: We have been watching series on tbn. They did not complete all movies. I also read all the books. Nov 9, 2014
Anthea C: these are great movies with a lovely story to them, so stocked to get them at such a bargain price Nov 6, 2014
Lorena D: I watched these movies on a cable television network, and loved them so much that I wanted to have a private copy for the home so that I could share it with my daughter someday when she is older. A touching story with wonderful values, it's something I wouldn't hesitate to let my family view. Oct 20, 2014
Paige M: Huge family favorite. We all get so excited when it is airing on TV for a weekend. I decided to get it for my family for Christmas. Such a great collection! So happy to have found the complete set! Sep 28, 2014
Michael H: Our Family loves these films. This series is for my 8th daughter who will be 15 next month. (We already own most of these titles.) Sep 22, 2014
Diane A: I watched the movies on TV and wanted to add them to my collection. Sep 16, 2014
Jennifer S: I love watching these movies when they are on the Hallmark channel. I didn't know there was 10 movies in the series until i searched for the movies online. I love that they are available all in one box set. Sep 14, 2014
Marilyn F: my husband saw a couple of these on tv and loved them. What a great Christmas gift. Sep 14, 2014
Cynthia T: Beautiful series full of love, compassion, friendship and God. For my daughters birthday, I know she'll love it! Sep 3, 2014
Charles R: good family morales Sep 1, 2014
Kathy S: I already have 3 of the movies and have enjoyed them so much that I decided to get the whole series. The original movie "Love comes Softly" I can't tell yo how many times I have watched it. I just feel great after watching these inspiring movies. I can't wait to see the remainder of them. I am a really big fan of Janette Oke books anyway, but really don't have a lot of time to read so it is easier to find time to watch a movie. Aug 20, 2014
Vernecia L: I have chosen this here set, simply because enjoy it, and it shows a lot about having the love, confidence, and faith in who are strong believers in Christianity..I LOVE ALL TYPES OF FILMS that gives the right message . To strengthen us as human beings.. Aug 14, 2014
Kirstin C: Read the books and loved them! Aug 13, 2014
Alissa O: I absolutely love this series. It has no disrespect or mockery. A very good family movie. Aug 6, 2014
Kristaleah W: Because I have watched series previously with friend and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately I couldn't find a set for sale in Australia and your pricing was really good. :-) Jul 15, 2014
Judy D: Seen these movies over and over on TV. Wish Michael Landon, Jr and Janette Oke would write more. Just LOVE them. May 20, 2014
Pamela B: My entire family can watch every series without me worrying about what they are watching. God is incorporated in each movie! Great DVD's
May 13, 2014
Bertha F: I've watched most of these movies on tv more than once. I love the series so much I want to be able to watch it whenever I want to. I'm a big fan of Janette Oke. May 9, 2014
Francie S: I've only seen 3 of the movies on the PIXL TV channel, and want to see the full story in the right sequence. The acting is good and the Christian characters aren't made to look foolish or fanatical like other movies out there. Apr 18, 2014
Marius D A: To support you Apr 5, 2014
Barbara J. G: I have always loved the Hallmark movies.Janette Oake is Great writer. I love the way her movies tie end.I hope there is more. Mar 30, 2014
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Debbie W: They are great shows Feb 17, 2014
Diahn G: Loved the books, read them all many years ago! Love the story and that it is Christian based! Pure joy watching these movies and I want to share them with my family â?¥ Feb 16, 2014
Jack F E: I am looking for some for some Christian moves to watch Feb 14, 2014
Julie W: Love good christian romantic stories...fantastic acting too!!! Feb 8, 2014
harold e: its very heart worning and christian love like Feb 6, 2014
James B: These were among my parents' favorite movies. Mom is gone now, and Dad sits with her picture, watching the tapes and "talking to her". The tapes are almost worn out from use and I HAVE to replace them, for him. Jan 26, 2014
