The Resolution [from the movie COURAGEOUS] - Print
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The Resolution [from the movie COURAGEOUS] - Print

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As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord

THE RESOLUTION is a bold declaration of commitments that men are making to be faithful to God as the spiritual leader of their home. As read in the movie, this print is ready for framing to mark the moment and celebrate the commitment being made to God and family.
I DO solemnly resolve before God to take full responsibility for myself, my wife, and my children.
I WILL love them, protect them, serve them, and teach them the Word of God as the spiritual leader of my home.
I WILL be faithful to my wife, to love and honor her, and be willing to lay down my life for her as Jesus Christ did for me.
I WILL bless my children and teach them to love God with all of their hearts, all of their minds, and all of their strength.
I WILL train them to honor authority and live responsibly.
I WILL confront evil, pursue justice, and love mercy.
I WILL pray for others and treat them with kindness, respect, and compassion.
I WILL work diligently to provide for the needs of my family.
I WILL forgive those who have wronged me and reconcile with those I have wronged.
I WILL learn from my mistakes, repent of my sins, and walk with integrity as a man answerable to God.
I WILL seek to honor God, be faithful to His church, obey His Word, and do His will.
I WILL courageously work with the strength God provides to fulfill this resolution for the rest of my life and for His glory.
As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. ---Joshua 24:15
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  • Size: 8" x 10" print
  • Beautiful foil detailing