Lorenzo G: I love the story and has great family values. It's a great line of movies that bring my family close together and are perfect for the little ones to watch and not worry of the content. Jan 18, 2014
deborah o: i love storys they live and go through Jan 16, 2014
Sheryl W: Nice Christian movies of pioneer families facing hardships and finding strength through their love. Jan 11, 2014
Sharon G: I was blessed to view the first one with dear friends and want to give them the rest of the series for their kindness Jan 11, 2014
Lois G: enjoyed reading the books, wanted the videeos to show to grandchildren Jan 4, 2014
Charlotte M: Wanted the whole series, good family movies. Dec 31, 2013
Janet H: Because I like the movie on Hallmark. Dec 29, 2013
Richard B: GODLY Dec 8, 2013
peter m: my wife loves this series ! Dec 8, 2013
Shelia C: Love these movies Nov 30, 2013
Connie Y: favorite tv shows Nov 24, 2013
Kryn B: Because this is my mother's favorite series and I want to surprise her with the whole set for Christmas. Nov 22, 2013
Tricia M: looks interesting:) Nov 22, 2013
Helen S: I have watched several of the stories on Hallmark Channel and thoroughly enjoyed them. Nov 19, 2013
Kerri U: christmas present for mother Nov 16, 2013
Vivian W: I already have a set and my friend and I have watched some of them 5 or more times. She loves them so this is a Christmas gift for her. Nov 15, 2013
al g: This series like the little house series is a must for those who want to instill the traditional family values in themselves and their kids. I am getting this for my grand kids.
Also GOD is honored thru these movies.
Nov 10, 2013
steve s: my granddaughter loves the movies. Nov 9, 2013
Barbara A: These are great movies for the whole family to watch and they also teach values and morals which we need more of in this day and time. Nov 5, 2013
mandy f: Friend reccomended Nov 2, 2013
Barbara H: Great Christan Morals and Ethics, Principals, ordering for Gift for Grandchildren Nov 1, 2013
Julie R: I watched the first two dvds and loved them Oct 26, 2013
Arlene R: Love all of the "Love Comes Softly" sagas! Oct 20, 2013
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David A: My special Lady expressed interest in this set. Thanks for your help Sep 6, 2013
Sarah O: Full series at a great price, hoping for great quality to go along with it. :) Sep 1, 2013
Carole F: Been watching True Entertainment TV channel in the UK and loved Loves Abiding Joy. Now I would like the series! We love Christian stories. Aug 23, 2013
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Faith M: I purchased these movies for my Chick Night in my home. My husband is a pastor and we only trust movies like this with a strong Christian witness. Aug 11, 2013
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Betty R: These stores reflect the goodness that God placed in the heart of each of his beloved sons and daughters, created in His image, and encourage, inspire, and challenge us to become the best version of ourselves, for God's greater glory and honor and for the good of the whole. Thank you. Jun 17, 2013
Kenneth G: I chose this series because it is my wife's favorites of all time on the Hallmark channel and thought it would be a great birthday gift. Jun 12, 2013
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rebecca F: for my granddaughter May 16, 2013
Amber M: Rented two of these dvds from church library and fell in love with the series. They are great for entertainment, and show examples of how we can face real life issues with christian values. May 13, 2013
Glenna T: My sister and I watched three of the ten movies on television and really enjoyed them. I am very pleased that there are more than I expected. My sister and I look forward to watching the whole series! Apr 21, 2013
Karin K: Good, clean, moral viewing for the whole family Apr 20, 2013
Rebecca T. S: I loved all the shows and wanted to see them again with out commericals They were on the Hallmark channel but was to many interuptions. this way I can watch at my leisure. Apr 12, 2013
Robert S: Set has all ten DVD's at a great price.
Other sites offer 6 or 8 DVD sets without telling you there are two more movies.
We love Jeanette Oke and have read many of the books. When Hallmark channel played several of the movies, we decided to get the set.
Apr 6, 2013
John T: My wife loves the Love Comes Softly series and I bought them for her as a surprise gift. Apr 5, 2013
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Lynda W: We are looking forward to being able to enjoy these in the future with family and friends. Mar 20, 2013
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Mary S: I watched the movie on TV and loved it. When I realized there was a serious... I had to have them. Mar 1, 2013
Tammy T: love the books Mar 1, 2013
Sue S: Love the first and 2nd one Feb 18, 2013
Amanda L: Beautiful stories that remind the viewers that its okay to acknowledge God without shame, and that God has a purpose behind every grief. Feb 17, 2013
gail b: Love the stories Feb 17, 2013
LuWen L: The theme of Christ and his love, family love, etc. I love these movies! Feb 17, 2013
Raimunda C: I appreciate the faith and trust in God that this story teaches. Feb 15, 2013
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Luisette K: It is very difficult to find wholesome movies for my children. THis movie is a historical saga and my 8 year old loves them. They have all kind of topics that our family can discuss like Love, Hate, Sorrow, Death, Childbirth. I do not want to screen my child of th real world but I do not need to show them crude shows either. Thank you so much to offer this package for this great price. Jan 22, 2013
John M: Thank you for offering a place where Christian values are reflected in movies that illustrate God's abiding love for us. Jan 20, 2013
John K: I can not find books 5-8 on audiobooks so this is the next option. This is a a great series of books Jan 18, 2013
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Judy D: I saw some of the shows on TV and enjoyed them, therefore wanted to see them all. Dec 31, 2012
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Steven C: My bride loves the books and loves the series on the Hallmark Channel. Thought this would be a great Christmas present so she could watch the series whenever she wants. Dec 17, 2012
Neda D: This is a wonderful series of movies that I first saw on the Hallmark channel. They show the true meaning of family and love. They are feel good movies! Dec 15, 2012
Donna S: My family loves these movies. I wanted to share them with my sister. Dec 14, 2012
Getachew D: hoping to learn the right thing to do in christian family life Dec 14, 2012
Brenda O: I try to watch this series every time it on the TV channels Dec 14, 2012
Kathy S: Love the series Dec 12, 2012
J A: My 15 yrs old daughter really enjoys these movies Dec 12, 2012
Marjorie L: I've read the series and feel it will qualify for a Christian series for my grand childen who also enjoy Little House on the Prairie. Dec 12, 2012
Robert R: for my wife Dec 11, 2012
MICHAEL C: Great story line, family entertainment Dec 9, 2012
donna b: christmas gift Dec 9, 2012
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sallie n: My daughter's birthday is Dec 9, and this is what she requested for a gift. Dec 5, 2012
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Buyandelger B: Great way to get inspired! Dec 4, 2012
Mary N: I have seen a couple of these on TV, and I really like them so much, because they are clean movies with prayer/scripture, and with values and decency. I also, like the olden day at that time as well! Dec 3, 2012
Patricia L: I purchased this set per the request of the chaplain at the Good Shepherd Children's Home in Honduras. Dec 1, 2012
veronica p: i love to watch these movies, i am a country girl at heart, and they can be watched by the whole family. Nov 30, 2012
Clara K: i seen love comes softly on hallmark channel and fell in love with it and then i seen the next one. i love the ones i've seen so i wanted them all. They are a great love story and show you how faith in the lord really works if you just try it and believe. Looking forward to getting my dvd's and hopefully more movies from this writer. Nov 29, 2012
Megan A: this was the cheapest price for the complete collection. and FREE shipping! :) Nov 29, 2012
barry C: The family really likes the series Nov 29, 2012
Tammy B: My daughters and I borrowed the first three from family and we love them. So my daughters asked for the whole set for Christmas. Nov 26, 2012
David W: As a Christmas Present Nov 26, 2012
Sue H: loved it on tv. A must have for my lovely granddaughters. Nov 24, 2012
Darryl F: My wife let me know that it better be in her Christmas Stocking. Nov 23, 2012
kerry b: My mother and I watched some of the Love Comes Softly series on the Hallmark channel and we loved it. She wanted to see the rest of the series, so I thought it would make a wonderful Christmas gift.