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5 of 5 Stars! The Resolution [from the movie COURAGEOUS] - PrintPastor Marc Anderson Phd D, 04/09/2012
Interestingly enough my wife and I both signed the resolution. She was going to get it for me however I got it first and that set into motion things that are great.
I am glad that my wife and I are on the same page in these cases.
5 of 5 Stars! The Resolution [from the movie COURAGEOUS] - PrintJodi D, 11/28/2011
I received my order today, & was absolutely taken back by how beautiful this is. It is very nice & I can't wait to give this to my husband and son for Christmas. I am having them framed, & have received so many compliments already. The price is great too!
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The Resolution [from the movie COURAGEOUS] - Print
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Kathleen B: I like this movie Nov 23, 2015
Andi M: This will be a great gift for my husband for our anniversary. Oct 25, 2015
Lana C: It makes a great wedding gift. Oct 20, 2015
CHRIS B: As a gift and encouragement to a select few accountability partners (men in my Bible study) to present to their families :) Oct 9, 2015
Alana B: Very important reminder of the kind of man I want to marry and what to look for in a man. I also like this for a families resolution. Sep 12, 2015
Sandra B: My son asked me to get this for him to give to his fiancée Sep 9, 2015
Ronald M: the courageous movie had such impact on our church Jul 8, 2015
Amanda H: I am married to the most wonderful godly man. I wanted something to represent our faith for his birthday present Jan 5, 2015
Nathaniel W: I saw the movie Courageous and even though I'm pretty sure I'm doing all of the things listed in the pledge I thought a good daily reminder to me and my family as well as potential inspiration to guests in my home would not be too much to do. Dec 25, 2014
Ernestine B: My husband believes in this and I support him Dec 14, 2014
Claudia N: Since my son found Jesus his life has changed dramatically. He is getting married on December 20th and I thought he would like to have these beautiful words in his home. Dec 10, 2014
James O: Convicted! Dec 3, 2014
James G: Because I want to prove to my I love her and them and I'm proving to our Lord I can change Oct 9, 2014
Anthony D: I couldn't Think of a Better more fitting call to duty resolution of Oct 1, 2014
Derek L: Because i am a believer in Jesus Christ and in fulfilling my mission of being a leader of my household and bringing Jesus Christ into our lives. Jul 27, 2014
james c: to help a man that i know to understand the
importance of a husband and father
Jul 8, 2014
Steve D: I wish to recommit my love for my wife. Jun 20, 2014
Craig U: Fathers day Jun 15, 2014
Robert N: Wedding present Jun 7, 2014
nathaniel r: I want to sign this and use it in my house and to follow gods word so my son can May 31, 2014
Woody D: Very Powerful words to provide a good safe home and up bringing. May 27, 2014
Austin M: For me and gifts May 19, 2014
Derek G: I choose this item, because I would like to hold myself accountable for the change in my life. Apr 30, 2014
Preston P: Looking for Inspiration for my young sons Mar 28, 2014
Michael H: Cause I am this man Mar 18, 2014
James B: Committment and integrity are essential in relationships. This is a token to remind of us of our responsibilities to each other. Mar 8, 2014
Lorraine S: Accountability! Feb 13, 2014
Elona S: I think such resolutions are so important to families, and having such things on display in the home is a great reminder, and an inspiration to all who see it. Dec 7, 2013
Jean-Francois B: Wanted the pledge in a form that could be framed/hung on the wall. Oct 15, 2013
scot h: I am posting this in the entryway of my house for all to see. Oct 12, 2013
Monica S: My husbands birthday gift Oct 6, 2013
Clayton L: I saw the movie courageous. I wanted the resolution. Sep 25, 2013
Shawn H: I want god to be in our life, an to make me a better person Sep 3, 2013
cheryl j: giving this resolution and cd to start a movement in my church god will bless the world Aug 31, 2013
David S: My church, Kennewick Church of Christ, is planning an all church retreat. The theme is writing a personal resolution. We will watch the movie Courageous. Aug 31, 2013
RICO U: I deeply touch by spirit of the message Aug 16, 2013
Eveline S: It is a true reflection in a heart of a father and is dedication to God and Children. Jun 9, 2013
Andy L: Father's Day Giveaway at our church. Jun 1, 2013
Iana A: God has blessed us with a child and we are expecting HIS arrival any moment now. I thought this is the perfect gift for my husband for becoming a father and father's day is around the corner. May 29, 2013
Lucius B: Because it's PAST time to take a stand.... May 2, 2013
christopher b: JUST NEEDED IT IN MY LIFE AND MY FAMILY Apr 15, 2013
James L: Because I have 3 children and I want to make this decree to them to be the best father that I can be and also show them what a Father truly looks like form the start, as well as a husband, even if it happens to not be with there mother. Apr 15, 2013
christopher w: I saw the movie Courageous and I really felt that I should live my life in that manner.
Thanks for making such a useful and necessary film.
Apr 8, 2013
Everton O: The movie speaks directly to our hearts. Apr 7, 2013
Vyvyan R: I think this will make a wonderful Fathers Day gift for my 2 sons! Apr 6, 2013
Raul A: very inspirational for myself and my children. Apr 1, 2013
Angel P: I want to show my family that father/Dad can be many things but without God in his heart and in the home, nothing will go right. Mar 30, 2013
William E: I believe in honesty and knowing God is here for me and my family. I trust in him and feel the love that he has given me. Mar 27, 2013
Roger A: inspired by my father inlaw and wanted to show my appreciation for him Mar 21, 2013
Mayes S: Very powerful Mar 17, 2013
Donald H: Because I enjoyed watching the movie Courageous Mar 11, 2013
mark d: Because im making my commitment to God and my family Feb 11, 2013
Edna T: Men at our Church. Feb 4, 2013
Lori W: I choose to buy this after watching the movie Courageous. My husband and I are working toward our faith with God and to become better parents. We are planning a small ceremony with our pastor to sign and agree to this statement. This was an awesome movie and everyone should see it. It will truly open your eyes. Jan 29, 2013
Josephine M: we saw the movie at a correctional facility as part of an educational segment for our parenting class and this seemed great to have Dec 27, 2012
Natasja W: I hope that my husband will be able to sign this resolution and that we will live by it in our home. Dec 26, 2012
Jonas K: Because I am about to get married and becoming a father Dec 20, 2012
Rebecca F: I choose this item because My husband and Father in law both wanted to follow what they heard in the resolution Dec 11, 2012
Gerald n: For my son's and son-in-laws as a guide. Dec 9, 2012
Charles D: God is in my heart--movie is emotional, loving and excellent. Nov 30, 2012
Delores Z: I wanted to give my Progical Son a copy for Christmas and I know as a former law enforcement officer and having seen the movie, he will appreciate it..This is a way I can show him support and encourgement as he is going thru a trip back to God and commitment Nov 29, 2012
J I: Have sons-in-law and I thought this was an important piece of information for them to have. Nov 22, 2012
Matthew G: I need to make a promise to the love of my life that I CAN and WILL be a great spiritual leader for our family after we get married. Oct 28, 2012
Tracey H: I don't want to be a "good enough" Dad. I want to be the best Dad! Oct 27, 2012
LaTonya B: anniversary gift Oct 6, 2012
arthur h: I want to be the dad that God created me to be. And by having this Resolution I hope to show my family my commitment to always serving the Lord in our home. Sep 8, 2012
Rusty W: Because i believe in what it stands for and believe that fathers today should stand for something and with this hanging on my wall it will remind me everday what my role as a father is to myself my family and my community and to my lord an savior jesus christ Aug 24, 2012
Sean S: Saw the Courageous movie. Aug 21, 2012
Jeff M: I wanted to make a declaration in my life :) Aug 8, 2012
Larry H: I just saw the movie and am moved to be the Man God created me to be! Jul 27, 2012
WAYDE C: The movie Courageous was so near and dear to my heart. I wanted to have a constant reminder in my home of The Resolution to remind me of my commitment as a father to my children, my wife, and all who come in contact with me. Jul 23, 2012
Kevin O: I watched the movie yesterday and want to put this on my wall as a reminder. Jul 16, 2012
Patrick S: to give to a friend / collegue Jul 8, 2012
Ron G: I saw the movie last night and it made a deep impression on me that I would like to focus on. Jul 7, 2012
Ashley R: I watched the movie and it made me realize that I need to change my life that I needed to spend more time with my three kids because the time myself and my wife is very short with them and very much priceless. The movie is very inspirational. Jun 29, 2012
Yvonne M: After watching the movie I think the resolution is a must for all fathers. it will serve as a symbol and reminder of their reason for their purpose in life. Jun 27, 2012
Joshua A: It is a great thing to have in your family house as a good goal to follow and a good responsibility factor for my father who is struggling with his faith to look at this and follow it Jun 17, 2012
Sarah E: My dad loved the movie Jun 14, 2012
ana b: i love the movie Jun 13, 2012
Candace R: After watching Courageous, my husband wanted to have this, but he forgot about it. So I picked it up for him for Father's Day. Jun 11, 2012
Kelley H: This movie moved both my husband and myself. I wanted to surprise my husband with this print and I can not wait to see is face when it arrives. Jun 10, 2012
Elizabeth T: My husband asked me to order this. He was deeply moved by the movie and wants to formally acknowledge the responsibilities he has as a father, husband, and leader of our household. Jun 9, 2012
Catherine P: To give men/fathers love, support, and goals. Jun 7, 2012
Tim K: This is my resolution also. May 23, 2012
Loren B: This to frame and put on the wall in the room where our church's men's group meets. All so happens to be the 3rd graders room on Sunday. May 23, 2012
Jerame B: A very profound promise to God and to my family. Wonderful Movie. As for me and my family we will serve the Lord May 21, 2012
Mark O: MOVIE May 14, 2012
Mayra B: I saw the movie and it inspired me as a single mother that I was not doing my part as God has asked of me to raise my children. May 14, 2012
Yskov M: i like this! May 9, 2012
Lonita D: Because we are going to show the movie in our town and want to prepare men & families if they want the Resolution. May 7, 2012
Jesse F: Saw the movie and loved it! May 5, 2012
John J: I never wanted to be an "OK" dad...I wish I had seen this 20 years ago. Words for every dad to live by. May 2, 2012
Cheryl H: This is a lovely way to reinforce the lessons to be learned from the movie. Not only am I hoping this will encourage him to act but will teach me what he needs from me, and by God's grace to do it. Apr 29, 2012
Kayla F: We loved the movie and agree to live our lives with integrity before God. This will be a great reminder in our home. Apr 26, 2012
James D: My family wants to do this after watching the movie... Apr 20, 2012
desiree p: fiance will be presenting this at our wedding. Apr 20, 2012
Patrick D: I was watching Courageous and I wanted a copy of the Resolution. I am thankful for it being available here. Apr 16, 2012
Amy B: I thought it would be a perfect gift for my husband for Easter Mar 27, 2012
Lorenza K: After watching the movie at our Church, they offered a men encounter and fired up Gods commands into our lives. Mar 26, 2012
robin r: I got this for my son and his family. Although they are faithful Christians this document is a nice reminder of what is of the up most importance. Mar 19, 2012
carmen R: my sons and I saw the movie and were very moved by it and we wanted to try doing the resolution too to try and change to living a good christian live with our families Mar 19, 2012
Jonathan T: Really wanted one of these Resolutions, and ChristianCenema was the only online store who shipped to South Africa...

Thank you!
Mar 12, 2012
Brandon B: I am not married yet but I plan to be some day soon. I will do my best to apply this Resolution to my life and in my house. I believe that I doubly accountable, and I answer to God at the end of the day. Mar 8, 2012
Nanci W: Because the Lord told me to put it by my husbands bedside. thank you Mar 8, 2012
Bobbie D: Husband and daddy, he wants to sign, to hold him accountable. Mar 7, 2012
Lizhi G: as a gift to my husband. Mar 4, 2012
Cathy R: I think men should make a commitment to God, their children, their wifes to be the dad and husband God wants them to be. Thats wht I bought the resolution. My husband and I was in agreement when we saw the movie courageous to have the men in our church make the commitment with my husband.

Thank you God Bless you cathy r.
Mar 1, 2012
juliett d: my husband and I are going to a bad situation and I am trying to forgive him, but at the same time I want him to promise that from now and on we will serve the lord in order to be succesfull in our merriage. Feb 29, 2012
Edward L: Would that all fathers took this oath, many of the problems we face in America would disappear! It is only through God's love and abidding by His precepts, will we find peace. Feb 29, 2012
Robert G: I need this in my life! Feb 29, 2012
william b: BEST PRICE FOUND Feb 28, 2012
Chris S: I chose this because it is says something and should be displayed openly so that anyone who is at my house shall be clear of my intentions with my Savior and my family. Feb 27, 2012
Misty K: I chose this because I want our family to live under the chose word of God and his faith and guidance Feb 27, 2012
lucio l: ok Feb 26, 2012
Lu M: The movie had a big impact on my family and we want to keep the memory to encourage us to share God's teachings Feb 26, 2012
Darion C: the movie was very uplifting and taught me a very valuable lesson and the young men of our day now do not know what it takes to be a real father or a real man at that. including myself we need to take the time and appreciate the life that we bring into this world. From this day on i will live by this Resolution. I want to be able to set an example of what a real father should be. If can take the time to do the small things that count, then i think anyone my age should be able to do the same. Feb 26, 2012
Fanwell P: This is a powerful all God fearing me should make and would serve as a constant reminder. Feb 26, 2012
Robert S: Because the movie was great!! And I would like the resolution! Feb 23, 2012
sandy g: for my son Feb 21, 2012
Robert D: I want to be a better man in God's plan. To know we r conqueror of the unknown. Seek his love that will give u peace to walk away from some your trail and tribulation, Seek the knowledge that will bring you great wisdom and Seek his living words that feed your holy spirit so God can speak threw u to his lost children. Feb 21, 2012
Melanie A: To add more positive messages to our home. Feb 21, 2012
Tonya M: We Love this movie and the traditional Christian values it promotes. We are excited to display our commitment to serve and Honor God . Feb 21, 2012
Daryl S: To share with the fathers in my community Feb 17, 2012
Mary D. S: If 1/4 of the people of this country had this kind of heart, noone would recognize it. Feb 17, 2012
Ken R: To share it with all the men at my local church in an effort to help develop healthy families for our states and our nation. Feb 16, 2012
Zinnie B: I feel that this resolution could help Christian men everywhere to be the best God fearing father they can be and have a better hand in raising there kids Feb 15, 2012
Bill L: Great service with my order. Would recommend to anyone. Feb 15, 2012
Adrien D: To see if I could follow it also (for my own help) Feb 15, 2012
jeffie p: The wording was beautiful.It touch my heart. Feb 15, 2012
Ricardo W: The men who want to sign the resolution in front of God, there family's and the church for witnesses are welcome. Then have other men hold them accountable for their actions will help Gods men become real men, they will have a united front that the enemy will have a hard time breaking. Feb 14, 2012
catherine b: I was impressed whenever I watched the movie 'Courageous'. Working with at risk children I witnessed first hand the importance of a positive male mentor in the lives of boys and girls without a father figure in their home. Children who are not at risk are also vulnerable to the effects of a father without integrity, and/or one who is absent even though residing in the home. We all need reminders of who we are best to be. This declaration is one such thing. Feb 13, 2012
Christy S: My husband has been asking for this ever since he seen it at the theater in the movie. He will be very grateful. Feb 13, 2012
Travis D: I just watched the movie...I was convicted to be a better Godly father to my children. I'm courageous enough to take the challenge. Feb 13, 2012
Jonathan w: Because This is something I want to make as my resolution and having it on the wall to remind me every day will be a great way to solidify this in my heart!! Feb 10, 2012
brian b: The movie reminded me of a dance I had with my oldest daughter in years past. Then with a profound impact also reminded me of the path I had lost in my selfishness of life. As a medic in Iraq, I hardened myself. God allowed me to cry while watching.I purchased this resolution to remind me each day of just how IMPORTANT my role is, and what God expects of me. Feb 10, 2012
Larry H: the movie Feb 8, 2012
marco t: This is a very inspirational and motivational resolution to dedicate to my family Feb 8, 2012
john w p: saw the movie courageous Feb 7, 2012
Daniel W: I felt that it was time to take a stand and show my son and daughter what a man should be. I also wanted to show my wife how dedicated, I am to her and our beautiful marriage. Instead of talking about being a christian, I think it was time to start acting like one Feb 6, 2012
Olalekan S: Because I would like to sign one to and work towards it Feb 6, 2012
Tommy B: by watching the movie and having faith in christ Feb 2, 2012
cheryl G: the movie and the resolution touched my heart had me doing some serious soul searching Feb 2, 2012
Paul P: The movie touched my heart and I want to make the same resolution to God. Jan 31, 2012
Chaston B: I want to present this to my wife and kids and place it in my home for to see my commitments to my wonderful family given to me from God. Jan 30, 2012
Ronald L: Great movie Jan 29, 2012
Valerie B: We saw the movie and decided this was a good choice for our family. Jan 29, 2012
Robert L: To be the man I need to be! Jan 29, 2012
Karl R: Love Jan 29, 2012
Bishop Harry G: After going through the program we are going to be offering, we want each family to have a reminder of their commitment to help them live what they have learned. Jan 29, 2012
Bryon B: I believe this will help me be a better person and father. Jan 28, 2012
Jeremy C: Watching the movie made me realize what kind of father I need to be. Thank you. Jan 28, 2012
Nathan E: I Just watched the movie, and it was a true eye opener to me. God wants me here i know it and i thank him for the time he has giving me with my family thank you. Jan 27, 2012
Joseph C: It is what every man should sign! Jan 27, 2012
Sharon S: It may come in handy. Jan 24, 2012
James B: Fathers need to take a stand and a stronger responsabiltiy in raising their children. This Resolution, hanging on the wall will be a constant reminder of the stand I've taken. Jan 24, 2012
mark r: I saw the movie and it inspired me to buy this resolution for myself to sign in front of my family.

God is good all the time.
Jan 24, 2012
JEFF S: Every father and husband should Jan 24, 2012
Anthony H: My family is the most important thing to me Jan 23, 2012
jerry t: it is my wake up call Jan 23, 2012
Steven M: I saw the movie and I wanted to start this as well for me and my family and instead of remaking it from the movie it is all here ready for you to start. Iâ??m pleased to find this item on-line. I say this, as this made me see what I need to do and change what is in my life to praise god as should all men should dedicate their lives to the lord. You will not regret purchasing this item and best wishes. Jan 23, 2012
Brian M: Small price to pay for some sobering words of realization to ones duty. Thank you. Jan 22, 2012
Melba S: When promises, vows, or intentions are witten down they are easy to refer to again and again to keep it alive and serve as a constant reminder. Jan 22, 2012
Lisa C: My husband and our family were touched by this resolution and we want it in our home. Jan 22, 2012
CHELSIE W: This is an amazing movie for fathers and husbands....the world needs more men like those in this movie. Jan 21, 2012
Jeremy S: I feel every father should follow this resolution Jan 21, 2012
Andrew W: Fathers every where! Watch the movie, Then you will know why! Jan 21, 2012
Jerry G: for my sons Jan 21, 2012
travis s: the resolution put the words and thoughts from my heart on to paper to give me and others a visual reminder of the importance of god and family. Jan 20, 2012
William J: I just watched the movie and it encouraged me to help other young people who dont have or didnt have a father in their lives. its the best movue ive seen yet. Jan 20, 2012
TAMMY H: My husband works at the sheriffs dept and saw the movie last night and was touched. He wanted to order this to take the Resolution for his family Jan 20, 2012
matt t: i chose this item because i wanted to have something to look at to remind me of a commitment that i have to the Lord & my family Jan 20, 2012
Bubba H: I myself am a Law Enforcement Officer. I also have a family that means everything to me. I have a strong Christian belief and the words of this Resolution really hit home for me. Jan 20, 2012
Shervin E: I to want to make this commitment Jan 20, 2012
Kenneth G: I want to be a better Father, Husband, And Friend. Jan 20, 2012
Andy N: It is a challenge and goal every Father should strive for. Jan 19, 2012
Timothy A: Because I want to be courageous and have a resolution of not being just a good enough father. I want to be the best father that my Heavenly Father wants me to be. Jan 18, 2012
Eric T: Great inspiration and reminder to be the kind of father God has called us to be to our children. Jan 18, 2012
John H: Because it is how I want to live my life as a father. Jan 18, 2012
phyllis h: every father should make this resolution to himself and GOd. Jan 17, 2012
Sonika J: I chose this because this is who my wonderful husband is.I thought I would get it in writing and frame and present it to him on his up and coming birthday next month.