Edith Brown
Nov 22, 2012
Gene C: Saw the first three movies and they were excellent! Want to see the rest of the series. Nov 20, 2012
Jerri V: I like the series and wanted to own it. Oct 29, 2012
PEDRO M: I usually watch PIXLS movies.. and this series are amazing Oct 29, 2012
Dan S: Saw before and wanted for my collection! Oct 21, 2012
Sherrill M: I have a great life with difficult times, but nothing like the people in the movies. It helps me to keep my faith strong bu watching them struggle and keep their faith. God's Love is unconditional and we all have to help each other and share Gods word and love. Oct 21, 2012
Gary C: We have the 1st dvd but my wife likes it so much I wanted to get the set for her. Oct 18, 2012
christopher c: I have watched two of these series of movie and I have come to understand that Love is is the only answer to human problems. Gods love is the ultimate power that can change any life.I call it power because it is demonstrative as seen in the movies. Oct 10, 2012
Evelyn L asked: I have read the "Love" serries and enjoyed them much. I also bought 7 DVDs which I also enjoyed and just last week a friend passed on to me the 2 first DVDs "Love Begins etc." Very touching and inspiring, but there is one thing that bothers me a little is that I find the music much too loud and if there wasn't subtitles we wouldn't understand what is being said. I have had others listen to them and they say the same thing. I wonder if anything can be done about this in future recordings?
Evelyn Lloyd
Nov 25, 2012
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Gary C: We only had the first DVD, but my wife enjoyed it so much, I dicided to buy the whole set. We have not found the music too loud. We have found the references to Scripture most enjoyable. Just somewhat distressing that when they pray, they ask not in the name of Jesus Christ.
Nov 26, 2012
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Evelyn L: Thanks Gary for your answer. We also enjoy these DVDs. As you say you have listened to the first. I think the first one was fine, but the others following this one it seems to us that the background music could be less loud so that the voices would be easier understood. I don't mean to be critical but constructive because there's a wonderful message to each story but we find it difficult to understand all that is being said because of the music. I am thankful to Janette Oke for her ministry through all her writings.
Evelyn Nov 26, 2012
Kevin J: Try adjusting the sound settings on your tv. We had this problem and found it was in our tv sound settings. Dec 16, 2012
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N. D: Have the ''Love Comes Softly Complete Set 10 DVD Collection'' dutch subtittles?? Aug 19, 2013
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Rhonda M asked: why why why are u letting willie and drew die ive watched all of these movies and cryed my eyes out u are an awsome writer i love these movies and they are so godly and christian i wish i could get the books thanks for the movies i just wish willie and drew didnt have to die there was so much love with missy and willie and belinda and drew? Jan 28, 2013
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Leonard F: I am 70 years. I lost my wife Lorraine in 2002. I have a now another wonderful person to share my life with.
I recieved these DVD's onJan 28th because it takes 2 to 3 weeks to receive them. I feel now that you have told me the ending when I have only watched DVD 1 and have spoiled the true effects of the series. I am very tempted to return the DVD's, I won't tell Tharsile the ending so maybe I'll keep them for her. I have been in a wheelchair for 21 years for my legs were amputated above the knees, I still do all I want to do. Mow lawns, plant a garden blow snow in winter, do hardwood flooring and other carpenter work and any type of work no higher then 5 feet because I'm 2 feet too short. My Living goes according to this statement "Let me do what I can do for as long as I can do, for 1 day you may have to but not today." Anyway I just wanted to let you know that I was a little disapointed. Peace to you all. Your friend LF
Jan 30, 2013
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Sandy: I am not sure which movie you watched first, if it was Love comes softly, please watch Love Begins, then watch Loves everlasting courage, then go in the order listed. I watched 2 of these movies on Hallmark then I went to the video store and started watching them, for one they had them numbered out of order as Love Begins and Loves everlasting courage were made as prequels, between that and having to watch them when they were available, I did not get to watch them in order, but I ENJOYED EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEM, a little confused as I had to figure out where I was in the story as I have not had the privilege of reading the books. Please give the whole series a chance, I think you will like them especially if you start where I suggested. Mar 13, 2013
Leonard F: I am so happy to hear from you, the day I answered I was not a good day, like a bad hair day, you should not have received this kind of message. I apologise. So now I do not send someone a note until I have read it again the second day. I had the whole series and my wife and I warched 1 each day, until #10, It was damaged. I received a note that a new #10 was mailed on March 5, should receive in 6 weeks. Looking forward to it
As for the first nine, It presents life as it really is, It showed the faith and love very clearly and how I can defeat the anger and acept the tragedy with the tools given to me from above. Losing someone is not the end all if I can beleive that she has finished her work here on earth and has been called home by the Lord. My first wife died in an accident that we were in the vehicle that was hit by a large truck, I was left behind, I wondered why for a long time. I met someone new, Married 3 years later, now I know why I was let behind, my work on this earth is not finished yet, I found many new ways to help others and my life is great, still receive a few problems but now I have new tools to use. Thank you for your help, it was greater then I knew at the time of the 1st note.