Sonika Johnson
Jan 17, 2012
Randolese M: I want to use this resolution as a reminder to my husband of what can be done and changed when he trust in the Lord. Jan 17, 2012
charles s: I love this resolution i plan on living by this Jan 5, 2012
Joseph S: Cause wish to make the commit to God, my wife, and my children. Dec 19, 2011
Roger K: I will be giving my son and two sons-in law a copy of The Resolution at Christmas. We will meet and go over each point and make each other accountable to the others for this pledge. Dec 18, 2011
Samuel D: I choose this because i want to be a Godly Father some day this will help me remind my self in the times i for get.
Glory to God
Dec 18, 2011
Donald R: Saw the movie, felt this was really something I wanted to do for and with my family. Dec 17, 2011
Ellen S: saw movie --- gift for my husband Dec 9, 2011
Ray N: Prayer for Change in our home.Being led by a Godly husband and father, who desires to do what God requires of him as as the spiritual leader of our home. Nov 16, 2011
Kenneth J: Want to sign myself Nov 7, 2011
Karen C: Wanted to share Courageous message in this format Oct 29, 2011
Tammy A: New commitment to our family. Oct 26, 2011
Alicia H: i believe this would be a good motto to live by Oct 25, 2011
Michelle C: Great gift for my husband. He will be surprised! We loved the movie from where this came. God bless us all. Oct 11, 2011
Debra W: To offer as gift to our small group study parents. This is a beautiful reminder of what God expects from each of us.. Oct 10, 2011
Tim M C asked: I have no questions. I am a father, a husband , and a Christian. My wonderful wife and I saw this.....well, it is not a movie, it is a experience. But we viewed it last night, and I cannot even describe the emotions, the roller coaster of this experience. I hope to help to bring the movement into my area. This is all so real, so true, so necessary. Where are you, Men of Courage? Oct 1, 2011
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (4) No (0)
Adrien D: Hellow Tim I know there was no question But I have to tell you I saw this experience with my youngest daughter and I was blown away.During one scene I took her hand and held it for about 5 minutes! It brought back memories of my earlier days when I was married. unfortunately I learned too late in my life to fix the problems that caused my malfunction in my marriage. But thanks br to God that this experience has shown me that its never too late to try and fix my life with the RESOLUTION I look forward to recieving it and putting it into practice Thank you Oct 14, 2011
Reply to Adrien Good answer? Yes (3) No (0)
Jeff G: Never too late. Aug 15, 2013
Hartsel B: My wife and I saw the movie in the theatre the first weekend it was released in our area. The message in the movie is so powerful, and what we as Americans need today is to teach these same beliefs in our homes. My Children are grown now, although we have grand kids and great grand kids coming our way. This resolution will hang beside the Ten Commmandments in our Family room. I will strive to live my life even better to uphold my beliefs in life toward these resolutions. Nov 14, 2011
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Morris-April M: That is the perfect description... this was an experience. A really beautiful experience that I hope so many people will see. Oct 3, 2011
Carol C: I am not a man and I do not know where the Men of Courage are at. I think some men are watching football, basketball and playing all of these fantasy sports instead of spending time with their family. It is easier to sit in front of a TV or computer than communicate with their wife and children. I think some men feel quilty and know they could of done better or could do better, yet they think it is too late or they can't fix it so it is easier to bury their head in the sand and hope things will work out. I think some men are in denial about their role or they are doing wrong, they can't see in front of them as to what is happening, or maybe they don't want to see it and it is easier to let someone else do it, they don't like confrontation. Men need to be the head of their household whether they are 20 years old or 65 years old or older. Make things right before they have regrets and lots of sorrow or they die. Wives and children need to feel important to their husbands/fathers. Make every moment count with their family. I bought it to give to some men in our small group that didn't get to go to the Movie at the same time as I did and hope to inspire others to be Courageous and Head of their household. Oct 16, 2011
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A shopper asked: My name is James L. and i've watched this movie a couple of times. It has made a big impact. I'm only 18 and don't really have family that i'm around but i want to know if i would be able to sign the contract? even though i don't have a wife or kids, when i do. i want to be this type of man. Sep 10, 2012
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Adrien D: Dear Jim I am blessed to hear that your 18 yrs old !!!! this RESOLUTION is not only for married men but for ALL men !!!! this is a tool so that you as an unmarried man can and should follow because it WILL make you the man That God wants us to be and the man that can be possibly the best woman that God has chosen for you!! this RESOLUTION is a great teacher to show us the way to make ourselves better prepared to become a TRUE father Go ahead and sigh it as a promise to God and your future wife and as the father of your future kids to become a true man of GOD Blessings Sep 10, 2012
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Tam S: Absolutely, as you are making choices now that will benefit and honor your family one day. So wonderful that at 18 you are hearing the message and answering the call to be COURAGEOUS! Connect with a strong, Godly male mentor James so that he can help you stay accountable! God's best to and through you! Sep 10, 2012
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Tony P: This movie is an "inspired instrument" from God to be used to open the hearts and minds of individuals when they see the movie. The fact that you have responded to this movie in this manner is a testimony to that fact.

It is obvious that God has spoken to you through this tool of evangelism. Signing this contract and keeping it before you will be a constant reminder of your "encounter with God" on these critical issues in these last days. These issues are not being ignored in our society, but something worse is happening. These issues are being distorted by putting "a twist or a spin" on the Word of God. The enemy does not mind us be religious, he does not want us to be a "christian." REAL Christians DO NOT "interpret" the Word of God, they just "line up with it."
Sep 10, 2012
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James L: James L Sep 10, 2012
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mark c asked: Can single fathers do this resolution who are divorced? May 5, 2012
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Adrien D: Sure Just because you got divorced dosent mean that God has forgotten you!!!!!!!! He said that (ALL) your sins will be forgiven. The reason I bought (THE RESOLUTION) is becauce God has given us a second and third ETC ETC chance and He promised He'll be with us till the end of time!!!!!!! And if we do the resolution it will prove that God is a forgiving God and He will honor our hearts and prayers and bless us ( IF it's done from your heart ( By the way I'm divorced and I purchased it a few months ) Be blessed and buy it May 5, 2012
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Thomas S: Great question. The movie got me to thinking the same thing.
I am not able to do it just the way the Resolution says. I am a dad with adult children, grand kids and divorced. I have a commitment to live a life as best as I can to show Christ to my children and not to do or say anything that would be negative or slandering towards their mom. I treat their mom respectfully as a friend and someone who is created in His image and the results of this is up to God. That is what I have adopted for my life. Maybe you are able do something that will fit your life that is close to the Resolution.
Hope this is of some help. God Bless!
May 8, 2012
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Kaleb T: In my church, the pastor printed a copy of the resolution on every worship guide on Father's day. He invited those men that were willing to commit to living out the resolution to stand, and there were teenagers who had neither wives nor children who stood to take part in this resolution. If a teenager can be willing to commit, why on earth wouldn't a divorced man be able to? Jul 10, 2012
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May 5, 2012
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John T: Absolutely. I was divorced as well and I don't see anything wrong with planning a better future with Christ at the helm. I feel that this applies to anyone who wants to do as God has asked us to do.......Blessings. May 5, 2012
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Bill P: Of course, my Brotjer. If you saw the movie you would have recognized one of. the fellas was a single Dad. May 5, 2012
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Sheri A: Absolutely May 5, 2012
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A shopper asked: Watched the movie "Courageous" as a family and loved it. My daughter and I decided to give the framed print resolution to my husband as a gift for his birthday. We were really excited about this, only to be disappointed that he did not share the same views. He thought it was inappropriate and thought this should be something he should want to buy for himself. He said to get him what he wants from now on for his birthday and christmas. Was really not what I expected to hear from himand wished he thought differently. Was there a way I could have presented him with this great message in a different way? Mar 10, 2012
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Michael J: As a father, I saw this movie and realized I was not as good of a father as I should be. I purchased the resolution to remind me of the things I should do, as well something for my family to hold me accountable to.

Your husband could have interpreted this gift as you hinting to him, he is not doing all the things he should do. Those are my thoughts.

It might be be like a husband buying his wife a vacuum cleaner for mothers day. The wife might interpret as the house is not clean enough.
Mar 15, 2012
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Victoria E: I almost think something like that should be something the father would decide for himself if he wants or not, as it's a written committment that he would sign and commit to following as a testimony to everyone that sees it. It's not to be taken lightly, and you have to be ready for it if that's something you choose to do.. Only he knows if thats in his heart to do or not, so he probably felt like it was being forced on him as it's something very personal. Anyways, your heart was in the right place. It's one of those things where we as women have a different perspective of what our intentions are from men. I guess hang onto it, and if he ever brings it up to see if you still have it, then maybe that means he's ready, but I wouldn't lay it around for him to see, as he'll take it as your still not letting it be his decision for if he wants to do something like that or not, You wouldn't want him to do it if his heart wasn't into it, or it wouldn't have the same meaning behind what it's all about. Mar 16, 2012
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Sheri A: Interestingly enough I did the same thing. Not a huge hit here either. I bought it before we watched the movie. We finally got to watched the movie because I pre-ordered it. He liked the movie but alas, it still it sits in his office unsigned and unframed. I think this is definitely something he should decide to do for himself. I think it is possibly an issue of pride that he didn't get it for himself and do it for us. Actually maybe he would rather do something that he makes up for himself and not copy any other. Being unique and sincere on a very personal basis is key I think. Mar 19, 2012
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Dana H: I agree, this is the man's decision, and if I had been given it, I woudl have seen it as just one more affirmation of how little I was, rather than how big.

I'm here because I see it s a necessary thing. But, if it had been given to me, 'forced' upon me, I may have seen it as necessary, but I would also have seen it as an accusation and judgement against me.

As a suggestion: you might give something equally lofty, but says instead that "You ARE This" rather than saying "You NEED TO DO This".

YOU need to be careful with this, as well, however. When my little girl calls me the 'Greatest Papa in the World', I feel it more as an indictment than an affirmation. Your husband may be at that place as well.

The Madman
Jun 18, 2012
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Shenia H: I am so sorry that happened to you all. I think you should pray about it and I believe God will lead the way. We too watched it as a family. We also bought our resolutions at the same time. We are both going through a divorce because of entering into marriages without God. We are the happiest we have ever been in our relationship now and strive to seek out all we can to learn from our pasts and what God wants from us now. . We will be married soon and will have our Resolution ceremony directly after our vows. Before God, our kids, our families, our friends and our congregation. We also, have asked three Christian couples to help hold us doubly accountable. God will see you through all things, including this. Jul 8, 2012
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Mike W asked: A thought to share about the "Resolution Contract" to make it better, it should have 2 or 3 "witnesses" at the bottom?? Yes Mike Jan 26, 2012
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Cathy R: My husband and me watched the movie and we just loved it and my husband is a pastor and he is going to put together a mesage about the responsiblity of fathers and make copies of the resolution contract and have the dads and their wifes come up at the end of the service and comit to the contract. And yes I think having 2 or3 witnesses ath the bottom is makes it better. I pray you keep making moies like courageous.

God Bless You cathy rottiers
Jan 29, 2012
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William S: I just received mine and it has 2 witnesses signature spots at the bottom. Jan 27, 2012
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Steve P: the resolution has a place at the bottom for 2 witnesses to sign Jan 27, 2012
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John S asked: Are the creators of this movie going to also present this in a way much like the "Promise Keepers" movement back in the 1990's where God sovereignly moved upon the hearts of men yet unlike the movement move it away from the stadium events more to HOME? - One of the Issues with Promise Keepers is many men had a real hard time with experiencing this real comradely in the stadium but could never figure out how you translate that in the home and so many new commitments failed because the home life didn't change. Oct 1, 2011
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Rich G: I was heavily involved with PK for a number of years, traveling with them as a volunteer staff rep and heading up the local team for one of their final big events, 2008 in Peoria. It was about a week after that the big changes hit, so I understand the concerns you have about taking the big event/movie HOME.

That said, it was unfair to expect PK to keep it going at home. Similarly, COURAGEOUS can't be blamed if home life doesn't all work out.

Whether a catalytic event like PK or an eye-opening moment of awareness like COURAGEOUS, they are one time events. They can raise a level of desire to make changes, and spark a fire, but that fire will only continue if it continues to find fuel. That fuel is discipleship - ideally in a small group of other men, just as the men in COURAGEOUS found. When the men in the film had tough decisions to make, they knew their band of brothers had their back.