Another good movie is The Ultimat gift. Peace my friend, Leonard F Mar 16, 2013
Amanda k: Leonard i think u have a very good heart and such strentgh to become everything the Lord has in store for u and u ARE an inspiration to me and others of that in sure OF perhaps u could find the books on audio tape in order and all 12 of them the movies are wonderful but the books fill in the blanks and give so much more depth to the stories being presented my own personal story line to these books are my first big full chapter book ever completed i spent weeks pretending to read the one and never made it past the first five pages i was in fifth gradeand home schooled my aunt asked ok what happenedto thebaby in thelast chapter when i triumphantly announced i had finished it of course i couldn't tell her i didn't know but i went back read just the last chapter to find out about that baby and i was hooked i reread the whole book properly and continued on to the next and the next i was inspired and fell inlove with anything and everything this woman has ever wrote i i have everyone of her stories collected from my younger years on one bookself along with the movies i think that maybe u and your new bride would enjoy the single books as well one of my favorites is " ROSES FOR MAMA" AND soooo many others such as "THE CALLING OF EMILY EVENS " , " A BRIDE FOR DONNIVAN", " TWO SPARROWS"maybe just maybe they have recorded them on audio tape or dvd now lol i have been in a sad slump in my life for nine yrs and it progressively continues to consume me today has lifted me and my spirits and i feel almost alive ready to run my life and stop cryin for the loss i told u you ARE AND HAVE BEEN MY BLESSING AND I THANK YOU FOR THAT and im THANKFUL U ARE STILL WITH US IN THIS WORLD TODAY I FOUND A BEGINNING OF WHO I USED TO BE AND MAYBE BUILDING BLOCKS TO TRY TO START SOMEWHERE IN MY LIFE TO REDISSCOVER WHO I AM AND WHO I WAS BUT TO FIND MY FAITH AGAIN AND STOP YELLING AT GOD INSTEAD OF TALKING TO HIM MY CHILDREN WERE GIVEN AS A PRECIOUS GIFT FOR TOO SHORT OF A TIME AND I MADE THE MOST NEVER TAKING FOR GRANTED THE TIME I HAD BEEN GIVEN WITH THEM AFTER I HAD MY FIRST MISCARRIAGE I KNEW IT WAS A WAKE UP CALL FOR MY TIME WITH MY FUTURE BABIES 9& 11 YRS JUST DOESNT SEEM LING ENOUGH AND MEDICATING MY LIFE TO SLEEP IT AWAY FOR NINE YRS IS KILLING ME PHYICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY U HAVE GIVEN ME STRENGTH AND IM SORRY FOR THE SO MUCH PERSONAL BUT I NEEDED U TO UNDERSTAND U ROLE IN HOW DEEP MY PAIN AND DESPAIR REALLY HAVE BEEN AND TO PROPERLY SAY HE HAS PURPOSE FOR U AND I AM JUST ONE SMALL PART OF IT !!!?? Nov 20, 2015
Sue H: Dearest Leonard, I ask you to watch the entire set. Then watch again. Every time it plays on TV, I settle in to watch as much of it as I can. I think you just cant take it all it the first or even the fourth time around. They are sweet and pure, and with the world like it is, we need all the sweet and pure we can get. Enjoy every moment with the new lady in your life. Hold her hand and know love again. Dec 28, 2013
Denise M: Believe me, you will still truly enjoy watching these movies. I can't tell you how many times I have watched them. Jun 9, 2016
Gene C: Hi Rhonda,
My wife and I bought the series and have enjoyed each video very much.