I pray that men across the country and around the world find their own band of brothers to challenge each other and call each other out to live the life of the Resolution. Further, I pray that churches who see the film see the value of men's discipleship and seek to reach every man in their church and community an a real, meaningful way. Not saying "men just need to shape up" but to make a conscious effort to reach each man where they are, and provide the right next step towards a walk with Christ.
Nov 2, 2011
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Dan G: I never have married, but COURAGEOUS was very educational. I suggest you watch the movie. It has some comedy, helps one learn relationships with the spouse, and is especially beneficial helping parents get a better feel of how to raise their children. I attended Promise Keepers events myself and I understand your feelings. COURAGEOUS is a movie I feel is very educational in helping you get a better feel of family living, including responsibilities as being both a spouse and a parent. I remember Dr. James Dobson once said, "If a couple can make it through five years of a rough time, most marriages become stronger forever." Nov 27, 2011
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John T: I don't know about the Promise Keepers but our Church on it's own, did a 4 week small group on the movie. I was unable to participate because of working nights but it went very well according to all of the men that I spoke with. Maybe your home Church could do something with it to support it more locally? I hope this helps a little bit.

God Bless and stay "Courageous"!
Nov 25, 2011
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A shopper asked: is there a "Mother's" version of this Resolution? May 13, 2012
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Chris N: Yes there is! Its for wives and I believe there is one for mothers as well. If you can't find it on here, you can try Walmart. I've seen them there as well. May 14, 2012
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Tomas E: Yes, It's called Resolution for Women. Good luck and God Bless U. May 13, 2012
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Donald G asked: where can I see this movie locally in morgan hill ca area? Feb 19, 2012
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Valerie B: You can likely rent it in the new releases. Good Luck! Feb 20, 2012
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Kenneth E: Donald, I got mine at the Library. Feb 28, 2012
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R Kenneth B asked: Do you have the Resolution translated into German? Mar 21, 2012
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Sturgeon M: I Ordered it in English, German Language is foreign to me, but it is good for families with childrenn especially girls. Mar 21, 2012
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Al p asked: Do you have this resolution in spanish? Please let me know and congratulation for the EXXXTTTRRRAAAOOORRRDINARYYYY movie. thank you Mar 5, 2012
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Bradley R asked: Can we type out our own resolutions on our computer and print them off for a ministry or are they under copyright restrictions? Feb 28, 2012
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Cathy R: My name is cathy and my husband is a pastor. When we seen the movie courageors he thought of having the men make a commitment to their kids and wifes and to God and having them sign it. When I looked up the movie on line and seen the resolutiion I thought of I could type the resolutions on my computer and my husband could make copies. But than I didnt feel right about doing it so I bought a copy. I think thats what God would want us to do as christians. If you buy a copy and call them and tell them what you want to do ask if you can make copies for your ministry you never know how God may show favor.

In Jesus name Cathy R
Mar 1, 2012
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A shopper asked: HOW CAN I LOVING BOYFRIEND ? Feb 25, 2012
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Rick P: I am sorry, but the way the questions is worded, I am not understanding what you are trying to ask. If you repost the question, I would be more than glad to answer it for you.

Thank you
Feb 27, 2012
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A shopper asked: Do you have this product in Spanish? Feb 14, 2012
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Adrien D: no I only speak english Feb 15, 2012
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A shopper asked: Hollywood depicks men as a whimpy joke nowadays. They are depicted as bums while the women in the shows are depicted as the more respectable leaders that accomplish the job in the family and office, etc. and also are the strong protectors even in alot of the shows. I get tired of them depicting men as bums and being with accomplished beauties What message are we sending our men (and women)-- that the men can sit back and joke and live for their fleshes while the women do all the work and take care of them. This is sad to see this Hollywood message in so many shows and it taking place in our society. Women cannot do it all (take care of the children, house, provide income, be a good wife). There's not time enough in a day to even begin to do all this well. We need our men, our partners in life, to be noble and serve their families as well. The movie was calling for men to be noble and serve their families in love, agree? Jan 24, 2012
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Lena W: Agreed. Amen. Feb 25, 2012
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A shopper asked: can you purchase large quantities of the resolution for men contract without the framing? May 12, 2012
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A shopper asked: Statement:
As a man who has endured much personal failure in life I have also seen Christ's love and healing in my marriage. I give God all the Glory for his power, strength and Love. I wish I had seen this as a young father and been able to carry out many of the pledges with my kids. I am at a point now that I am going to sign the agreement as my commitment to God and family even though later in life. Many men are reluctant to sign this as afraid of failure. The reality is none of us will be perfect until we are with Jesus in heaven so with his help here on earth, I commit to do my best. Have you discussed in this forum the reluctance of us as men?
Marc L
Apr 14, 2012
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A shopper asked: No question. I have seen the movie 4 times now. I am a counselor and Assistant Program Manager in a faith based, values centered prison reentry program. My men have in the majority, grown up with out dads in their lives. During the past forty years, I have seen the men give up their position of leadership. I have seen it taken away from them. I have seen men who wished for and dreamed of their fathers being there and more importantly, telling them, after teaching them how, "You are a man today." My men in prison cried as they watched this movie. They are not wimps! These are men who have been finding that the statistics of the sheriff are true. They have been finding "family" where ever they could find it. These are men who are weighing the gravity of signing a resolution such as this.
When God called out leaders for His cause, He called men, when he called our leaders for His families, He called men. When He called the family, He called the fathers to bring them. We have given up and the women have tried to fill our shoes. Now, they have gotten used to the role and do not want to give it up. But they want us to have it back! Will you be a man of courage and do what God called you to do? When each of us do, our wives and children will follow. When we lead under God, our churches will become what they ought. Go back and see "Facing The Giants" and build your section of the wall! I want my sons to be the men of courage God has called them to be. Their wives and children will rise up and call them blessed.
Feb 18, 2012
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A shopper asked: I was so moved by this movie and feel anyone who says they love God should see it, and examine their hearts and spirits and ask if they are doing all they should be doing as men and women of God. I am often misunderstood as a writer and producer when i produce plays or write stories because people want me to write what people already know; but i choose to write to change lives as this movie has done. I feel I have a lot of work to do; I must be even more Courageous than i have been, that my work is not done. I give this movie 10 stars because it was heart felt and the best christian writing I have witnessed in a long time ( accept my work LOL) PRAISE GOD FOR I KNOW GODS HAND WAS WITH THE WRITER ( If anyone reading this knows how i can contact them please let me know I have two very strong scripts i would love to have turned into a movie . I will tell everyone i know to go see this movie it have put it on FACEBOOK AND WILL SHARE WITH EVERYONE I KNOW Oct 2, 2011
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A shopper asked: I guess I'm just different or something but my experience apparently differs from every other person who commented here. I will admit to feeling the weight of conviction over my failures. I will admit that the movie did a good job of reminding me that my "good enough" hasn't been "good enough". Frankly, I can take my licks, and have confessed my sins to my wife and children on many occasions.

Where I part company with the pack, is with the idea that somehow men are solely to blame for the current situation and therefore men can turn their families around if they just submit to the Lord and sign this pledge. Sorry, I don't buy it. I see this movie adding a Christian spin to the popular sport of "man-blame" that has been going on in America (and now the Church) for the last 35 or so years. In culture, work, and home, men in general and fathers in particular have become THE fall guy for every ill under the sun. I'm not buying it. We (men) have been systematically attacked and victimized (yep-victimized) by every establishment from Hollywood to the public school system. Now, we even get it from our own churches.

Speaking of churches... When pulpits stopped preaching the whole counsel of God, and stressing the importance of authority-MEN'S authority, they started a downward spiral that most men have not recovered from, and may never recover from. Men have become a joke in their own homes, ignored and disrespected by their children and their wives on most issues involving any type of submission, from Godly standards of dress and entertainment to how late the children should stay up. Is it any wonder that men have resorted to any number of diversions that keep them at a distance from those they love? Honestly, it gets really tiring having to constantly defend one's self from the challenges raised against even the simplest request. It is much easier to just "go fishing".

"Courageous" is fine, but the question is-when will wives & kids get their version?
Jan 10, 2012
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Larry M: Larry M.: I watched this movie with my 11 year old son and was pleased to see the producers of this film be so Bold. I am posting this resolution in my home as for me and my house we serve the Lord. I do agree that some men have a difficult time accepting full responsibility in their own home. It is hard to know in todays culture what a Godly leader of the home looks like because we as men have so few examples to mentor us. My father did not give me the example I needed. I chose to be a loving father and follow Gods word for my family. It has been a struggle at times but the blessing of leading and standing true as a father has been incredible. I want to leave a legacy for my children to absolutely know what a Leader in their home looks like, they will know the path. I will have no excuse when my sons and daughters are healthy independent thinkers that know what Jesus did for them. This movie makes you realize that the best gift you can give your children as a father is being the leader of your home as God intended. Well DONE Jan 23, 2012
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John T: I agree with you on men getting a "Bad Rap" lately. I know we are supposed to be the leaders, but I feel society has led us to recieve the lack of respect that we are supposed to recieve. Many behaviors and views are deemed "acceptable" that did not used to be. I also feel that there are so many "Deadbeat Dads' in the world today that the old "One Bad Apple" theory comes into play as well.

As far as the Church goes though, my Church has "Men of Iron" and also W.O.W. (Women of Worth) groups along with lots and lots of teen activities. All of these things work together to make individuals and families stronger. I would suggest bringing your concerns up to your Church and see what they can do to help. If it seems to fall on deaf ears, maybe a different Church could be an option.

Also, if this is a personal issue, talk it over with your wife and kids and get their feelings on it too. Good luck and God Bless. Keep the Faith.
Jan 11, 2012
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Sarge: John T you said; but I feel society has led us to receive the lack of respect that we are supposed to receive. Many behaviors and views are deemed "acceptable" that did not used to be. I also feel that there are so many "Deadbeat Dads' in the world today that the old "One Bad Apple" theory comes into play as well.
A) Respect is not something that is a given, it is something that is earned, Deadbeat Dads, some can be touched and taught and the lack of both is why we are seeing so many. But there are those who choose to be what they are and you can not change that and for them they will have to answer to GOD on that fateful day. The question you will be asked is did you try to have an impact on them. Dec 25, 2013
John T: I do try to reach as many people (often Dads) as possible and have reached many through example and Gods' guidance. I know that respect is earned, but I feel that many don't even know what the word means today. I treat "all" people respectfully but it is not always returned. For those, I pray for God to help them. Dec 25, 2013
Dana H: Not so Different.

Before I tell you where I stand on this, let me tell you where I sit: because of life circumstance I work nights from Tuesday evenings to Sunday mornings. I don't often get to church as a consequence. And before you start telling me/yelling at me why I should/can/ought to let me also tell you, because of this I often get a week of short sleeps - when Sunday morning arrives, I am often short 1-2 'nights' worth of sleep. I would fall asleep midsermon even if it ws Billy Graham or Billy Sunday preaching. This Father's Day Sunday was no different, except that we needed to move a washer and dryer down narrow baswement steps with tight turns at the head of the stairs. The rest of the family went to church and let me sleep and by the time they got back I'd finished prepping the environment (taking doors off hinges, clearing paths, etc) so I'd have a clear path for the appliances. By the time all the work was done, it was late afternoon and we needed to get the truck back to the truck rental folks. Since I'd cut my sleep short that morning (yesterday) all I wanted to do was finish my sleep.

That's the setting and situation.

I was told that there was a Father's Day to-do at the church that evening (last night) that we (I) ought to go to. My feelings: I was both beat up and beat down, stiff, sore, tired, stinky and sweaty and we were to end up at church immediately after dropping off the truck. No thank you, just a burger and a cold drink, please.

When the wife (backed up by the little girl) say I ought to go to something, though, there is no arguing. It was their collective Father's Day gift to me.

She handed me the church bulletin (to fill me in), and I nearly jumped out of the car: I didn't need something else to tell me how badly I was doing as a dad. I wasn't just beat up, beat down, and tired physically, but also mentally, emotionally, and just about any other '-ally' you could come up with. And a film called 'Courageous' looked like another one of those emotion-jerking, pinnacle 'This is how to do it, how it should be done' film. No. Thank. You.

That's what I brought to this table.

I wanted to speak to my wife about this, but I couldn't successfully find a pretense that the child was willing to follow to separate here from her two favorite people: Mom and me. What I wanted to talk to my wife about is what you just read. The seven-year-old little girl didn't need to be part of it.

The long and short of it: we went in, late, and watched the movie.

By the time I was done I felt: emotionally yanked around, wrung out, and all the rest. But I'll give the story-writer this: he didn't force paragons of virtue at me; the men in the story were typical mens' men, just trying to make it the best they could. The reason my emotions were wrung out was because I could see bits of myself in each of those men, from Adam to Enrique, not to mention each of those boys.

I came to this site because 'The Resolution' hit me, hard. I wanted to get the wording of it, and I suspected I could Google it and I'd find it. Here I am.

I still feel feel beat up, beat down and all the rest, in all ways. And part of that is the way society treats men who try to be good fathers little better than the 'playahs'; society sees us all as 'playahs'. It is little wonder that some guys end up buying into that. It is actually a great wonder that, as few as they are, so many guys DON'T.

The world is out to get us, and by 'us' I mean everyone, not just men and dads, but women and wives, and the kids. Especially the kids.

It can be a finely drawn line between 'we are here to support you' and the look down the nose at you because you didn't measure up somehow to someone's Ideal.

I don't measure up to my own Ideal, it should be no surprize that I don't measure up to someone else's.
But, and this is why I went looking for 'The Resolution' in the first place, we need that line in the sand that says 'this is where I will stand', Horatiatus at the Bridge-fashion.

I'm not going to worry about when the wife and kids get their version: the wife has Proverbs 31, and has done well by it over the years. And the kids have: "Honor your Father and Mother."

This has gone over-long, and I apologize.