Our experience is that the sequel series usually is not as good as the original.
Also, the movie producers have a challenge keeping the original cast members since everyone goes on to other career opportunities and may no longer be available for the next film so the easiest way to move on is to have that character die.
I hope this helps. Enjoy the movies because they are still great!
Jan 28, 2013
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Amanda k: Gene that is what happens as far as the books not acting status it allows us to think about JOB IN THE BIBLE and how even in faith we are tested and we are all tested in own own pieces of our lives and it reminds us that faith is beauty and even a rose dies and when our earlyly time is up here we move on to live our orginal purpose and that is to be called home to dewell in his almighty pressence for eternity when we complete our purpose in life our father brings us home Willi and drew were loved by us by the reads characters she created and we all morn for the loss ofof loved ones but but when the fufillment is complete its not despare we should see but the beauty in the breaking and the glory in knowing they live on in a much safer and loving place forever and when people say dont morn for my throw a party its impossible for ones loved ones to feel and follow thru with those wishes for we LOVED THEM but knowing and feeling are two different things just like the head and the heart Willie and Drew live on in their hearts forever not forgotten and i think thats what Jeannette oaks is tryin to express life is just that life and she tried to capturethe prairie days and true as life seems to happen for real in her books as truth and reality instead of fantasy and fairy tales Rhonda i hope that helps with a possible clearer picture of the story and ur sadness over the loss of Willie and drew Nov 20, 2015
george a: death definitely is a reality.
it would seem this writer needs to have some spouse die so they can continue on a new romance.
I do enjoy the movies there could definitely be some improvement on spouses dying verses spouse living and building a story on that.
I agree in those days people's lifespan was shorter. this seemingly is a bit extreme.
my simple and humble opinion
Jan 28, 2013
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Angela E: FYI: if you love the movies you may not like the books. The story lines are completely different. They only stick with some of the basic characters. I enjoyed the books much more than the movies but everyone is different. Jan 29, 2013
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LORRAINE M: I can't answer why the author chose the things she did but if you are interested in the books contact an Christian bookstore - like "Blessings" or Family Christian Bookstore or online at Christian Book Distributors. Jan 28, 2013
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Rachel B: Because they die in the books and I can actually say that's these movies are one of the few that have followed the book all but love takes wing May 31, 2014
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Linda C: I really loved and enjoyed the complete set (10 DVD) of 'Love Come Softly. Please release more movies !!!! Jan 28, 2013
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A shopper asked: Why is background music so loud? Sep 3, 2013
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (3) No (1)
Leonard F: Enjoyed the movies Love comes Softly tremendously,
I' m 71 and I wear hearing aids, I can control the different sounds with them so that the background is separated from the voice, so with nine different channels on the hearing aids I can hear better than before.
My wife says she can hear them quite well, but at certain times the music volume is higher depending on the scenes and in her mind she can gather not necessarily what they said at that time but she can fit it in with the rest of the story.
It could be the acoustics when they make the film or a completion between the music people and the acting people. Hope you were able to get the message of the story in spite of the background music.
Peace Leonard F
Sep 5, 2013
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Ian T: I've watched these movies so many times I've lost count and I honestly can't recall the background music being loud.
Of course there is the odd time when it's a little on the loud side to add drama or excitement to the movie but, other than those times, I hadn't noticed.
Perhaps you have a damaged set?
Sorry, wish I could have been of more help,
Sep 3, 2013
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Jackie: Could b a setting on the tv. I know on my tv I have different themes I can use for my sound. For example, I can use cinema, surround, coliseum, etc... Maybe u could check into that. Feb 9, 2014
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LORRAINE M: We didn't have any problems with our set. Sep 4, 2013
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Barbara C: I DID NOT FIND IT LOUD Sep 3, 2013
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PatrickM asked: I would like to know why the ministries and churches make the Christian way of life and message so complicated now as opposed to these movies which have a very simple Christian message? Jan 10, 2014
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Susan H: Think of these movies as one recipe in the cookbook. This recipe doesn't tell you how to stuff a chicken or bake a cake. It only tells you how to make a chocolate chip cookie.
The movie is short and entertaining, to show you God's way in less than 2 hrs. To "study to show yourself approved" takes a lifetime of experiences that the church and her ministries methodically deal with.
Jan 10, 2014
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Sharla C: God is infinite, so there's more than we can ever fathom to know about Him. Simple messages may speak to our hearts, but more complex analyses and reflection respect our human intellect and our desire to know more and more about ourselves in relation to the world, our faith, and our great God. I think there's room for both the simple and the complex. Why stop after pre-K when you can get a PhD? We should always be thirsting for more, because we long for heaven. "Our hearts are restless until they rest in You." (St. Augustine) Jan 10, 2014
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A D C asked: Does anyone know where I can find the discussion clips? Oct 7, 2014
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Gene C: Don't know what you mean by "discussion clips"?
This is a very good collection and great for family viewing. We have watched the collection several times and enjoy it each time. Well worth the money.
Oct 8, 2014
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LORRAINE M: Discussion Clips? Oct 8, 2014
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Joan M asked: Was Clark Davis related to Clark Davis in vol 1 love comes softly..... and how? I was confused when it ended!!! but all in all a great story! Dec 28, 2013
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Sue H: If i remember correctly, the story back tracked and it was his story as a young man. Hope that helps.

I had watched the movies on television and ordered the entire set for my beloved nieces. I plan to order my own set soon. Then pass it to my 2 youngest grandchildren.
Dec 28, 2013
Reply to Sue Good answer? Yes (2) No (0)
Tracey F: Hey Joan,
Your question is actually a little confusing as well. As you don't define which Clark Davis you refer to first, as you've identified the second Clark Davis from volume 1 Love Comes Softly. However, Clark Davis from Volume 1, is the same in all the volumes. Disc 9 and 10 of volume 2 were made after Discs 1-8, to show where Clark Davis married his first wife Ellen, and mother of Missy (Disc 9), and how Ellen died in (Disc 10), as brought up in Disc 1 Love Comes Softly. Therefore, the actor is not the same.

The series is wonderful, and I watch them at least once a year. Gives me a chance to see life when life was less blood and gore, and far more goodness in people and family values.

Dec 29, 2013
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Gene C: The way I saw the movies is that the last movie " Love's Everlasting Courage" was the beginning of the story. That was the same Clark Davis as in the first movie "Love Comes Softly". As you recall, Ellen was deceased in the first movie and the last movie shows how she died. Sort of a twist on the whole series.
This is a great set of movies and we (my wife and I) have watched them several times.
Dec 29, 2013
Reply to Gene Good answer? Yes (2) No (2)
Susan H: Yes the Clark Davis in the volume one package, is one and the same person. when you start watching the series take CD 1 and CD 2 of volume 1 and add them to the very end of volume 2. So in reality CD's 1&2 are now, CD's 9&10. It makes a lot more sense when you watch them in the right order. I don't know why they did that. Jan 5, 2014
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E H: Love these movies, and wish more would be made with the good messages that these portray. However, the music is too loud for 2 of us with our hearing aids out of our ears. I feel like I am going to quit watching them because of the high pitched violins. I do not want to buy any but love to watch them on TV. E. Hull Aug 17, 2015
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Joan M: Hi fans .... I have trouble fitting Ellen King ( Davis) Arron sister from Christmas Clark Davis -Ellen ...Or Clark Davis and Marty at the beginning..i ONLY REMMEBER...Missey .Arron and ? Ray.refersh my memory/ please thank you Joan... thank s for your help! Dec 29, 2013
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Wayne S: Please list the movies in this "Love comes softly series" in order that they should be watched. Thank You, Wayne Sep 3, 2015
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