The Madman
Jun 18, 2012
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Sarge: Dana you said; because of life circumstance I work nights from Tuesday evenings to Sunday mornings. A) God does not hold it against you because you work, in fact in the bible he says too, but you said that you work Tuesday through to Sunday am, this does not prevent you from attending church Sunday evening because you have all day to rest.
You Said;This Father's Day Sunday was no different, except that we needed to move a washer and dryer down narrow basement steps with tight turns at the head of the stairs. The rest of the family went to church and let me sleep and by the time they got back I'd finished prepping the environment (taking doors off hinges, clearing paths, etc) so I'd have a clear path for the appliances. By the time all the work was done, it was late afternoon and we needed to get the truck back to the truck rental folks. Since I'd cut my sleep short that morning (yesterday) all I wanted to do was finish my sleep.
A) This is something that could have waited until Monday morning to happen, a choice that you made to do something different, I am not going to judge you but God will ask why could this have not waited until Monday morning?
You said; society sees us all as 'playahs'. What society sees is not what we have to be, We make that choice and we have to answer to God for our choices, not society.
You said; It can be a finely drawn line between 'we are here to support you' and the look down the nose at you because you didn't measure up somehow to someone's Ideal.
A) if they are looking down their noses at you it is because they are jealous for their lacking, don't worry about what someone else thinks, worry about what God thinks, this is a problem for many people in todays society, they are too worried about what everyone else thinks, You only have to answer to God, Yourself, Your Wife, Mother & Father, Children. Dec 25, 2013
Sarge: PART 1- Shopper You said; I guess I'm just different or something but my experience apparently differs from every other person who commented here. I will admit to feeling the weight of conviction over my failures. I will admit that the movie did a good job of reminding me that my "good enough" hasn't been "good enough". Frankly, I can take my licks, and have confessed my sins to my wife and children on many occasions.
A) But you also need to take it up with God as well.

Shopper You Said; Where I part company with the pack, is with the idea that somehow men are solely to blame for the current situation and therefore men can turn their families around if they just submit to the Lord and sign this pledge. Sorry, I don't buy it. I see this movie adding a Christian spin to the popular sport of "man-blame" that has been going on in America (and now the Church) for the last 35 or so years. In culture, work, and home, men in general and fathers in particular have become THE fall guy for every ill under the sun. I'm not buying it. We (men) have been systematically attacked and victimized (yep-victimized) by every establishment from Hollywood to the public school system. Now, we even get it from our own churches.
A) Are we men solely responsible? for the most part, but it takes a village to raise a child! meaning that it takes everyone in the family and church, but you have to be the leader. As far as man blame you equate to it is just another excuse for not standing firm in our convictions as men. Are there trials, gains, failures, yes we are only human that is why Jesus died on the cross and said for us to come unto him for answers and support. Are we systematically attacked by the liberal, anti-God/religious yes, but we as men have to stand firm against that sort of thing, God never said the road would be easy, in fact he speaks of trials and tribulations.
Speaking of churches- The Church it is only there to teach, the rest is up to you.
Dec 25, 2013
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LovingMySelf1st: Well you may call it man blame if you want too, but I feel that it's being just another male chauvinistic thing once again, because there are men who do not like to answer to their wrong doings. Like cheating is a "man thing" well that has been said for decades, but is it truly a man thing or just another poor excuse for a man to do what ever he wants to do and teach his son and grandson that it is okay to be dishonest and disrespectful. Still shielding his male pride; something that goes like this, "you shouldn't hate the player, you should hate the game," to me a person who treats love and sex as a sport is cruel and inhumane. Why would anyone play a game based on treachery and deceit, where the playground is a dark world that encourages people to lie and cheat? By the way you can find the whole poem on the internet. It is called "Dying For Love" by letitia L. Hodge from the book "Shadows of Love: Inside the H' Art of a Poet Feb 23, 2013
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Elizabeth A: I agree with you it is harder today for man to get that respect and submission. The most important thing is to communicate with each member of the family as to the importance of submitting to the will of God above all. If the husband and wife are in one accord serving the Lord then it will be easier to get the children to follow the right example. If one of the two is rebellious in the relationship then counsel would be recommended. Without total commitment in Love, not in a belittling way I believe the man can win over his wife and children to work together. He can begin to help them in the restoration process that it will take for them to become a family. Love is a big key. I pray that God will help all the man out there to seek God and ask Him for wisdom on how they can help their families walk in harmony with God and His word. Jan 22, 2012
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Sarge: Elizabeth respect is not a given, it is something that has to be earned, that is the problem with society today, everyone believes that they should be automatically given certain things. Dec 25, 2013
steve r: There may be a version for wifes and kids someday but we as men have to be the head of our home and the leader of the family now that is the way GOD planned. If we as men do what God instructed and commanded us to most of our families will follow in what we as christian men teach according to God's plan. Unfortunately in this day and age because we haven't been the spiritual leaders in our homes our wifes and children listen to what media tells us is the norm, now we have a long way and a very hard job ahead, lets not look at what everyone else need to do but Man-up and do what God tells us, be the spiritual leader NOW!!! before it's to late. Jan 10, 2012
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David C: When my team loses a game look to what I could've done better to prepare them...I'm the leader and it is my job to prepare them for the contest...I take that very serious...and mindfull...

I find myself having to explain my version of what it means for a women to submit to their husband...everyone seems to see that as bad...but I see it as a male to being someone she wants to submit to...and part of being a leader is taking care of those you are in charge of...and in the case of the father...his life
Jan 21, 2012
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Sarge: David hope the following is another aid for you to have; You are correct on the misconception of women submitting to their husbands, too many have taken that and used it in a bad way, The bible clearly defines it, but another way to look at it is through you, set the standard, be a better man, you are the king of the home and the wife should be the queen, a partnership between the two working together to achieve a goal. This provides with no explanation needed, I tell everyone that I am the leader but I do nothing without first confiding with my wife (and believe me she sees the sides of things I miss) and it always works out. Dec 25, 2013
(unknown) (: We did the series as not just men but "Creating Couregous Christian Families" and rewrote the resolution so that anyone could sign it not just dads. One of the main ways we accomplished this is expanding the "I DO' first paragraph to include "immediate family, adoptive family, church family, and our community" as a definition so that everyone single or otherwise could be included. We then changed some of the I WILL parts to match that new definition. Jun 7, 2012
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Brent B: So, as a man, what happens the first time I fail one of the "I will" statements. Borderline legalism, if you ask me. I depend on God's grace, everyday, for my failures. Apr 20, 2013
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Sarge: Brent, it is Gods law, not mans, God says we are human and we are doomed to make mistakes, that is why Jesus died on the cross. The next option is to admit your failure to God and ask for his forgiveness, then your wife and children. Make the corrections and not do it again. Dec 25, 2013
Dawn S: The movie fire proof is really great to that and this are the best movie ever and move people it had made me cry though the entire movie Bless you all. Jun 10, 2012
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Candy J: I believe your statement "it is much easier to just go fishing" is very telling. You feel victimized and yet by your own admission you have chosen to take the easy way out! If you want your family to trust your decisions and respect you then you have to lead by example. The movie "Fireproof" is also a very good example of what miracles God can do even if only one parter is willing to change. You are only a "victim" if you choose to be. God will give you whatever is lacking, all you have to do is ask! Apr 26, 2012
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